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Chapter 84: 84 Pei Jingzhou: "According to Family Status, The Wife Eats First."

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84 Pei Jingzhou: “According to Family Status, The Wife Eats First.”

Lake Roman was a relatively neat oval with beautiful surroundings. It was a good place to fish and barbecue. At this moment, there were already several anglers sitting by the lake. Because they were too far away, she could only vaguely see their backs.

Li Xiwu looked away and rested her elbows on the small round table to her left. There were various flavors of fruit wine and cut fruits on the table. “Fourth Brother, are you going fishing later?”

“If you’re interested.”

Li Xiwu was not very interested and did not say anything. Before Pei Jingzhou came to Lake Roman, he had changed into a trench coat. At this moment, he was sitting on the other side of the small round table. He casually took a bottle of lychee fruit wine and poured two glasses. He handed the other glass to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu was used to being polite. “Thank you, Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou’s hand paused.

Li Xiwu took a sip and had just put down the cup when she heard Pei Jingzhou say, “I want to eat grapes.”

The grapes were placed near Li Xiwu. It was not that Pei Jingzhou could not get them, but since he had spoken, Li Xiwu still pushed the entire plate of grapes in front of Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “Thank you, honey.”

Li Xiwu’s retracted hand paused in midair. Then she had an epiphany. This was an innuendo that she was too polite. This person was really…!

Li Xiwu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She picked up the cup and continued to drink the lychee fruit wine. It was very refreshing and fragrant. The wine smell was faint and could be drunk as a drink. There was no aftertaste. Li Xiwu quite liked this taste.

Pei Jingzhou plucked a grape, peeled it, and fed it to Li Xiwu. “According to the family status, the wife should eat first.”

Li Xiwu did not know what Pei Jingzhou was up to again. However, under the camera, she could not reject Pei Jingzhou’s offer to peel grapes for her. She reached out to take it. Pei Jingzhou avoided her hand. Li Xiwu’s hand paused in midair. The latter smiled extremely gently. “Feed you.”

Li Xiwu sucked in her breath. She told herself she was on camera! When the grape entered her mouth, there was a hint of sourness mixed in with the sweetness. Coupled with the remaining lychee wine, the taste was surprisingly good.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Is it sour or sweet?”

Against her will, Li Xiwu said, “A little sour.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Then I won’t eat it.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

It turned out that he was trying to use her as a lab rat!

[I thought it was too much of a show one second, but in the next second, I laughed out loud!]

[Hahaha, Fourth Brother treats Li Xiwu as a lab rat.]

[I wonder if anyone realized that when Fourth Brother and Sister Li clinked glasses, the rim of the glass was clearly lower than Li Xiwu’s.]

[I can tell from this detail that Fourth Brother placed Sister Li in a very important position.]

[I admit that I barked a little too loudly at first. This set of couple dates looks more interesting.]

[Universal Studios’ booking of the venue is not down-to-earth. Sister Li’s group is down-to-earth.]

[This is the true play of the rich. Paragliding base, leisure time, and fishing. How interesting!]

“Sister-in-law, what do you like to eat?” Under the parasol in front of him, Pei You’an, who was fiddling with the grill, turned around and asked Li Xiwu what she wanted to eat.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and smiled. “I’ll roast what I like myself. You can roast what you like.”

Pei You’an said, “Then I’ll roast a blind box.”

The meaning of the blind box was that Li Xiwu would eat whatever he roasted. Li Xiwu smiled and nodded.

Pei You’an asked Pei Jingzhou, “Brother, what do you want to eat?”

Pei Jingzhou: “Are you charging?”

Pei You’an smiled in embarrassment. “Brother, you’re being too polite. I won’t charge you for nothing. I… charge by the hour.”

Beside them, He Wang laughed so hard that he almost couldn’t straighten his back. “I can tell that you’re eager to be sent back to school by your brother immediately.”

Pei Jingzhou pursed his lips and said, “I guess he thinks so too.”

Pei You’an panicked. “I’ll roast it! Can’t I roast it for free?! I’m just joking. Talking about money hurts relationships.”

He Wang asked Pei You’an curiously, “Brat, are you short of money?”

Pei You’an shook his head. “No.”

He Wang flipped the roasted chicken wings over and sprinkled cumin on them. “Then why are you talking about money today? You make it sound like your father didn’t give you money. Did you buy shoes again?”

At the mention of shoes, Pei You’an lowered his voice. “Shh, lower your voice. It’s because I’ve bought too many shoes recently that my father almost froze my card. Recently, I’ve been saving and earning money because I’m afraid that I won’t have money to spend when the card freezes one day. This is called planning ahead. You don’t understand.”

He Wang smiled casually. “Yes, what a plan.”

After laughing, he asked, “How many pairs did you buy?”

Pei You’an didn’t want to say it, but he wanted to show off again. He couldn’t help but say, “Two pairs of Air.”

[The brother-in-law’s parents are very strict. They’re going to freeze the card just because he bought two pairs of shoes?]

[What shoes? They have to be raised to the level of freezing bank cards.]

[Probably a few thousand yuan. The brother-in-law is not an adult yet. It’s normal to control his expenses.]

[The entire paragliding base belongs to Fourth Brother. Isn’t buying two pairs of shoes worth a few thousand yuan just plucking a strand of hair from a sheep? Unless they’re not that rich at all!]

[Is it possible that Brother Wang’s casual words were just a joke, but everyone took it seriously?]

[I also think everyone took it seriously. It’s impossible for such a big paragliding base to belong to Li Xiwu’s family!]

Originally, when the netizens found out that the entire paragliding base was Li Xiwu’s house, they were stunned. Now that it had risen to the point of freezing the bank card because of two pairs of shoes, the netizens felt that the news that He Wang had accidentally revealed should be just a joke. Yet, the netizens took it seriously.

However, in fact—

Did they have to freeze the card after buying two pairs of shoes? Yes, they had to!

He Wang said calmly, “It must be joint edition.”

Pei You’an refused to admit it at first. “No, it’s not. I just took a fancy to it and bought two pairs.”

He Wang smiled meaningfully. “That’s true. Your aesthetic taste is not good. You just bought two pairs that suit your style.”

Pei You’an was anxious. “What’s wrong with my aesthetic taste?”

He Wang smiled but said nothing.

Pei You’an was determined to prove his aesthetic taste. “A pair of joint editions of UNDEFEATED and a pair of joint editions of Staple X. Which pair doesn’t have top-notch aesthetic taste?!”

He Wang laughed out loud. “Goading really works.”

Pei You’an: “…”

The live-stream suddenly fell silent for a few seconds. Then, the comments flew—

[F*ck, one pair costs more than a million yuan, and another pair costs nearly a million yuan… Are we really living on the same planet?]

[Freezing the card? Good job! Uncle, good job in freezing the cards!]

[This is too exaggerated! How can it be so much money!]

[It’s normal for people who don’t know about shoes not to believe it. Those who know about shoes have knelt down.]

[The invisible dazzling is even more fatal.]

[Sorry, I barked a little too loudly just now! Young Master is the real Young Master!]

[I remember that the young man who Mother Dragon personally went online to refute the rumors was also a shoe player. In the past, many of the Weibo posts were related to shoes.]

[Why does my brother-in-law always wear a mask and sunglasses? Is he afraid that the teacher will find out that he’s skipping class?]

[I have a bold idea. Is it possible… that brother-in-law is related to the young man who refutes Mother Dragon’s rumors?]

[They’re all teenagers, wearing masks and sunglasses the entire time… Damn, did I discover something…?]


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