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Chapter 89: 89 Pei Jingzhou's Uneasiness

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89 Pei Jingzhou’s Uneasiness

Seeing that Pei Jingzhou and the old lady knew each other, Li Xiwu immediately understood that her encounter with the old lady today was not a coincidence.

But the name Madam Di Xin sounded familiar. Madam Di Xin … ? In her memory, she seemed to have seen Madam Di Xin on the national news. Now, she had almost forgotten what she looked like. Could it be that the person in front of her was the wife of the former prime minister of Country T?! Li Xiwu couldn’t guess correctly for a moment, so she couldn’t ask rashly.

At this moment, the million netizens in the live-stream could not remain calm.

[Old Madam Elegant is actually the wife of the former Prime Minister of Country T!!!]

[Damn, the moment I found out that she was Madam Di Xin, the entire live-stream became grand!]

[No wonder the old lady’s Chinese is so good. After knowing that she’s Madam Di Xin, it’s not strange at all!]

[I’m the only one who’s curious. Why did Madam Di Xin appear in Li Xiwu’s live-stream?]

[An expert celebrity is most likely invited by the show, but Madam Di Xin is definitely not invited by the show! They can’t afford such a person at all!]

[To be able to be familiar with Madam Di Xin, the status of Li Xiwu’s family is not simple, right?!]

The netizens in the live-stream were very excited. They kept sending comments. Even the people from the country rushed to the live-stream to investigate the situation.

China and Country T had a good relationship. As the wife of the former Prime Minister of Country T, Madam Di Xin was half Chinese. Later on, Madam Di Xin’s daughter entered the Chinese entertainment industry and married a superstar. Therefore, Madam Di Xin also came to China to stay for a while.

Although it was not strange for Madam Di Xin to appear in China, most of the netizens were stunned and shocked when she suddenly appeared in front of the live broadcast camera of Mother-in-Law Joy’s variety show!

At this moment, Li Xiwu was still guessing if the Madam Di Xin in front of her was the Madam Di Xin she was thinking about. Pei Jingzhou said to her, “This person in front of you is Madam Di Xin.”

Li Xiwu immediately understood that she had guessed correctly. The person in front of her was indeed the wife of the former prime minister of Country T.

At this moment, Madam Di Xin suddenly called out to her, “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses. “Huh?”

Madam Di Xin smiled. “I’m glad I came here today to see you. I don’t think I made this trip in vain.”

Think…? Li Xiwu pursed her lips and asked, “Did you come here specially today?”

Madam Di Xin nodded. “Yes.” She left everyone who had accompanied her outside Lake Roman to wait for her. She came in alone and only wanted to see Li Xiwu personally. She had no other thoughts or plans. She just wanted to verify for herself if the girl she had seen on the live broadcast was the daughter of her benefactor.

However, she had overestimated her confidence. Even if she saw Li Xiwu in person, she could not confirm that it was her.

Li Xiwu was flattered by Madam Di Xin’s words. “Has Madam Di Xin seen me before?”

When she asked this question, Li Xiwu felt her hand suddenly tighten. She looked down and saw Pei Jingzhou holding her hand tightly. She did not know why Pei Jingzhou would suddenly do such a thing, so she looked up at him in confusion. Pei Jingzhou’s expression was calm and there was nothing unusual.

Madam Di Xin smiled. “I’m not sure we’ve met, but I’m going back now.” With that, Madam Di Xin looked up in a direction. There were about six or seven people walking towards the lake in a mighty manner. Those people all looked like people from Country T. They must have come to pick up Madam Di Xin. Madam Di Xin looked away. “Goodbye, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Take care.”

Before Madam Di Xin left, she stared at Li Xiwu seriously and carefully a few more times, as if she wanted to confirm in detail how much Li Xiwu resembled her benefactor’s daughter. However, in the end, she did not confirm it and could only leave with regret.

Li Xiwu watched as Madam Di Xin and the others left Lake Roman. She turned around and found Pei Jingzhou looking at her quietly. This gaze was too deep.

Li Xiwu suddenly remembered the uneasiness Pei Jingzhou had felt when he held her hand. She wondered if it was her imagination. After all, how could Pei Jingzhou be uneasy?!

Avoiding Pei Jingzhou’s gaze, she smiled brightly. “The blind box You’an roasted for me should be about ready. Fourth Brother, you’ll have to guard this place.”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression returned to normal. “Okay.”

After taking a few steps, she turned back and asked, “What does Fourth Brother want to eat?”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression softened. “I thought that you would only think about food and not me.”

Li Xiwu said, “I’ll get You’an to send it to you later.”

Pei Jingzhou looked away and said calmly, “I’m not eating anymore.”

“Why aren’t you eating?” She was surprisingly patient.

“I don’t want to eat it.” He didn’t sound happy.

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. She suppressed a smile. “About five minutes, okay?”

Pei Jingzhou’s lips curled up, and the atmosphere was silent.

[I thought Fourth Brother was the mature type, but it turns out that maturity is just external. I’m dying of laughter.]

[How tsundere. He controlled Sister Li.]

[Who said that their personalities were not compatible back then? They were clearly carefully selected by Elder Yue.]

[I just want to know if Li Xiwu is Mother Dragon!]

[Can you have more shots of the brother-in-law? Can I get a strong wind to blow off the mask and sunglasses on his face, too?]

[Don’t obsess over the brother-in-law’s mask and sunglasses. Hurry up and look at the trending topics on Weibo. A group of netizens with strong detectives made a mind map about #Is Li Xiwu Mother Dragon#.]

[After looking at the mind map, especially when the netizens listed that Altenis in A minor was created for Xie Wen, I can only say that the netizens are too awesome!]

[If Li Xiwu is really Mother Dragon, no matter what heated discussion Li Xiwu has in the future, no one will dare to scold her again. After all, Mother Dragon has gathered too many fans in the past few years.]

[Who doesn’t want to have Mother Dragon’s fans? They will always support Mother Dragon at the first moment.]

Li Xiwu turned back to the small pavilion.

He Wang was on the phone at the side while Pei You’an was lying on the woven chair and playing with his phone.

Seeing that Li Xiwu had returned, Pei You’an immediately put down his phone and pushed the barbecue on the table in front of Li Xiwu. “Sister-in-law, the blind box is ready. Try my cooking and give me some comments.”

Li Xiwu took a skewer of grilled cow’s throat. After eating, she commented, “It’s quite crispy. Your culinary skills are not bad.”

Pei You’an’s smile was dazzling. “Sister-in-law, try the chicken wings. I think the chicken wings taste better. Oh right, there’s also this grilled rind. I’ve wrapped it with crayfish meat for you. It’ll definitely satisfy you.”

Li Xiwu said, “I’m already very satisfied before I eat.” It just so happened that she was also a little hungry. She sat down and prepared to eat more.

Pei You’an knew that she ate spicy food. He had sprinkled a lot of chili powder on the grilled skewer rind, and he had also sprinkled a lot of chili on the other skewers. Those who don’t eat spicy would frown, while those who eat spicy would drool.

The cameraman zoomed in and gave several close-up shots of these barbecues. There would be editing and subtitles later.

The live broadcast camera was also aimed at the entire plate of barbecue. Under the high-definition camera, the netizens drooled.

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