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Chapter 9

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The Hottest Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Combination

Chen Xin said, “Call-call off the variety show?” That was a variety show that Miss Li and Madam Han were participating in!

Pei Jingzhou looked up at Chen Xin.

Chen Xin broke out in a cold sweat and quickly explained, “Mr. Pei, I’m afraid that after stopping this variety show, it will be difficult for me to explain to Miss Li and Madam.”

Just as he finished, someone knocked on the office door. Chen Xin thought it was someone from the secretarial department and did not have much hope. However, after hearing a sloppy voice, he looked relieved. He looked up and saw that it was indeed He Wang!

“Young Master He.”

If not for the fact that the occasion was not right, Chen Xin would have immediately smiled so widely that his teeth would be visible.

He Wang walked in with one hand in his pocket. When he got closer, he suddenly raised his hand and fanned the ‘smell’ in front of his nose. “Fourth Brother’s business is getting bigger and bigger. The moment I came in, I smelled gunpowder. Guns and ammunition are prohibited items. If you stay at a high place for too long, you won’t be able to withstand the investigation.”

Pei Jingzhou leaned back in his chair. “The business has nothing to do with guns and ammunition. It’s mainly human trafficking.”

He Wang leaned against the cabinet beside him. “Are you serious? If I report this now, I’ll definitely take credit for the Pei Corporation’s seizure.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled faintly. “That depends on whether you walk out of the Pei Corporation first or be sold to Cambodia first.”

The corner of He Wang’s mouth twitched, and he said in a playful and amused tone, “If you sell me to Africa, I can still survive by doing hard labor. One day, I’ll be able to escape. But if you sell me to Cambodia, tsk tsk, that place doesn’t even use anesthesia when taking the kidneys.”

Chen Xin laughed beside him.

He Wang said, “What are you laughing at? Get me a glass of water. My throat is almost smoking.”

Chen Xin quickly went to get some water. When he handed it to He Wang, he asked, “Did Young Master He go to the erotic opera again last night?”

He Wang took the cup and put his index finger to his lips. “Shh, be quiet.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his hand and gestured for Chen Xin to leave. During this time, he did not mention stopping the in-laws’ variety show. Chen Xin heaved a sigh of relief because of this. He had to thank He Wang for coming.

The office door closed.

He Wang finished the water in one go and placed it on the table before sitting down again. His sitting posture was still considered proper. After all, he was in front of Pei Jingzhou. No matter how lazy He Wang was, he did not dare to be rude to Pei Jingzhou.

He did not beat around the bush and asked directly, “I heard that Sister-in-law and Auntie went to record a variety show?”

Pei Jingzhou took the cigarette box and took out a cigarette. “Where did you inquire about this?”

“Do I have to inquire about this? The mother and daughter-in-law variety show that Sister-in-law and Auntie went to participate in is live-streaming today. Fourth Brother, don’t tell me you’re on 2G Internet?” He Wang said and laughed.

Pei Jingzhou lit his cigarette and rested his fingertips on the armrest of his seat. His expression was unreadable. “Do you think they can get along well in the show?”

“Of course…” He Wang changed the subject. “It’s hard to say.” Others might not know, but how could He Wang not know?

Li Xiwu and Han Qianye’s relationship had not eased for three years, but the two of them dealt with this relationship in the same way: reduce their meetings. If they went to record a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show together this time, it would mean that they would have to meet for at least 15 hours a day!

He Wang clicked his tongue. “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy for Sister-in-law to record this show.”

Pei Jingzhou was worried about this, but when he thought of Li Xiwu’s perfunctory attitude during this period, it seemed that he had to make her suffer a little to understand that he was doing her a favor by not letting her on the show!

He Wang raised his eyes to look at Pei Jingzhou. “If only the live-stream had a gift function. I’ll go to Sister-in-law and Auntie’s live-stream every day to crazily give the Carnival and make them the hottest couple in this episode.”

Pei Jingzhou casually took out a document bag from his drawer and threw it on the table. “Since you’re so free, go and pull this project over.”

He Wang’s face fell. He had wanted to watch the show, but in the end, he had caused trouble for himself.

Fu Town.

After Han Qianye joined Min Hanrong’s conversation, she put aside her dissatisfaction from before. At this moment, it was as if she had found a bosom friend. She held Min Hanrong’s arm and chatted with her. Most importantly, Tao Jing, who was beside her, could still talk with them. The atmosphere was surprisingly harmonious.

In a separate room in the inn, four computer screens were broadcasting live broadcasts of the four groups of guests. The assistant director was guarding the hotel. Currently, the live-streams of Group 2 and Group 4 had been switched to sponsorship advertisements.

After Group 2’s advertisement ended, they returned to the live broadcast. Group 4 had always been broadcasting advertisements. The people in the livestream were almost all gone.

Director Gao Yueban hissed and craned his neck to ask his assistant, “Where’s Miss Li?”

The assistant replied, “Miss Li is on the phone. It should be about her company.”

Gao Yueban frowned. “She can also be on camera when she answer the phone.”

The assistant said apprehensively, “… It’s probably a personal call.”

Gao Yueban heaved a sigh of relief. “Let’s wait for another five minutes. Five minutes later, if Miss Li aren’t done with her personal matters, we’ll go and rush her. At first, there were more than 600,000 people watching Group Four’s live-stream. Now that the advertisement has been released, there are only 50,000 people left. Who wants to keep watching the advertisements?”

The assistant reminded Director Gao in a low voice, “It won’t be good if the sponsors hear us.”

The representatives of the two sponsors were also here to record the program this time. Not only would they be releasing advertisements during the live broadcast, but they would also be releasing some sponsors’ brands during the recording.

Thinking that the sponsors’ representatives were all outside, Gao Yueban restrained his voice. “Remember to rush her.”

“Aye.” The assistant nodded.

After Li Xiwu finished handling the matter, she quickly returned to the live broadcast. However, she was the only one in the live-stream. Han Qianye was with Group One. She picked up her pace and headed that way.

She was about to approach when she heard Tao Jing exclaim—

“Ah! What is this?”

Tao Jing was so frightened that her face turned pale. The scream just now shocked Min Hanrong and Han Qianye.

Min Hanrong stuck her head out and patted her chest. “It’s a cat.”

Tao Jing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It whizzed past and scared me.”

Min Hanrong quickly comforted her daughter-in-law. “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

Han Qianye came over curiously and saw that the ‘cat’ had yet to leave. It was squatting there and looking at them. From the looks of it, it was not afraid of strangers. It should be moving around here often.

“This is a country Dragon-li cat, right?” Han Qianye said.

Min Hanrong nodded and said, “There are dark spots and longitudinal patterns. It should be a Dragon-li.”

Tao Jing said suspiciously, “This cat is different from the ones I usually see. It looks a little strange.”

“How is it strange? I think it’s quite cute. Can I bring it back and raise it myself?” Han Qianye said as she approached the ‘cat’.

The cameraman beside her was about to warn her. At this moment, Li Xiwu rushed forward and pulled Han Qianye. “Don’t go near it. Just watch from afar.”

Han Qianye was unhappy when he heard Li Xiwu’s voice. Seeing that she was still blocking her way, she said unhappily, “I’m just looking. I’m not reaching out to touch it. Why are you in such a hurry?”

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