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Chapter 95: 95 Don't Do This, I'm Begging You

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95 Don’t Do This, I’m Begging You

Li Xiwu probably did not expect Chi Xu to suddenly go crazy. She was caught off guard, without warning. Chi Xu’s palm was wide, and in almost a few seconds, her face turned red.

Out of human instinct, she struggled to pry Chi Xu’s hand away, but there was a huge difference in strength between men and women. She had never learned close-combat self-defense either. The despair of being on the verge of suffocation flashed through her mind.

For a moment, she felt like she was really going to die.

Chi Xu looked like he had really lost control. He strangled Li Xiwu’s neck hard—

“I hate it when people interfere in my family matters. You live your life. Don’t stretch your hands too long. And don’t try to interfere with my normal life with Wenwen. Otherwise,” Before he could finish, Chi Xu suddenly let go, causing Li Xiwu to fall heavily to the ground.

She greedily sucked in fresh air. Due to the short period of lack of oxygen, she was so exhausted that she almost had no strength to support her body. If Chi Xu had completely lost his mind just now, Li Xiwu thought, her life might have really ended quietly.

Chi Xu also realized that he had done something wrong. He squatted down to help Li Xiwu up and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Li Xiwu’s throat hurt so much that she couldn’t speak. Her body’s strength was slowly recovering.

Chi Xu looked regretful. “I’m sorry, Miss Li. I didn’t control my emotions and almost hurt you. I’m sorry…”

Li Xiwu swallowed hard. Her throat still hurts. It was the kind of pain that seemed to have been burned. She struggled to speak, unable to form words. “A-a normal life? Are you sure it’s a normal… life now?”

Chi Xu was stunned.

The little strength that Li Xiwu had recovered was all in her arms. She had to support herself to not lean back. “Just… just because you didn’t control your emotions, you almost strangled me to death… Chi Xu, have you gone to a psychiatrist?”

Chi Xu was stunned again. Then, he slowly stood up. The guilt vanished from his face, replaced by indifference. “You’re the one who needs to see a doctor.”

Li Xiwu barely propped herself up on the ground and slowly stood up. “Have you done the same to Xie Wen?”

Chi Xu’s gaze was firm. “Never.” With that, Chi Xu suddenly chuckled. That smile was terrifying. “You tried to destroy my relationship with Wenwen, and I had no intention of hurting you. It’s understandable, actually. If you want to call the police, go ahead. I don’t care.”

She looked at Chi Xu who’s smiling. Li Xiwu understood something and then smiled. “The reason why you don’t care is that Xie Wen will beg me for you, and you happen to know that my heart will soften for Xie Wen. In the end, nothing will happen to you. As for your apology, it’s just a disguise to cover up the atrocity you committed against me out of helplessness.”

The smile on Chi Xu’s lips faded. “Miss Li, sometimes it’s not a good thing to be too smart.”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “I’m not considered smart. Sometimes, I’m very slow. For example, I’ve actually been slow for so long when it comes to Xie Wen being with you.”

Who wasn’t afraid of death? They were all mortals! Li Xiwu was also afraid that Chi Xu would really kill her. However, when she recovered, she realized that Chi Xu had only wanted to teach her a deep lesson to remind her not to try to change anything.

What Chi Xu did not know was that this rash warning to Li Xiwu would quickly bring him disaster.

It was late at night.

Chi Xu returned to the inn alone. He greeted the cameramen with a warm smile and went upstairs to his and Xie Wen’s room.

Xie Wen sat by the bed and quietly looked at her daughter’s sleeping face. Her heart was filled with sorrow and there was nothing to say. She was waiting for Chi Xu to return when there was a sound from the door handle. She got up and saw Chi Xu pushing the door open.

Xie Wen looked at him. “You’re back.”

Chi Xu walked over and hugged Xie Wen. “Tonight… I’m sorry.”

Xie Wen let Chi Xu hug her as her nose soured. “You really can’t do this again in the future. If Miss Li hadn’t come, would you have carried Shenshen and waited with me until dawn?”

At the mention of Li Xiwu, Chi Xu let go of Xie Wen and grabbed her shoulders instead. “Do you trust her so much?”

Xie Wen was puzzled. “Miss Li is my ex-manager. Don’t you know… Ah—” Before she could finish, Xie Wen suddenly cried out in pain. She frowned and shouted, “Chi Xu, you’re hurting me.”

Chi Xu let go belatedly, looking very helpless. “I’m sorry, Wenwen. I deserve to die, I deserve to die…”

Smack! Chi Xu suddenly slapped himself.

Xie Wen was shocked and hurriedly stopped Chi Xu’s hand. “Chi Xu, can you not be like this? Don’t be like this, I’m begging you…”

“Why don’t you hit me? Wenwen, hit me. Hit me hard.” Chi Xu took Xie Wen’s hand and slapped his face hard.

Tears welled up in Xie Wen’s eyes as she called out to him calmly, “Chi Xu.”

Chi Xu stopped.

Xie Wen freed her hand and held Chi Xu’s face. “I won’t leave you. Can you not be like this? I’m afraid… I’m really afraid…”

Chi Xu pulled Xie Wen into his arms. “I’m sorry, there won’t be a next time. I swear.”

Xie Wen was expressionless as she was hugged by Chi Xu. She listened to him say those words expressionlessly. She wondered when such a day would end. The cry pulled her back to her senses. “Shenshen is awake,” she said.

Chi Xu let go of her and went to the bed. “I’ll do it.” At this moment, Chi Xu returned to normal almost in a second. He gently picked up his daughter and patiently coaxed her to sleep. Xie Wen only watched quietly from the side.

After watching for a long time, she called out, “Chi Xu.”

Chi Xu carried his daughter over. The haze on his face dissipated, and in its place was a gentle smile. Compared to his gloomy expression just now, they were like two different people.

Xie Wen pursed her lips. “No matter what, Miss Li is still my Bole. I hope you respect her a little.”

Chi Xu did not refute. “Okay.”

Xie Wen was physically and mentally exhausted. She wanted to rest. When she turned around, she heard Chi Xu suddenly ask, “What’s Li Xiwu’s husband’s identity?”

Xie Wen lowered her eyes and did not answer immediately. Of course, she knew Pei Jingzhou’s identity. But she had always been someone who could keep her word. Even when Chi Xu had asked before, she had never revealed Pei Jingzhou’s true identity.

At this moment, Chi Xu suddenly asked again, and Xie Wen said, “Ordinary businessman. I’m not sure about the details.”

Chi Xu nodded and did not ask further.

Li Xiwu stood quietly outside the inn for a long time before slowly walking back. Before she went in, she gathered her collar in advance. The cameraman was dozing off. When he saw her enter, he perked up and returned to his work state. He even specially greeted her, “Miss Li, rest early.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “You too.” After going upstairs, she returned to her room.

Pei Jingzhou was pouring water when he heard her return. He turned to look at her. “You’re back.”

When his gaze landed on her, it froze.

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