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Chapter 158.1

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch. 158 Pt. 1

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It just happened in the blink of an eye.

Yan Ge’er finally turned over and pressed Xuan Ge’er under him. However, he wasn’t as strong as the other party and was quickly pressed back down again. Xuan Ge’er’s strength was too powerful and Yan Ge’er was caught by surprise so he hit his head on the ground when he fell.

It was also a coincidence that there was a piece of rock on the ground and he happened to hit it.

At his age, boys didn’t grow out their hair, so as soon as Yan Ge’er’s head started bleeding, it was shockingly obvious, causing a maid to scream in fright.

As soon as he saw the blood, Xuan Ge’er was stunned. The other children around him were also scared senseless that their faces turned pale. The timider ones even started crying.

When Qing Wang saw that Yan Ge’er was injured, he jumped down from the second floor. Lu Wang followed.

Lu Wang looked a little embarrassed and took a few big steps forward to scold Xuan Ge’er. “Look at what you did. Why were you so heavy-handed when playing around?” 

But how could the young child understand what pretense was, much less why adults valued it so much. Xuan Ge’er immediately started crying.

With so much noise, the women’s side also soon received the news.

When Consort Lu came out, she heard Lu Wang scolding Xuan Ge’er and even reaching out to beat Xuan Ge’er. She immediately rushed over to hug her son and said, “He’s a child! What does he understand!” 

The scene turned even more chaotic. As Consort An tried to coax Consort Lu, An Wang and the others also came downstairs.

Jin Wang walked over and looked at Yan Ge’er’s injury as he lay in the maid’s arms. Yan Ge’er’s injury wasn’t serious. His skin was broken and there was a lot of blood, but nothing inside was injured. And Yan Ge’er was also a very brave child. Even though everyone was pointing at him and saying that he was bleeding, he didn’t cry.

It was fine for him not to cry, but it was not fine for a small child like him to bleed like this. Jin Wang took out a handkerchief and asked the maid to use it to cover Yan Ge’er’s wound. He frowned at Qing Wang who was stopping Lu Wang from hitting the child and said, “Old seventh, take the child away first. Find a doctor to take a look at him.”

Qing Wang was very annoyed. Although he was dissatisfied with Yan Ge’er, he was still his own son. Yet, now that his own son was beaten and injured, he was trying to persuade the other party instead. With all his conflicting thoughts and feelings mixed together, he blurted, “Take a look at what? This good for nothing isn’t dead yet!”

Yan Ge’er instantly paled. Jin Wang pursed his lips and was about to say something when Consort Qing rushed over.

Consort Qing naturally heard this last sentence. She coldly glanced at Qing Wang as she rushed over to grab Yan Ge’er from the maid’s arms. She thanked Jin Wang, and hurriedly took her son away without saying a word to Qing Wang.

Yaoniang was really worried. She gave Jin Wang a look and then followed after Consort Qing.

Qing Wang naturally noticed Consort Qing’s glance. He was aware of his slip of the tongue and wanted to go after her to explain, but was held back by Lu Wang.

Lu Wang had stopped hitting the child and persuaded him, “Old seventh, don’t go after her. Women are all like this, petty and narrow-minded. Those in my household are already used to me ignoring them! The more you spoil a woman the more problems there will be! If they annoy you too much, just clean them up. Then they’ll behave themselves!”

He said this while looking at Consort Lu. Despite the number of people coaxing her, she was originally reluctant to let this matter go so easily. But after hearing this, she immediately shrank her neck. Holding Xuan Ge’er in her arms, she did not dare to make a sound.

“Children bump into each other all the time. It’s inevitable that they’ll get hurt. What’s the big deal? Now that the matter is a little bigger, look at what you’re doing, beating children and scaring women. Old fifth, is Yan Ge’er’s injury serious?” said An Wang.

Jin Wang shook his head.

“Since the injury isn’t serious, everything is fine. Let’s go inside. Don’t let this matter bring down everyone’s spirit.”

“Yeah, it’s rare for seventh brother to treat today.”

The men walked into the theatre again without paying attention to what was happening on the woman’s side. Although Side Consort Han was next to Consort Lu, she winked at a maid not far away.

Zhuzhu cried when she saw that Yan Ge’er was injured.

After Consort Qing rushed over, she took Yan Ge’er into her arms and left, completely forgetting about her daughter. Seeing that her mother and brother left without looking back, Zhuzhu started sobbing. Then she quickly chased after them. Yu Chan held Xiaobao who was wiping the dust off his body. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Zhuzhu running away. He hurriedly broke free of Yu Chan’s grasp and followed her.

With so much chaos, no one noticed his movement. Yu Chan automatically wanted to follow Xiaobao, but she didn’t forget Yueyue. She turned around and grabbed Yueyue before going after Xiaobao

The theatre was surrounded by a garden, with many rocks and trees scattered throughout. By the time Yu Chan grabbed Yueyue to go after Xiaobao, he could no longer be seen. Then remembering that An Shi was following her, she didn’t worry too much and started walking in the direction of the main courtyard according to her memory.

Zhuzhu’s face was covered in tears as she staggered forward while crying.

The garden was very quiet. The difference was like heaven and earth from the noisy theatre not far away.

“Mother, brother… woo woo…”

Xiaobao heard Zhuzhu crying in front of him and ran forward with his short legs. After passing a rockery he finally saw Zhuzhu walking next to a pool in the distance. Just as he was about to call out to her, a person suddenly appeared, picked up Zhuzhu and threw her into the pool.

Xiao Zhuzhu only had time to scream for half a second before the rest of her voice disappeared.

As soon as the person saw that she succeeded, she retreated in a hurry. Xiaobao’s heart skipped a beat and he instinctively shouted: “An Shi—” 

A black shadow appeared out of thin air. With a few moves, it appeared above the pool. Then a child appeared on the shore, wet and unconscious.

An Shi did not pause to catch his breath. He immediately chased after the person who hurried away. At this time, Xiaobao had already rushed up. He anxiously held Zhuzhu’s face, trying to determine if she was still breathing.

Zhuzhu was still breathing.

Xiaobao shuddered. He suddenly realized that Zhuzhu may have died like this in his previous life.

“Someone! Come!” Xiaobao especially hated those who hid in the dark like venomous snakes. They were dirtier than mice. You never know when they would jump out to bite you.

Back then, this was how his mother and he were harmed. Seventh aunt and Zhuzhu were now being attacked the same way. If he hadn’t followed Zhuzhu…

“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

Yu Chan heard his voice and appeared at the end of the path. She quickly rushed over.

“Zhuzhu has fallen into the water. Go call someone!”

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