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Chapter 1261: 1261

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Chapter 1261 No One Is an Exception

After a while, Klein asked, “The Primordial One is the one who created this world, transforming ‘His’ body into everything?”

To be frank, Klein subconsciously wanted to ask if the entity referred to the Primordial Demoness. However, with a thought, he eliminated this answer. Firstly, because the Primordial Demoness didn’t have the necessary level to strike fear into the ancient sun god, the City of Silver’s Creator. Even the Evernight Goddess couldn’t do so. Secondly, after the Dark Angel entered “His” slumber, this evil goddess was born only in the Fourth Epoch which had been influenced by the second Blasphemy Slate. Sasrir likely didn’t know of her “Her.” And even if “He” knew “Her” using his omniscient capabilities, “He” wouldn’t specially mention a Sequence 0 who hadn’t been involved in the Third Epoch.

Behind the thick and sinister shadows, the brass eyes flashed in unison.

“The universe.”

What do you mean? Upon hearing that ethereal voice, Klein was a little perplexed. He felt that Dark Angel Sasrir hadn’t answered his question.

But very quickly, he roughly understood what the other party meant.

The Primordial Chaos created not this world, but the entire universe!

So, “Primordial One” refers to the original Creator—the Oldest One? Klein turned his body to the side and swept a glance at the three demigods of the City of Silver, Colin Iliad, Derrick, and Lovia. He realized that they had looks of puzzlement and confusion on their faces. They were frowning and contemplating over the meaning behind the conversation.

In the history of the City of Silver, the Creator who was the ancient sun god was equivalent to the original Creator—the Oldest One. “He” was a supreme existence who had awoken after eons of slumber upon creating the world. “He” then stripped the authorities of the ancient gods and retrieved them.

Of course, in a sense, this wasn’t wrong. It was just that the original Creator’s method of “awakening” was different from what the City of Silver residents had imagined.

The universe… Klein thought for a moment and asked, “The Primordial One awakened in your body because of you gaining control of Chaos Sea?”

Then, what would happen to him in the future considering how he had gained initial control of Sefirah Castle?

Those brass eyes stared at him for a few seconds before saying, “That isn’t the only reason. The higher the Sequence, the closer one is to the Primordial One…”

Therefore, every pathway’s King of Angels and Sequence 0 might have the original Creator—the Oldest One—awaken in them? When Klein heard that, he tensed up and his heart sank.

He then thought of another matter.

The higher the Sequence, the easier it was to be corrupted by the things underground!

Combined with the fact that Chaos Sea was underground, could it be possible that the higher the Sequence, the easier it would be to be influenced by Chaos Sea, resulting in the original Creator awakening in one’s body? The thing that the Dragon of Imagination Ankewelt sealed in the City of Miracles in Groselle’s Travels wasn’t the underground corruption, but the awakening of the original Creator? Of course, this is the most powerful and terrifying form of corruption… And the source of all this is where most or perhaps all Beyonder characteristics originated from—the original Creator. They are all part of “His” body? Klein thought of various possibilities and came up with all kinds of speculations.

In the end, he remembered the warning Captain Dunn Smith made before he embarked on this Beyonder path:

“We are guardians, but also a bunch of miserable wretches that are constantly fighting against threats and madness.”

At that moment, Klein gained a deep understanding of the phrase from another angle.

Phew… He secretly exhaled and sighed inwardly.

“The Beyonder characteristic is both a gift and a curse…”

He gathered his thoughts and smiled.

“Will one be corrupted from just learning about these matters?”

“No.” The brass eyes looked at Colin Iliad and the others and said, “It just means that the chances of the Primordial One awakening in your body is higher.”

When he heard that, he was shocked. On the other hand, he was glad that the City of Silver’s Chief and Little Sun didn’t know much about such matters and hadn’t made any connections; after all, the phrase “higher the Sequence, the closer one is to the Primordial One” didn’t bring about any corruption. On the other hand, he felt a deep sense of pity for himself. This was because he knew too much about mysticism. Now with all of that chained together, he had no idea what kind of negative changes might happen to him once he left the Giant King’s Court, an ancient god’s kingdom.

Furthermore, this didn’t look like something that could be resolved by sealing his memories. After all, the Beyonder characteristic had already fused with his body and spirit.

Consider the method employed by the Dragon of Imagination? Actually, I don’t need to worry too much. Amon and “His” brother definitely know about this, and nothing has happened to “Them” yet… As long as I don’t approach Chaos Sea, as a Sequence 3, I don’t need to worry about such problems. It would be the same even if I were to advance to Sequence 2… After some thought, Klein gave up the intention to delve deeper into the matter. He curled the corners of his lips and diverted the topic to the mystery of the ancient sun god’s perishing:

“Therefore, under your tacit agreement, you worked with the Evernight Goddess and established Rose Redemption, preparing to assassinate yourself. By reviving and escaping the Primordial One, you will truly gain control of Chaos Sea and the corresponding five Beyonder pathways?”

On the dark, eerie, shadowy curtains, there seemed to be some human emotions in those brass eyes.

“That’s right.

“Not long after I walked out of Chaos Sea, I realized this problem. I deliberately split a portion of my persona, fusing the authorities of Degeneration with The Hanged Man pathway’s Beyonder characteristic, creating another me. Its purpose was to control Chaos Sea and to isolate it from my true body to prevent any contamination and corruption.

“But in the end, the Primordial One still awoke in my body…”

The Dark Angel is essentially the ancient sun god’s firewall? The Hanged Man pathway refers to the Secrets Suppliant pathway? Back then, the Dark Angel must have been really powerful. “He” actually had partial control of Chaos Sea. As expected of a King of Angels… As Klein sighed, he recalled that the ancient sun god had failed to prevent the original Creator—the Oldest One—from awakening in “His” body despite working so hard. He also felt a sense of horror, not daring to imagine what his future held.

“That’s why I convened Leodero, Aucuses, Herabergen, Medici, and Ouroboros, inviting the various deities and Kings of Angels with Amanises to establish the Rose Redemption.” The voice left behind by Dark Angel Sasrir echoed hoarsely.

It’s no wonder it’s called redemption… It’s no wonder Kings of Angels like Medici and Ouroboros, who are completely loyal to the ancient sun god, would participate as well… Klein couldn’t help but smile.

“Why didn’t you invite Amon and ‘His’ brother?”

In theory, ‘They’ should be on the Dark Angel’s side.

“‘Their’ births were a result of my hard work to resist the Primordial One. I was worried that inviting ‘Them’ would bring about an accident.” The brass-colored eyes then cast their gaze back onto Klein.

These secrets left the three demigods of the City of Silver in a daze. Even the Chief of the six-member council, who had read quite a number of ancient documents, had emotional upheavals despite all his knowledge and rich experience.

So that’s the case. I knew that the ancient sun god wouldn’t have children for no reason… It wasn’t easy for Klein to control his Virtual Persona from voicing the thought out loud.

Before he could ask another question, the spirit left behind by Dark Angel Sasrir seemed to sink into “His” memories as “He” continued, “After I was finished preparing everything, I entered this place and sealed off the palace. I returned to my body through my slumber and strengthened my consciousness. It formed a balance with the Primordial One, creating an opportunity for Amanises and the others…

“Ultimately, ‘They’ successfully killed me…

“According to my original plan, I would’ve been revived in the Giant King’s Court. I would accommodate the corresponding Uniquenesses and Beyonder characteristics via the correct method, but Leodero, Aucuses, and Herabergen betrayed me and ate my body. I could only rush to fuse with my extreme emotions before dying, in which I was reborn within the corpse. I then took away the Beyonder characteristics of the Hanged Man pathway and the authority of Degeneration…”

It’s similar to what I imagined… The Lord of Storms, Eternal Blazing Sun, and the God of Knowledge and Wisdom eventually committed a betrayal. It’s no wonder that Ma’am Hermit’s fairy tale magic was effective… With a sudden realization, Klein felt that most of the fog in the history of the Third Epoch had been cleared.

Of course, this was just his belief, nothing real. This was because he had no way of making contact with the fog of history.

After sighing, he suddenly thought of a question.

Since Dark Angel Sasrir has returned to the ancient sun god and has evolved into the True Creator with “His” original body, then who’s the one sleeping on the iron-black throne now?

Why did the True Creator force me to enter the Giant King’s residence to meet Sasrir?

As his thoughts raced, he cast his gaze back to the iron-black throne, carefully inspecting Dark Angel Sasrir’s condition.

The layers of illusory black wings that covered more than half of Sasrir’s body gently rose and fell, revealing a layer of grayish-white.

It was located on the black throne, hidden to the right of the Dark Angel, giving off an extremely ancient feeling.

Klein’s eyes focused his eyes as he stared at it intently. He quickly confirmed that the grayish-white came from a strange stone. Its surface was mottled with the ravages of time, and it was engraved with words that he had never learned before but could understand at a glance.

These words seemed to be the source of all languages, including but not limited to Jotun, Hermes, ancient Feysac and the Southern Continent’s Dutanese.

Sequence 3 Demon of Arcana… Sequence 2 Master… Sequence 1 Light of Darkness… Sequence 0 Paragon… A small amount of information flashed in Klein’s mind as he suddenly had a realization.

Blasphemy Slate!

The first Blasphemy Slate!

The first Blasphemy Slate that was born in Chaos Sea!

And this was very likely a key item that the Dark Angel used to control parts of Chaos Sea!

Just as this thought surfaced in his mind, Klein suddenly felt the surroundings become unusually quiet.

The brass eyes that were hidden on the surface of the shadowy curtains seemed to disappear.

Klein’s gaze subconsciously shifted upwards to meet a pair of eyes hidden in the shadows.

The Dark Angel Sasrir, who was sleeping on the black throne, opened his eyes.

With a boom, Elder Lovia’s body collapsed, turning into a huge shadow.

Behind the shadow, there was a pair of blank but painful eyes.

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