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Chapter 897: 897

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At the top of the spire, in the room that belonged to the Chief.

Colin Iliad had the tall body that was standard of the City of Silver. His hair was grizzled, unkempt, and rather disheveled. He had deep wrinkles around his cheeks, but there were no wrinkles elsewhere. Some old scars, that were either deep or twisted, remained on his cheeks.

He wore a linen shirt on the inside with a brown coat draped over his body. By his waist was a belt filled with tiny compartments. His light blue eyes were deep, filled with the experiences and stories they had seen.

After Derrick bowed, the Demon Hunter nodded gently and pointed diagonally to the items placed on the table.

“Do you still remember them?”

Derrick took a glance as his gaze suddenly froze. His eyes reflected two translucent worms that had the thickness of a child’s finger.

Worm of Time!

They were translucent Worms of Time with rings!

They were Worms of Time that came from Blasphemer Amon’s avatar!

“Yes.” Derrick fell silent for a second before instinctively answering, “They were left behind by Amon.”

Colin Iliad nodded indiscernibly and said, “One of them was even coughed out by you.”

Without waiting for Derrick to say a word, he continued in a thorough manner, “You once said that while being possessed by Amon, you were in a daze most of the time, as though you were in a dream. You were occasionally lucid.”

Faced with the Chief’s gaze, Derrick nodded, indicating that he had given such a description before.

Colin Iliad moved his gaze away and cast it out the window, looking down at the nearby buildings.

“I believe I haven’t told you the things you did during those times.

“You did a total of two rituals. One of them had elements of a secret deed, and the other one was like a sacrifice. You obtained a certain reply. Do you have any recollection of such things?”

Indeed, I was being monitored when I sought Mr. Fool’s help and used the secret deed ritual to cleanse Amon’s avatar… Derrick wasn’t surprised by what the Chief was mentioning. He had long been advised by The Hanged Man that, based on the rich experience the City of Silver elders, it was impossible that they would dismiss someone acting abnormally. Thus, the conclusion that he had been constantly been monitored after he left the dungeon was obtained. This was corroborated by the fact that someone had emerged from the shadows when doing the sacrificial ritual.

“…I don’t have any recollections.” Derrick pretended to be in thought before he shook his head.

Colin, who was observing him through the corner of his eye, turned his head over and said with a sigh, “Try recalling it carefully.

“These two worms left behind by Amon are materials of great value. I’ve been trying to find ways of using them. If I can secretly make them into items, this might be a trump card that no one else knows. It can play a crucial role at critical moments.

“During the two rituals you experienced, you might have symbols, ancient incantations, or mysterious elements that can be used for reference.

“Think about it carefully.”

If this were in the past, Derrick would have only understood the Chief superficially, but at this moment, he was able to interpret the hidden and indirect meaning behind the sentence, albeit being a few seconds slow.

“I know there’s still a certain connection between you and Amon.

“We will be opening the mausoleum to the former City of Silver Chief. I need to prepare additional trump cards against any unexpected accidents or cause that Lovia and company to use to inflict any harm to the City of Silver. Try attempting communication.”

Mr. Hanged Man was right. The higher one’s level is, the more experienced they are at handling danger, and the more accustomed they will be at expressing themselves by speaking in riddles. It’s a way to leave options open for both parties… Derrick suddenly felt he had grasped a particular technique.

Upon realizing that the Chief’s goal was to limit Elder Lovia and how she represented the Fallen Creator, he felt that he needed to do something. However, he had zero clue on how to use a Worm of Time. All he could do was consider praying to Mr. Fool and see if “He” could provide any help.

“I’ll try my best to recall. I… need… a silent room.” As Derrick spoke, he paused, deliberating over his words.

Colin Iliad was apparently prepared as he pointed towards the corridor.

“Many of the rooms across the corridor do not have people in them. Choose one yourself.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.” Derrick bowed and exited the room before entering an unused room. He locked the wooden door, sat down, and in the dark corner, prayed softly as his eyes emitted a soft glow.

Desi Bay, Eskelson Harbor.

Klein left the airship from the gangway with his suitcase in hand, prepared to head into the city on a carriage prepared by the military base.

As for Daly Simone, Leonard Mitchell, and the other Red Gloves, they were the first batch to leave the airship. Klein had been arranged to be one of the last; hence, they didn’t meet each other.

After entering the city and finding a hotel to stay in, he prepared to have some rest to remedy the poor sleep he had last night. Suddenly, he heard a series of illusory, stacked pleas.

Sounds like Little Sun… Klein yawned while covering his mouth and entered a cramped washroom. With great difficulty, he took four steps counterclockwise and arrived above the gray fog.

As he expected, the crimson star that was blinking and burgeoning was none other than the one that represented The Sun.

He emanated his spirituality to make contact with it, and he quickly learned what The Sun’s prayer was pertaining to.

The City of Silver Chief is asking Little Sun, no—asking what he thinks to be Amon on how to use a Worm of Time charm… Thankfully, I had such a question previously and have already gotten an answer… However, using the Worm of Time to create a potent charm that can temporarily exchange fates will require him to pray to The Fool. Wouldn’t this directly expose the fact that the one backing Little Sun is not Amon, but some unknown hidden existence? Klein tapped the edge of the mottled table as he seriously considered how he was to answer.

In less than a minute, he quickly reframed his line of thought and discovered that his worries were meaningless.

Firstly, apart from Shepherd Elder Lovia, who can receive certain revelations from the True Creator, no one in the City of Silver knows Amon. All they might guess is that “He” is likely the Angel of Time, one of the eight Kings of Angels that were by the Creator’s side. Therefore, even if they learn of an existence called The Fool, they will probably believe that it’s Amon’s true body, or a deity that Amon now believes in.

Secondly, the honorific name of The Fool is no longer a secret to the True Creator, Blasphemer Amon, and Shepherd Elder Lovia. It doesn’t matter if more people from the City of Silver learns of it.

Thirdly, the Chief named Colin Iliad is only a Demon Hunter. Even if he knows the honorific name of The Fool and has a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact, there’s nothing he can do. After all, Blasphemer Amon and the True Creator haven’t been knocking at my door in the middle of the night.

Finally, the six-member council’s Chief is long aware of a problem with Little Sun. He just hasn’t made it obvious.

As his thoughts raced, he felt that he needed to be bolder. Perhaps I can use this opportunity to develop another one or two downlines, no—I mean believers. Little Sun won’t have to fight alone anymore in the future.

Besides, I’ve already improved since the time when I wiped away Amon’s avatar. I’ve also accumulated even deeper knowledge in mysticism. I wield the Sea God Scepter and can stir even more of the powers of the mysterious space above the gray fog. I don’t have to worry about missing anything when facing a Sequence 4 demigod during the ritual… as long as I don’t rashly pull him above the gray fog… Klein quickly made up his mind and cast the method to creating a Fate Siphon charm into the crimson star representing The Sun.

Knock! Knock! Knock! The sound of knocking resonated within the Chief’s room at the top of the spire.

And before the knocking even sounded, Colin Iliad had already known that Derrick Berg had opened the door and was walking over to his room.

“Come on in.” He turned his body and faced the door.

Derrick pushed open the door and entered. Bowing, he said, “Your Excellency, I’ve recalled some vague details.”

Colin Iliad nodded with a calm expression.

“What are they?”

“Use pure silver and mercury as materials…” Derrick succinctly described the beginning of the ritual and paused. “I think I muttered an honorific name back then: The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era.”

Colin narrowed his eyes and immediately cut him off.

“The corresponding symbols are the ones left on the candle?”

“Yes,” Derrick frankly replied. “The second line is: The mysterious ruler above the gray fog.”

At this moment, Colin cut him off once again.

“Is there no need for other ritual materials?”

“No,” Derrick nodded, feeling slightly puzzled.

Only then did he realize that the Chief was apparently deliberately stopping him from reciting Mr. Fool’s honorific name.

Yes, our common language is Jotun. It’s a language that can stir the powers of nature. If I were to directly say out the honorific name, it would result in all kinds of unknown effects. I know that Mr. Fool is a true deity and trustworthy, so I was reciting it all out habitually. However, the Chief doesn’t know that… Derrick continued, feeling somewhat enlightened.

“Third line: The King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck.”

Colin silently listened in silence before nodding.

“Very good.

“Although I cannot be sure that the content you recall is of any use, it’s still a sizable contribution. I’ll get someone to add to your contribution.

“Return, or go to the library to read some books for a while.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.” Derrick wore a deadpan look as he silently heaved a sigh of relief and rapidly retreated to the room at the top of the spire.

Colin Iliad watched him leave before heading behind his desk and sitting down. He cast his gaze on the two translucent ringed worms in front of him.

Beside the worms was a notebook. Drawn on it was a secret symbol comprised of half a Pupil-less Eye and half Contorted Lines.

Colin’s gaze remained fixed for a while, as though he had been petrified.

After a while, he slowly stood up and took out three candles.

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