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Chapter 473: 473 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qing Qiu Back?! Awesome! [3/3]

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473 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qing Qiu Back?! Awesome! [3/3]

Rebecca laughed.

“Butler Kent, Father gave it to me, so I’ll naturally decide… As for the other matters, I have my arrangements.”

“Grandpa Klei, I’ll trouble you to go with Butler Kent.”


Butler Kent wanted to say something. But he couldn’t because of Richard’s presence, so he just nodded.

He could not hold back the doubts in his heart not long after he left the living room.

“Klei, why didn’t you stop him? What have you been through in the desert for the past month? Why is the lady so generous to Lord Richard?

“This was the Violet Manor. Who would give it away just like that? Moreover, the other party was a grace mainland overlord. How could he not know what a grace mainland overlord was like?

“Just look at those two guys dressed in a mess…

“If I’m not mistaken, the other party is the grace mainland overlord, right? Although he isn’t weak, was the grace mainland worthy of the lady’s attention?”

Klein looked at the confused Butler Kent and smiled.

“Kent, if you were to give Violet Manor to someone else, I would disagree, even if it were the Grand Duke’s son. But it’s different if you’re giving it to Lord Richard.”

“I can only tell you the reason. It’s because the guest is Lord Richard, the ruler of Twilight City.”

“This, is enough!”

“You haven’t seen the wonders of the city. And you haven’t seen how unfathomable Lord Richard is. You wouldn’t understand why the young lady is so generous.”

“If you were there, trust me, you would have delivered the title deed to Lord Richard yourself.”

“As for whether I’m worthy of it… I’m sorry. Lord Richard is more than qualified to accept this gift… Even if the Grand Duke denies it, I will not change my stance!”

Klei’s disposition stunned Butler Kent when he heard the firm tone in his voice.

He couldn’t imagine what they had encountered in the desert this month. What has changed their attitude so dramatically…

He would have suspected they were under a mental spell if it weren’t for their ingenious attitude.

Butler Kent let out a long breath.

“I’ll follow the Lady’s decision regardless of whether it’s reasonable. However, as a Butler, it’s also within my duty to make suggestions.”

Butler Kent said expressionlessly and walked towards the secret chamber.

Klei laughed. This old, stubborn man… He shook his head and didn’t argue.

Who would believe the happenings in Twilight City if one had not seen it with their eyes?

Butler Kent walked a few when he suddenly stopped and gazed in a direction.

He frowned.

“Who let you two into the main hall? Look at what you’re wearing. The servants of the Frostwolf clan are not so insensible!”

The smile on the players’ faces who had rushed up to talk to him froze when they saw Butler Kent.

‘F*ck! this old fellow, can’t he say something nice?’

They had already demoted them to serving tea to akin player Qingqiu, yet they still complained about their odd dress… ‘Do you have any humanity?’

They wanted to refute him. But they didn’t dare to say anything when they glanced at his serious expression. They couldn’t let the hard-won relationship they built go to waste.

Boss squeezed out a smile and praised.

“Butler Kent, we also want to contribute to the manor. Also, we’re full of respect for Lady Rebecca, and we definitely won’t offend her… Even in our dreams, we wish to serve Lady Rebecca.”

Third Brother nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, that’s it… Lady Rebecca has brought Qingqiu back with her, so I’m sure she will need the help of our grace mainland overlord.”

Their flattery did not move Butler Kent, but the last word widened his eyes.


He immediately asked after he cried out in shock.

“Are you saying that the grace mainland overlord that Lady Rebecca brought back is Qingqiu? The one who fought against 100 people? The strongest existence among the 20 billion grace mainland overlords?”

The two players looked at the excited Butler Kent in confusion.

“Wait, you didn’t know the identity of the guests you brought back?”

“Lady Rebecca didn’t tell you?”

“Cut the crap! How did you guys recognize him as Qingqiu?”

“Butler Kent, did you forget? Do I not have the Origin Tracing skill? A talent for tracing the source of a person’s origin? I will have an impression of them as long as I have seen them in the past.

Butler Kent finally came to his senses. He turned to look at Klein and snorted deep breaths.

He sighed.

“Lady is clever!”

“I’ll go to the secret room and get the title deed… Lord Richard is worthy to receive it!”

Klei was a little confused when he looked at Butler Kent’s 180-degree change in stance.

“What Qingqiu? What one against a hundred…? What does this have to do with Lord Richard?”

The death gladiator had not started yet when he went to the desert. The players had just entered the dungeon and did not know about the news.

He had returned hurriedly and had no time to pay attention to other things.

He asked in confusion.

“Who is that Qingqiu? What does it have to do with Lord Richard?”

Butler Kent laughed as he described everything that happened in the Qingqiu instance dungeon and finally exclaimed.

“To stand out from the 20 billion grace mainland overlord and become the king, this Lord Richard’s potential is shocking!”

“And the lady brought him back without knowing his identity. It is the goddess’s blessing.”

Klein was both surprised and delighted.

Although he knew that the potential of the Twilight City was limitless, he did not expect it to be so powerful that it could emerge from the 20 billion grace mainland overlords and ranked first!

His impressive battle record of defeating 30,000 enemies with only 300 troops dazzled him, who witnessed spectacular scenes.

They had not misjudged him!


The two players looked at the NPC, who smiled brightly and was sparingly confused.

“No, it has been almost a month since the incident in Qingqiu, and you NPCs with such a massive force still do not know about it?

“What’s even more ridiculous is that she brought him back and didn’t even know his true identity?”

“What are you guys doing?”

They wanted to say something, but Butler Kent and the level 19 hero left in high spirits. They did not even look at them…

The two looked at each other’s disappearing figures and wanted to cry but had no tears.

“What a sin! Do you have any humanity?


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