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Chapter 474: 474 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qingqiu Back?! Awesome! [2/3]

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474 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qingqiu Back?! Awesome! [2/3]

“Hey, I wondered why I couldn’t find you yesterday. So you went to such a dirty place… Why didn’t you f*cking ask me to come along?”

The words of reprimand continued.

Violet Manor, in the largest living room.

One could see a long wooden table in the center.

Rebecca sat at the head of the table while Richard sat on the left.

Xina and the dark valkyrie stood not far behind him.

Renee returned to the ancient god statue.

Butler Karu stood behind Rebecca while Butler Kent arranged for the maids to be busy…

Only two people sat in the large living room, and the others could stand to the side.

However, no one dared to have any objections.

Rebecca suddenly thought of something after they chatted for about ten minutes. She turned to neatly-combed-haired Butler Kent in a black suit. It did not have a single crease on it.

“Butler Kent, could you please bring me the title deed of Violet Manor and the relevant transaction documents?”

It confused Butler Kent.

“Miss Rebecca, the title deed is in the secret room. We need to activate the magic array to retrieve it… Why do you need the land deed? I’ll get it done immediately.”

Rebecca looked at Richard with a smile.

“I will hand the title deed over to Lord Richard for safekeeping.”

“I already gave him the Violet Manor.”

Two players that carried tea entered the hall.

They couldn’t help but gasp when they heard this.

They looked at each other and saw the surprise and excitement in each other’s eyes.

She gave away the extremely valuable Violet Manor in Solan City just like that… That NPC that had returned with Rebecca, the eldest daughter of the Ice Empire’s Grand Duke of Frostwolf, just how ghastly was he?

The higher the level of a character, the harder it was to come into contact with them. It was a publicly acknowledged fact.

At the current stage, they were not even qualified to come into contact with the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke. They could only build a relationship with the servants.

If they could get closer to these two NPCs with ridiculous status, take on two missions from them, and get some benefits… Just a ponder on that scene made them excited.

They quickened their pace and came to the long table.

They poured the tea obediently, and neither spoke in such an environment.

They could not ask outrightly if they wanted to take on a mission. They were too familiar with the ways of the nobles. They would annoy the Ice Empire Grand Duke’s eldest daughter if they interrupted now and could even kick them out directly.

How could a servant have the right to speak in front of the lords’ distinguished guests?

The purpose of pouring tea was to get familiar with the two so that it wouldn’t abruptly bother the other party when they were alone.

Rebecca looked at the two strangely dressed men and raised an eyebrow. However, she didn’t want to say anything while Richard was there. So she pretended not to notice them.

She would ask Butler Kent. When did the grace mainland lord come into her manor to serve as a servant…

These guys weren’t people who would do things with peace of mind.

Fortunately, the two players behaved well and did not make any mistakes. They turned and left after they poured the tea.

Only then did Rebecca’s expression ease slightly.

Richard recognized them as soon as they entered the room. It was a little funny. These guys were all-pervasive.

However, he didn’t pay any more attention when he saw that the two were only level 8.

The difference was supremely vast. Richard didn’t mind.

The two players who finished pouring the tea left the living room and walked to an empty place. They looked at each other and spoke in unison.


“Third Brother…”

The boss waved his hand and spoke.

“I’ll say it first. Did you check the NPC’s attributes?”

“No, the system prompted that the other party’s magic power has covered up his aura one cannot detect.”

The third brother said with a look of disbelief.

“That’s not what I meant to say. Boss, did you notice the NPC looks? A little familiar…”

“Familiar? Did it trigger your Origin Tracing skill? That can’t be. This NPC’s status is so high. Why don’t I have any impression if we have met him before?”

“That’s right. My skill is in effect… After I saw that NPC, I suddenly thought of Qingqiu.”

The boss’s heart trembled as he looked at him in disbelief.


“You’re saying that the NPC, and Rebecca, the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke Frostwolf’s esteemed guest, is… Qingqiu?”

“Third brother, you’re not mistaken, are you? How could it be Qingqiu?!”

“The effect of the Origin Tracing skill can not be wrong. His figure and aura were the like the NPC, although Qingqiu covered his face while we watched the live broadcast. No, he is even more charming now…

The boss’s face turned red when he received an affirmative answer.

“That NPC brought Qingqiu back. Is she trying to fly into the sky? No wonder Butler Kent said Rebecca would go to the desert for a while. Isn’t that perverted Qingqiu, the Lord of the Desert?”

“That’s right, and Rebecca seems to be giving him this manor…”

At this point, the two players looked at each other and saw the envy, jealousy, and hatred in each other’s eyes.

They did not even have the right to interact with Rebecca, the top-tier NPC, and yet, Qingqiu, this perverted freak, was already treated as a guest of honor.

What’s more, how much was the Violet Manor worth? Did she give it away just like that?

Were there still any!! f*cking justice in this world?

In the living room, he heard Rebecca would send the manor out.

Butler Kent was stunned, then looked at the girl in confusion.

“Miss, the Grand Duke gave you the Violet Manor. Do you need to ask him if you want to give it to someone else? Besides, this is our base in Solan City. How will we settle down the next time we come if we give it away?”

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