Magic Dungeon Academy. Isekai Harem Fantasy.

Magic Dungeon Academy. Isekai Harem Fantasy.
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Being a book nerd as he was, Anthony's life couldn't have been better. Reading books all day, and all night until he fell asleep with the book in his hands, was his every day life. Things would've been great, and he would've enjoyed his quiet, sixteenth birthday if not for his twin sister having an outrageous birthday party.

Unfortunately, the birthday party doesn't end well for her and she ends up in the hospital, fighting for her life. Anthony doesn't hesitate to offer his blood to save his sister. However, things go wrong and it is Anthony who pays the price.

But his life doesn't end there. Anthony gets another chance as a member of family in a new fantasy world. Follow Anthony, who gets reincarnated into the world full of magic and mystery, and beautiful girls who, for some weird reason, love to be in the company of a nerdy, book loving boy.


Release schedule: just started but the plan is twice a week.

What to expect:
Fantasy adventure, with the focus of school life and dungeon exploration. Main protagonist is focused on learning and improving his skills and abilities. Lot's of slice of life content, character development, and slow build up romantic relationships, with some intimate scenes.


What NOT to expect:
Gore, explicit violence, rape, heavy sexual abuse, NTR and other heavy stuff.
In addition, there will be some slightly explicit sex scenes, but don't expect to read 'hot stuff' every other chapter. Main focus of the story is Slice of Life at academy and Monster Slaying in the dungeon.

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