Martial World - Chapter 671

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Chapter 671

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Chapter 671 – You Are Lin Ming?

These young women that had been captured for use as incense burners were all from nearby small sects. From the small countries they originated from, a fourth-grade martial arts talent could already be called a proud daughter of heaven.

However, after the eruption of the beast tide and their nations were destroyed, these young girls had no choice but to hide in underground secret passages in order to escape the disaster.

But hiding underground wasn’t a long-term plan. Eventually they would have to come out to look for help or look for food. The result of this was that they were captured by the South Sea Demon Region martial artists for their obscene purposes.

The demonic realm sexual path was also divided into two different sorts. One was complementary Yin and Yang, where both man and woman would mutually benefit. The man would profit the woman, and the woman would profit the man. The other was where one person savagely and barbarically pillaged the other, sucking up their vitality. The South Sea Demon Region used this second type. They were of no mind to train them, but would rather suck up their life force and strength, rapidly accelerating their aging.

“Haha, little beauties, after we go back, this big brother will love you well!” The leader of the squad lasciviously smiled as he greedily rubbed one of the girl’s bodies. But at this moment, his eyes widened. Just several miles away, there were the shadows of several people flying towards them. From their clothing, it was obvious that these people weren’t from the South Sea Demon Region, but were most likely human martial artists.

The squad captain was greatly startled, “There are actually people that dare come to a branch of the South Sea Demon Region to die? Their brains must have gone sour!”

“There are actually some idiots sending themselves to our door. Sir Protector, it might not be bad if we kill them and say they were spies. We’ll also earn some merit for that.”

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, he suddenly discovered that the speed at which these people were moving had far surpassed his imagination. The figures of two people actually instantly crossed several miles until they were just a few hundred feet away.


The squad captain froze. He could feel the power of space around him suddenly tighten, collapsing upon him and completely locking him inside!

What was going on!?!?

The squad captain inexplicably filled with horror. At this time, the blue-clothed young man had already flown right in front of him, his eyes glittering with a fierce light like a living god of death!

Just by looking in those deep eyes, the squad captain felt as if his soul was being sucked out even as he lost all control of his body!

“Demonshine, search his soul!”

Lin Ming indifferently said. A soul searching technique was an ability from the demonic realm. One needed to have a very deep understanding of the soul as well as a very powerful soul force.

Lin Ming had never studied this technique before so he could only ask Demonshine to do it for him.

A savage energy rushed into the squad captain’s spiritual sea. The squad captain felt his spiritual sea being torn apart as all of the information within was sucked dry by Demonshine!

“Big Brother! Ugh…” The surrounding martial artists called out. But, just before they were able to react, in the next moment they felt their entire world go black as all of them passed out.

In that instant, Lin Ming’s soul force had pierced through all of their spiritual seas!

This time to kill these people he had used a soul attack, something he hadn’t used in a long time. A soul attack and will attack were two completely different things.

A soul, relative to the human body, was one of the most fundamental parts of a human’s life.

But one’s will was a battle spirit, an energy field. In essence, it was a special type of energy that could be classified as something similar to true essence or demon essence.

There were many objects, such as the Demon God Bone, that had a wisp of residual battle spirit attached to it. But, a Demon God Bone didn’t actually have a soul.

“Demonshine, continue searching their souls for any and all useful information. Do not let anything go, especially news about Divine Phoenix Island!”

Lin Ming’s gloomy expression was terrible to behold. The reason he attacked this squad was not to vent his anger and hate, but rather to obtain information.


With Demonshine’s soul force, searching the souls of these low level martial artists was easy.

After several breaths of time he had obtained all the information he needed. With their spiritual seas already completely crushed, these martial artists were nothing more than living corpses. He let them fall into the sea to feed any vicious beasts down there.

Demonshine shook his head, “Lin Ming, I didn’t find any information on Mu Qianyu or the others. These martial artists are only part of a single scout squad – they have a very low status within the South Sea Demon Region. Basically, they didn’t participate in the war half a year ago.”

Lin Ming slightly frowned, “Do these martial artists know whether or not there is a South Sea Demon Region master stationed at Divine Phoenix Island to watch over this place?”

“They do know this. On Divine Phoenix Island there is a South Sea Demon Region Elder named Hong Qi who is guarding this area. His cultivation is at the first stage of Life Destruction!”

“Hong Qi? First stage of Life Destruction?” Lin Ming sneered.

When Lin Ming was at the Eternal Demon Abyss, he had killed Elder Xiao as well as the Polaris Tower Master. Both of them had been three-star Demon Kings, a cultivation between the human late Revolving Core realm to Life Destruction realm.

Within the Blood Slaughter Steppes, besides the Steppes Master, all other martial artists had to leave before they reached Life Destruction, otherwise they would be killed by the mystical curse that enveloped the land. Even if one was a Tower Master or supervisory Elder, they still wouldn’t be an exception. That is, unless they became a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon.

However, although the Great Ax Tower master and the Polaris Tower Master both had a cultivation inferior to the Life Destruction realm, because of their own cultivation methods, individual talent, and high rank treasures, they had a total comprehensive combat strength that actually far surpassed a normal first stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

Since Lin Ming could easily kill the Polaris Tower Master, killing a first stage Life Destruction Elder would also be easy.

“Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing?” Demonshine asked.

“Naturally to call out that Hong Qi fellow and then use the soul searching technique on him. Since these small fry don’t know where Miss Mu is, that Hong Qi should know!”

“Hehe, good suggestion, I like it!” Demonshine cackled, evilly licking his lips.


The main island of Divine Phoenix Island was 10,000 miles long and wide, with six islands surrounding it. In the past glory days of Divine Phoenix Island, the entire island was constantly immersed in mist. From afar, this seemed like an illusory wonderland. Divine Phoenix Mountain especially, with its many magnificent jade palaces and temples, seemed like a fabled paradise where immortals lived.

However, these days, the entire Divine Phoenix Island was covered in a bleak atmosphere with dark clouds covering the sky. On the main island there were countless patrol parties of demon region martial artists milling about. Occasionally one could see a steady stream of resources being transported towards various buildings, and even young girls being hauled around for use as incense burners.

Within the entire South Sea, Divine Phoenix Island could be called a bountiful land that was second to none. There was a high-grade true essence mine here as well as spirit mountains full of heavenly and miraculous medicinal plants. On these mountains, it was easy to breed rare and precious raw materials for medicines.

All of this had now become the South Sea Demon Region’s resources.

“Subordinate greets Sir Elder!” On the medicinal spirit mountain there was a black-robed man slowly walking around. As six black-robed people saw him, they immediately bent to their knees in salute.

“Mm…” The black-robed man nodded. Within the South Sea Demon Region, Life Destruction powerhouses were normally Elders and Revolving Core martial artists were Protectors.

This black-robed old man was the only Elder that the South Sea Demon Region had stationed here to command Divine Phoenix Island. The South Sea Demon Region planned on founding a branch here at Divine Phoenix Island, and this black-robed old man would become this branch’s future leader.

“Open the medicine garden.” The black-robed old man expressionlessly said. After occupying Divine Phoenix Island, the black-robed old man had no interest in the true essence stone mine here. Rather, he was only interested in Divine Phoenix Island’s medicine garden. For some unknown reason, the land here was extremely rich in spiritual energy; it was a very good location for medicinal plants to grow.

The black-robed old man had transplanted a stalk of his most precious Heart Demon Flower in this medicine garden. Since then, this black-robed old man had been coming to the medicine garden every day to observe the growth of this Demon Heart Flower.

This Demon Heart Flower was an incomparably greedy species of plant. Every day it had to devour a great deal of spiritual energy. As for the other spiritual plants around the Demon Heart Flower, their essence energy was sucked away and they began to slowly wither.


As the black-robed old man saw the plump leaves and fist-sized flower bud of the Demon Heart Flower, he nodded with satisfaction

Those demon region martial artists that were responsible for taking care of the Demon Heart Flower were also filled with anticipation, waiting to see if there were any rewards. But, at this time, in the direction of the entrance, there was actually a loud deafening sound like a thunderclap!


A true essence shockwave recklessly shook the air; even the ground began to intensely tremble!

“Mm? What’s going on?” The black-robed old man frowned. Who was so ignorant that they dared to come to the South Sea Demon Region’s branch to cause trouble!

In these past years, and especially the past six months, the South Sea Demon Region had united several deep sea tribes and clans of the South Sea, forming a massive super alliance. After they crushed the Wartime Alliance, the entire South Horizon Region, as well as several nearby territories, no longer had the ability to outright oppose the South Sea Demon Region.

Although the black-robed old man was surprised, he didn’t immediately rush over. If this other party dared to come crashing into his gate, they must have some ability or backing. Unless they were idiots that is.

If it were really some old monstrous elder coming to take revenge, then he would have to act according to the situation.

He sent out a sound transmission talisman to inquire about the situation. When he found out that the other party only consisted of four people and their cultivations were only at the Revolving Core realm, the black-robed old man was stunned.

Just where had this bunch of idiots come from?

Coldly snorting, the black-robed old man turned into a beam of black right as he rushed towards the medicine garden’s entrance!

Several dozen miles only took a brief moment to cross. As the black-robed old man and his many subordinates arrived at the entrance, they saw that the massive black gate had already been blown apart. The plaque that said ‘South Sea Demon Region – Divine Phoenix Branch’ had been thrown to the ground and shattered into pieces. Surrounding this broken sign were five or six South Sea Demon Region martial artists that were also slumped to the ground. Their entire bodies were covered in blood and not a single one of them was alive.

As the black-robed old man saw this, his heart filled with a raging anger, “Who dares to be so bold to do this! Come here and die!”

After roaring out, the black-robed old man’s eyes focused. Just 1000 feet away, there were four figures that were flying over to him.

“It’s these people? Humph!” The black-robed Elder swept his eyes over these four people’s cultivation. As he realized they were all at the Revolving Core realm, his heart rate stabilized. Just as he was about to kill these four and show them the absolute difference in their strength, he noticed a blue-clothed youth in this group and was immediately stunned.

This blue-clothed youth looked to be a bit over 20 years old. He held onto a long white spear, and his two straight eyebrows slanted up towards his temples. His handsome looks were outstanding, and his eyes seemed to be as sharp as lightning. From his head to his toes, he exuded an incomparably keen aura that made one’s heart shrink with fear.

This youth was…

As the black-robed Elder saw this blue-clothed youth, he was instantly petrified. His eyes went as wide as full moons as they filled with disbelief.

In the past, he too had gone to the Demon God Imperial Palace, and he had an incomparably deep impression of this face. Although his appearance and temperament had changed quite a bit, he still was able to recognize this youth at a glance.

“You are… Lin Ming!? You’re still alive!?”

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