Martial World - Chapter 675

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Chapter 675

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Chapter 675 – Xuan Yuqie Makes Her Move

The Cosmic Melting Furnace was a fire-attribute attack weapon and also an extremely good furnace. It was the greatest treasure that the Demon Emperor had left behind before ascending to the Realm of the Gods.

“What rank treasure is the Cosmic Melting Furnace?” Lin Ming had long thought of this but he hadn’t yet asked Demonshine. Lin Ming hadn’t even seen a medium-grade heaven-step treasure yet, so he simply didn’t know what rank treasure the Cosmic Melting Furnace was.

Demonshine said, “The Cosmic Melting Furnace cannot really be classified under normal treasures, but rather it is a quasi-Saint artifact. Above high-grade heaven-step treasures are Saint artifacts. The Cosmic Melting Furnace doesn’t yet qualify to rank as a Saint artifact, so it can only be considered a quasi-Saint artifact. If you use it for alchemy, then it will multiply your chances of success by several times. Moreover, it can even increase the grade and power of your Flame Essence.”

Saint artifact?

This wasn’t the first time that Lin Ming had heard this before. So it turned out that the Cosmic Melting Furnace was a quasi-Saint artifact… unfortunately, he wasn’t yet able to induce the Cosmic Melting Furnace to strike his enemies. In his current state, it could at most be considered a defensive weapon.

“Boy, the black-robed old man you killed a while ago also had something good… a Demon Heart Flower. It was planted in the medicine garden of Divine Phoenix Island. Let’s go back in a bit and dig it out. Along with the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass and profound gold divine fruit you obtained in the Eternal Demon Abyss, both of those are top quality alchemy materials. With these alchemy materials as well as the memories that you’ve inherited, you will slowly but surely become a top grandmaster of alchemy, forming a solid foundation for your future goal of breaking through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

Demonshine had suggested that Lin Ming become an alchemist. Although this was quite sudden, after some more thought, this truly was the only way for Lin Ming to complete his body transformation cultivation path in the future.

The body transformation legacy, even if placed within the entire Realm of the Gods, was considered an extremely luxurious and excessive cultivation path. Compared to the essence gathering system, it was countless times more expensive.

For Lin Ming to just complete 100% of Tempering Marrow, he had required an entire Nirvana Dragon Root. As for opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, he had used the Nameless Divine Pill and a Demon God Bone. Even then it was only under a lucky coincidence that he had made his breakthrough with the support of the suppression of the Heavenly Demon force field.

Next, there were still seven gates of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates!

Everything was difficult at the beginning. The first few gates after the Gate of Healing couldn’t be considered too difficult to open. But afterwards, once he arrived at the fifth, sixth, seventh, or even eighth gate, the difficulty would rise at an astronomical scale.

If he wished to break through these thresholds, then it was impossible unless he had top heavenly materials.

As for normal heavenly treasures, swallowing them directly was of course inferior to refining them into pills, especially if they had a medicinal inscription placed on them.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming fell into a deep reflection. Whether it was alchemical techniques or inscription techniques, both of them were extremely complex and diverse. If he wanted to practice both of these skills to the limit of their boundaries, then he would need to consume a great deal of time even if he inherited the memories of that Supreme Being.

Time meant the potential of life. If he wasted time, then that was the same as wasting his potential…

Demonshine saw Lin Ming hesitate and chuckled, “Young boy, your way of thinking is wrong. Whether it is practicing alchemy or inscription, both of these skills can greatly increase your soul force. After reaching the Xiantian realm, a martial artist’s soul force will becoming increasingly important. You’ve practiced martial arts all the way until now and yet haven’t realized just how great the benefits of having a strong soul force are? If it wasn’t for your powerful soul force and Samsara martial intent to support you, how could you possibly have formed your battle spirit in the Xiantian realm? A battle spirit and will may be completely different from soul force, but the former actually relies on the latter. Haven’t you noticed that your battle spirit is kept hidden in your spiritual sea?

“All I just mentioned are just indirect benefits. But there are also direct benefits. These benefits will appear once you become an Emperor level powerhouse. No matter how powerful your body is, if it doesn’t have an equally powerful soul to support it then the result you’ll be able to achieve will be extremely limited! Just cultivating your dantian means you will sooner or later encounter a bottleneck. This is also the reason why all the powerhouses of the Realm of the Gods choose different auxiliary skills. These aren’t  just used to assist their cultivation, but also to help temper their soul force!”

After Demonshine said this, Lin Ming was startled. After thinking about it some more, this really was true.

Ever since he had obtained the Magic Cube, Lin Ming had entered into it a total of five times and absorbed the soul fragments of four different Realm of the Gods powerhouses. The third and fourth time, he had absorbed the soul fragments of the Demon Emperor. But, in the other three times, after he absorbed these memories, he realized that these three powerhouses each shared a common characteristic, and that was that all three of them practiced an auxiliary skill.

The first one was an inscription master, the second was an array master, and the last was both an inscriptionist and an alchemist.

As for the Demon Emperor, he himself was a Giant Demon so he didn’t excel in the aspect of the soul. This was likely the reason that he didn’t choose an auxiliary skill to begin with.

As Demonshine had said, studying these auxiliary skills would never be a waste of time.

Laboring over these things would not be a mistake. Now that Lin Ming had inherited the soul fragments of these Realm of the Gods powerhouses, he was able to practice these auxiliary skills with half the effort and twice the result. To not use such a lucky chance would really be idiotic.

As Lin Ming thought this, he also set firm his determination. After this conflict in the South Sea ended, he would put aside some special time in order to thoroughly practice inscription techniques and alchemy techniques, paving the road for his future success of opening the next seven gates of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

After sealing up the related rich memories of inscription techniques and alchemy techniques in his mind, Lin Ming began to study the other memories of this Supreme Elder.

Within this soul fragment, there really was too much information. Besides inscription techniques and alchemy techniques, there was also a massive amount of cultivation methods.

Within these cultivation methods, there was one related to Realm of the Gods alchemists – the ‘Fire God Law’.

After examining the ‘Fire God Law’, Lin Ming ultimately concluded that the complete ‘Fire God Law’ was much more powerful than the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. But, if it were to be compared with the complete ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, then it would naturally be far inferior.

These two sets of cultivation methods were both of the fire attribute. It seemed redundant to practice both, but Lin Ming was actually very happy to see this situation. In the future, this would give him a great number of inspirations. Once he thoroughly comprehended both, he would be able to combine them together, fusing these two cultivation methods into an even stronger technique.

This Realm of the Gods alchemist had achieved an understanding of the Concept of Fire that could be called the pinnacle. Lin Ming could only helplessly exclaim at this. Something like a Concept could only be understood and not explained. Even if Lin Ming had directly inherited these memories, it was still impossible for his understanding of the Concept of Fire to suddenly shoot to a high degree all of a sudden. But still, this would allow Lin Ming to find his way in the future much more easily.


As Lin Ming entered the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm’s great protective array and started to absorb the soul fragment, news of his return to the South Horizon Region had already begun to quietly spread…

There were far too man demon region martial artists staying at Divine Phoenix Island. No matter how many were killed, some would always manage to avoid slaughter and escape. Naturally, these people would pass along news about Lin Ming’s return. But all of this was also tacitly allowed by Lin Ming. He did this all for one reason: he wanted to use this method to tell Mu Qianyu that he, Lin Ming, had returned!

The first to obtain this news was the South Sea Demon Region headquarters!

At this time, Xuan Wuji had gone into life or death closed-door seclusion to break through to the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

After a human martial artist reached Life Destruction, every breakthrough they made was a trial of life or death. They either succeeded or they perished, there was no other option.

At this time, Xuan Wuji’s entire body and Revolving Core were being reorganized. He absolutely could not be disturbed, so no matter how important the message was, he still wouldn’t be informed.

The one in charge of the South Sea Demon Region at this time was Xuan Yuqie.

During the South Sea war, Xuan Yuqie had appeared in the public eye much more often than Xuan Wuji. After so many battles, Xuan Wuji no longer needed to appear; it was enough for Xuan Yuqie to act as leader.

In these two and a half years, Xuan Yuqie’s enchanting sex appeal and beautiful appearance had become equally famous. There were many powerhouses of the South Sea that both coveted her and feared her to their bones.

At this time, within the Grand Demon Palace of the South Sea Demon Region, Xuan Yuqie was wearing a luxurious black dress. Her black stone-inlaid collar was spread very low, revealing her plentiful figure and a great portion of her plump milk-white breasts, and the deep crevice that ran between them. Her dress was split nearly to her waist, revealing her now white and perfectly-shaped thighs and accentuating the outline of her bottom. All of this was enough to drown a man in infinite dreams and desire.

On Xuan Yuqie’s body, it was impossible to find the scars and traces of time. She simply seemed like a sexy and beautiful young woman in her late twenties.

However, facing such a Xuan Yuqie, the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region did not show even the slightest bit of disrespect. All of them were politely sitting down, and as their eyes occasionally passed over Xuan Yuqie, there was nothing in them but deference.

In these past few years, Xuan Yuqie had relied on her strength alone to accumulate power and influence. Even though the South Sea Demon Region had complex inner workings with multiple factions, not a single person dared to offend her.

“About Lin Ming, you’ve all heard it.” Xuan Yuqie calmly said.

Xuan Yuqie’s terse statement caused all the Elders to start discussing amongst themselves. Before now, they had all obtained this news through their various channels. For Xuan Yuqie to convene the Council of Elders at this time, they had all faintly guessed that it was to discuss Lin Ming.

A first stage Life Destruction Elder stood up and said, “This old man thought that something was wrong. There were just too many questions and mysteries surrounding that boy’s death. Now, it really seems that there is absolutely some secret on his body! The Nirvana Dragon Root and Cosmic Melting Furnace most likely fell into that boy’s hands!”

The Life Destruction Elder’s voice was thick with jealousy and hate. As he thought about how so many resources fell onto such a lucky hairless baby boy, all he felt was uncomfortable.

Xuan Yuqie coughed with disdain. She had no interest in the opinions of a myopic fool like this who spoke in hindsight. If he really thought there was something wrong in the past, then why hadn’t he done anything about it?

Xuan Yuqie said, “According to our information, Lin Ming was able to kill Elder Hong Qi. I estimate that his strength has reached the peak of the first stage of Life Destruction. This completely overturns our previous understanding of Lin Ming. Without a doubt, there is some significant secret on his body. Perhaps it may be even more valuable than the Nirvana Dragon Root and Cosmic Melting Furnace. Now that Elder Xuan Wuji has gone into seclusion to attack the fourth stage of Life Destruction, he cannot be disturbed to manage affairs. I have already decided to send out the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast and I will take personal command of this mission. I will go to Divine Phoenix Island and capture Lin Ming alive. Fellow Elders, who is willing to go with me?”

Xuan Yuqie’s words shocked all the Elders present. Send out the Giant Leviathan, take personal command, and even invite other Elders to come?

Wasn’t this just overdoing it a bit!?


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