Ms. Nine Tailed Fox

Ms. Nine Tailed Fox
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I loved a man. Blindly, foolishly, selflessly, pathetically, and sinfully.
I changed for a man. From a broken girl who feared even her shadow to a detestable villainess whom everyone cowered before.
To give him the world, I took it away from the other.
I believed, no, rather deceived myself that I would be the one to stand beside him.
However, I was wrong. Outrageously wrong. Because, to him, I was nothing more than a pawn, a disposable.

"Is this the end," she whispered as her heart rate rose violently as if to explode at any time soon and her breathing became shallow gasps.
'Ah, I really am a selfish person. After everything I have done to you, I still wish to be born as your daughter again. Will you forgive me, father?' She thought as a single tear left her shimmering golden eyes, along with the last breath that she took...

... "Till the end, you never looked at me," a man muttered after seeing the woman, who had robbed him of everything that he cherished, lying lifelessly with her enthralling eyes that shut eternally. He walked to her side and slowly caressed her cold cheeks before saying, "The world has become mine, but I have lost everything, Seraphina."
That night, prince Reyan Crevaria usurped the throne, killed his younger brother, emperor Reagan Crevaria, and conferred the late Grand Duke Amaris Callenso's only daughter, Seraphina Callenso as his empress.

A/N: This is a rebirth story about one very fiery girl. She is sweet like sun-dried dates and soft like cotton wool to her family but, to her enemies, even the goddess herself cannot salvage them from the little she-devil.

The cover is not mine. It belongs to its rightful owner, ROY THE ART.

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