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Chapter 2051: 2051 Chapter 2051-health

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2051 Chapter 2051-health
“Do you think that the material of Wang Zhangshi’s clothes is the same as the thing left under Wang Siyun’s nails?” Gu Xin did not flip through it but asked.

Zheng Qiu was taken aback. He then took the clothes and hurried to Wang Siyun’s corpse.

She took the things that she had kept on the board and compared them carefully. She then looked at Gu Xin in shock.

There was a mark of damage on Wang Zhangshi’s clothes, and the end of the thread was still there. The thing under Wang Siyun’s nails happened to be the same as the end of the thread.

“Third young master, did you find something in Wang Zhangshi’s room? That’s why you think so?” Zheng Qiu walked over and asked.

“It’s because their room was too clean and they didn’t find anything. You also said that Wang Siyun’s nail was broken and something was hooked, so I suddenly thought of that. Wang Siyun was struggling, or she was struggling before her death, but she accidentally hooked onto the murderer’s clothes. Or, there was someone else at the scene besides the murderer, and she wanted to ask for help.” Gu Xin shared her thoughts.

“Let’s go to the Wang family!” Zheng Qiu put down his things and pulled Gu Xin out of the room.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, let’s wait for he gang. I just asked him to get some food. He was hungry. Xiao Qiu, aren’t you hungry? I saw you eat two bowls of noodles last night.” Gu Xin stopped at the door and Zheng Qiu could not move her no matter what he did.

“I’m sorry, third young master. I forgot it’s already noon!” Zheng Qiu let go of her hand in embarrassment.

When she was busy, she would not eat every meal. Every time she was done, she would eat more. It had been like this for all these years.

Gu Xin suddenly grabbed Zheng Qiu’s hand, giving him a shock.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take your pulse. I started studying medicine when I was ten, and it’s been seven years since then. I learned from grandma Xiao, and she’s very skilled in medicine.” Gu Xin explained.

“I, I’m not sick.” Zheng Qiu wanted to pull his hand back but Gu Xin held onto it tightly.

Zheng Qiu might be a skilled coroner, but he was no match for Gu Xin in terms of physical strength. Since she could not break free, she decided not to.

“Little Qiu, you can’t do this!” Gu Xin clasped both her hands together and looked at Zheng Qiu sternly.

“Is there a big problem?” Zheng Qiu asked nervously.

“There’s no big problem now, but if you continue like this, your body will collapse. Do you not eat on time? It’s normal to be busy all night when there’s a case? Your hands and feet are usually cold, but in this weather, it’s hard for you to warm them up under the sun?” Gu Xin asked.

“Xiao Qiu, I know you’re a girl.” Gu Xin leaned close to Zheng Qiu’s ear and whispered, ” we girls hate cold.

“Many thanks for third young master’s good intentions. I’ll pay more attention in the future.” Zheng Qiu thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

For so many years, no one had ever cared about her.

Her adoptive father was quite good to her, but a man would not pay attention to such details when raising his daughter.

She knew the pros and cons of this, but she didn’t have the time to pay attention to this and that.

Moreover, she didn’t plan to get married. It was fine as long as she was alive and there were no major problems.


She would kill her enemies one by one before she died.
Gu Xin frowned as she looked at Zheng Qiu, who was letting his thoughts run wild. She sighed in her heart.

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