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Chapter 1834: 1834

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1834 The Ordinary People’s Committee

Song Jinbo’s words made sense.

Meng Chao was speechless.

It was not until a long time later that he finally said, “The Azure Alliance cannot just sit by and do nothing. We have to be responsible for the ordinary citizens. Even if they’re really dissatisfied and demanding something, they can report it to the authorities through the Azure Alliance. They shouldn’t act on their own and behave recklessly!”

“It’s true that the Azure Alliance wants to control the situation, but the problem is, the furious ordinary citizens don’t even trust the Azure Alliance,” Song Jinbo said.

“To be more precise, they don’t believe that any superhuman—whether they come from a poor family or a rich family—can represent their interests and fight for them wholeheartedly.

“They only believe in themselves and other ordinary people who have not awakened their extraordinary powers.

“As for the Azure Alliance, we claim to be speaking for tens of millions of ordinary citizens and have absorbed many elites among ordinary people. However, our backbone and the middle-level, as well as high-level members, still comprise of superhumans. Some of them are from the nine cultivation families, but they’re just branch family members or those who’ve lost in their family’s struggle.

“These ordinary people have every reason to believe that if the conditions are right, the Azure Alliance and the nine families could make peace at any time. They’ll work together to cover up the long-standing problems in Dragon City again.

“That’s why the citizens are now prepared to leave the Azure Alliance and the lower-class superhumans behind and do it themselves. They’ll make the decision for themselves!”

“In that case, what if I personally step out to appease everyone?”

Meng Chao thought about it. “They wouldn’t distrust me, would they?”

Song Jinbo looked at Meng Chao, and then at Lu Siya, who was behind him. She seemed different from her usual self due to her serious injuries. On top of that, she appeared weak and even obedient.

“Can you get a wife?” Song Jinbo asked.

Meng Chao subconsciously wanted to turn his head in Lu Siya’s direction, but he held back. He nodded stiffly and said, “I think so.”

“Then they won’t believe you because you’re not the same as them.”

Song Jinbo said, “According to them, there are two kinds of people living in Dragon City right now. No, no, no, it’s not the superhumans and ordinary people, but those who can get a wife and those who can’t. The former will definitely not be able to defend the interests of the latter, and they’re not qualified to represent the latter at all. At the end of the day, superhumans will never understand the pain of ordinary people. All the rousing, heroic, and brave slogans of going through life and death… they’re all just superficial, self-aggrandizing lies.”

“What exactly do they want then?!”

Meng Chao was anxious. “The citizens can’t possibly punish them by force, can they? They can’t smash Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters to pieces, drag out the martial arts grandmaster, and hang him in public before asking the authorities to give them a wife each, right?”

“That’s not necessarily the case. Even ordinary citizens aren’t that stupid and reckless.

“Right now, they’ve established the Ordinary People’s Committee. As its name suggests, there isn’t a single superhuman in the committee. Both the poor superhumans and the broken-star superhumans have been rejected. Only ordinary people are qualified to join.

“The committee has temporarily controlled the anger of the crowd and prevented the tragic burning down of Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters as well as the destruction of the villa area in Dragon City University.

“However, they’ve also expressed their demands on behalf of the ordinary citizens in Dragon City and even given a deadline.

“By noon tomorrow, the committee of ordinary people will request the relevant departments to disclose all the interrogation records of the Blood Alliance members, including their confessions and surveillance videos.

“Of course, there are still many members of the Blood Alliance who have yet to be arrested. Among those who have been arrested, only one-tenth have been interrogated so far.

“Therefore, nine-tenths of the trials will be held in public and live-streamed. Meanwhile, the representatives of ordinary people will be allowed to listen in unconditionally. That’s the short-term appeal of the Ordinary People’s Committee.

“In the long run, the committee will have to participate in the construction and management of Dragon City’s civilization more extensively and in-depth. Considering the series of scandals, riots, and even crimes that have happened recently, ordinary people have every reason to believe that superhumans are not their protection. Rather, no one has the obligation to protect others. Each of us must become our own protector.

“Therefore, ordinary people should have a greater right to speak and decide on the final ruling of the Blood Alliance members’ fate; they want access to specific details of the Anti-monopoly Act; they want to be involved in dealing with the nine mega corporations, and the strategies against Picturesque Orchid Lake, the Land of Holy Light, and even the entire Other World.

“Of course, this can be considered in the long run. But we’ll have to wait until the tens of millions of ordinary citizens figure out all the shady deals and crimes that have happened in the superhuman circle over the past decades from the confessions of the Blood Alliance members.”

“That’s impossible.”

Meng Chao felt like his head was about to explode. “God knows just how many secrets the Blood Alliance has regarding the superhumans. The issue of the gymnastics exercises alone has already caused such a huge commotion. If we continue with the interrogation, we’ll definitely dig out more secrets of the same level, or even more shocking ones. How can we possibly live stream such cases and make them completely public before the investigation is over?”

It was not that Meng Chao wanted to cover up for some of the black sheep in the nine great families.

In fact, like all the ordinary citizens, he hated the so-called “big shots” who enjoyed the superhuman treatment but did not fulfill their duties as superhumans. Instead, they acted high and mighty, bossed others around, and cheated for their own benefit.

The problem was, just like the upstream and downstream industrial chains related to youth gymnastics, the various crisscrossing profit chains were too complicated, too dense, and too strong. A slight change would affect the whole. If they were to disclose things without care, it would definitely cause a big earthquake in the circle of Dragon City’s superhumans, and the financial market would collapse.

“I think so too. Since ancient times, there has never been a case that was fully disclosed to the public while it was still in stages of investigation. Isn’t it to prevent the criminals who are still lurking in the dark from knowing the progress of the investigation in real-time and getting ready to destroy the evidence, connect the statements-or even do something desperate?”

Song Jinbo spread his hands. “The problem right now is, with all kinds of scandals and dirty dealings being exposed, the trust between the ordinary citizens and the superhumans is in jeopardy, if not completely gone.

“The Ordinary People’s Committee believes that if they are interrogated and dealt with in secret, many cases will not be judged fairly and openly. Many big shots will be able to retreat in one piece after paying an insignificant price. The current rules of the game that are extremely unfair to ordinary people cannot be fundamentally changed.

“To be honest, if I were an ordinary person, I would also agree with the committee’s point of view.

“So, I don’t know how to respond to them. The deadline is exactly at noon tomorrow!”

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