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Chapter 409: 409

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Meng Chao thought quickly and focused his attention on Kindling.

He tossed nearly seventy thousand contribution points into the system to cast three Middle Stage Healing Skills on himself.

The fine hidden injuries from the destructive ultrasound were all healed as the golden light circulated in him.

The dozens of compressed nutritional fluid he wolfed down were all digested too.

He tried moving his fingers again, and his muscles tensed up. The pain had already reduced to the point that he could endure it. It even stimulated his nerve endings slightly so that he could enter a relatively excited state, which was good for fighting.

Meng Chao quirked his eyebrows.

‘That’s strange.

‘I was badly beaten up by Gao Ye, so why do I feel like my fighting strength has increased from moments ago. In fact, it feels like I’m getting more comfortable with the more I’m hit.’

Meng Chao’s mind raced, and he soon understood what had happened.

Training was really just using heavy weights and working one’s muscles with multiple sets to push the body past its limit. The process would tear their muscles, and when they healed, they would usually grow excessively, so the muscles would swell and their strength would increase.

Cultivation worked under the same principle.

Every time the nerves and spirit meridians were torn, if they healed, they would usually be stronger than before, and the runoff volume would also be greater. It could then accommodate more information from the nerves and more spirit energy flowing through them.

This was the reason behind why so many superhumans were able to reach breakthroughs during battle and why they became stronger as they fought.

Of course, not all superhumans had Meng Chao’s super regenerative powers.

It was fine for the nerves and muscles, but to most superhumans, if their spirit meridians were crushed, it was difficult for them to heal within their lifetime.

Hence, only monsters like Meng Chao could improve drastically by leaps and bounds while they were hit.

‘Gao Ye’s ultrasound attack did not just crush my body. It also crushed the wall blocking me from Heaven Realm. I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise.’

Meng Chao could sense that the distance to Heaven Realm was getting shorter. He felt that he only needed a turning point to understand maglev, and he would be able to soar in the sky.

He swung his fist in his heart and looked around.

There were more than ten humans hanging upside down at the sides of the tunnel in the abandoned train station.

They were all wrapped up tightly in huge cocoons.

The largest cocoon was twice the size of that around Meng Chao. There were also countless semi-transparent spiders crawling all over it.

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and sized up the human who received this special treatment.

Even though the man’s face was covered in bruises and blood, Meng Chao was still able to identify him. It was the leading transmigration expert in Dragon City and the person in charge of Project 101, Professor Lu Tianxing!

Beside Professor Lu was someone Meng Chao was familiar with—Zhao Feixuan.

Even though aside from Meng Chao, all of the hostages hanging upside down had their eyes shut and were unconscious, their vitality magnetic fields were still surging faintly. There was also faint breathing coming from their noses.

Clearly, they were not dead yet.

‘Thank goodness the key person from the project is not dead yet. As long as he isn’t dead, we have hope.’

Meng Chao sighed in relief.

But when he observed the area and saw the numerous pests everywhere in the abandoned train station, he tensed again.

There were too many insect-type monsters in the train station.

Besides, most of them were superbeasts like the Golden Scythe. There was practically no normal monster around. They were basically all elite commandos among monsters.

By the looks of it, the enemy did not intend to retreat with normal monsters.

It made sense. Cannon fodder could be found all over the place. If they were left behind, they could misdirect the humans, who would look for them, and make them waste their ammunition. There was no need for the enemy to take them back.

Meng Chao looked into the distance.

Gao Ye was lying on the tracks at the foot of the platform.

He was twice as large as the clone in the underwater tunnel and five times more terrifying. The oppressive presence he released also caused Meng Chao to feel suffocated, even though he was dozens of meters away. Gao Ye was ten times more domineering than the clone.

This aura befitted a Supernatural Entity from the legends

‘One of them is a Supernatural Entity, while the other is the mastermind, and they have so many superbeasts around. If I got rid of all of them here, I could cover all the losses we suffered tonight, and we’d even profit from it,’ Meng Chao mumbled in his heart.

‘Unfortunately, the trarcing fluid on my body is very diluted now. I probably lost it while in Gao Ye’s mouth. I wonder whether Big Sis Ya will be able to trace the scent, radiation, and pheromones to find this place.

‘No, I can’t just wait for Big Sis Ya to save my life. I have to do something!’

Meng Chao’s mind raced as he analyzed the situation.

First of all, why didn’t the enemy kill him straightaway?

‘That’s right. I’m the representative of Dragon City’s Golden Era and have miraculously risen to power over the past year. I have also stopped the monsters’ scheme repeatedly.’

Lin Chuan, Gao Ye, the White Spirit, and the Noble Descent Hotel ambush battle were all related to him.

Killing him straightaway would be a waste.

They would either interrogate him and analyze his brain to get his secrets before eating him or they would brainwash, mind control, or bewitch him so that he would turn into the next Lin Chuan, Gao Ye, or Zhou Tianshui so that he would subconsciously or consciously become the abnormal beasts’ weapon.

That had to be the case.

Then, he should have the chance to carry out the strategy of stalling for time.

Even though he was currently trapped, he had two major advantages.

First, the other party did not know that he could instantly heal himself and return to the peak of his condition.

If it were any other superhuman besides Meng Chao, after they fought for an entire night, were covered in wounds, drained of their last energy reserve, and attacked at a close distance by destructive ultrasound, even without having spider threads forming a cocoon around them, they would not be able to summon strength in any of their organs.

The abnormal beasts had to be thinking that they captured a hostage who had lost his fighting power.

But they weren’t aware that there was a monster that was even stranger than they were in front of them.

Second, Lu Siya might bring powerful fighters to him at any moment.

Did he have a third advantage?

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and observed Gao Ye.

Once Gao Ye turned into Earthquake, he naturally did not have a face, so Meng Chao could not read his emotions.

But he still felt that instead of saying that he was resting, it would be better to say that he was daydreaming.

A thought rose in his mind, and Meng Chao recalled the words Gao Ye and Zhou Tianshui said, and he found a slight difference between them.

Gao Ye had obtained his supernatural powers for normal power, and that was also why he developed the consciousness transferring technology. He hoped that he could make the powerless normal humans as strong as monsters.

But Zhou Tianshui was an extreme Colonization Party member. He believed that most of the resources should be given to superhumans and war machines. For the future of Dragon City, the benefits of normal people had to be cast aside.

The differences in their ideals meant that they should be enemies.

Yet they had willingly become the weapons of abnormal beasts.

Perhaps one of them or both of them were not that willing to work together. Their thoughts were just used by the abnormal beast controlling them.

‘In what sort of mental state is the current Gao Ye? Is he still capable of thought, has a consciousness, and a sense of self?

‘When he helped the abnormal beasts attack Noble Descent Hotel, he hurt a lot of normal people. Was it out of his own will or was he controlled directly by the abnormal beast, just like the other insect-type monsters?

‘Is his spirit able to recognize and acknowledge this control, or is he fighting back and resisting it?’

Meng Chao thought about it carefully and decided that he could still save Gao Ye.

The reason for that was very simple.

Based on Gao Ye’s current form and might, he was already very close to the Earthquake from his previous life.

But based on what Meng Chao remembered, the Supernatural Entity Earthquake would only start causing trouble under Dragon City two to three years later. Only then would it bring massive destruction.

The question then was: Why didn’t the monster civilization from his previous life bring Earthquake into the battlefield two years earlier than its official appearance?

It had to be known that in his previous life, due to the major defeat in the northern offense, Dragon City had a shortage of resources and was at its weakest right then.

If Earthquake was brought into the battle, the abnormal beats might have been able to destroy them while they were still weak.

This was an obvious strategy, and Meng Chao did not believe that the abnormal beast would not have thought about it.

Since Earthquake was not brought into the battlefield in his previous life, the only reason behind it could be that it had not been fully modified yet.

The Earthquake in front of him was already very close to its complete form based on its appearance and fighting power.

From its ability to secretly transport a large number of monsters into the underground of Dragon City, its fighting efficiency had to be pretty decent.

‘The body has already been fully modified. Then, there is only one answer behind why it isn’t brought into the battle. His mind has not been fully modified yet.

‘His current self is still the human Gao Ye, not the Supernatural Entity, Earthquake

‘The abnormal beasts in my previous life used two or so years to repeatedly bewitch him and influence him before they were able to completely strip him of his humanity and make him fall into the pits of hell as well as turn into a monster.

‘The abnormal beasts now were forced by the situation and sped up their process of bewitching Gao Ye. They even used a really simple but crude method to forcefully brainwash him so that he would turn into a pure killing machine.

‘But when it comes to brainwashing, you’ll be able to get better results if you influence your target slowly and gently.

‘If you forcefully brainwash someone with a simple and crude method, you might be able to get some results for a period of time, but the target will definitely fight back and lash out against you.

‘Perhaps this is the crucial key that will decide whether we will win or lose this battle!’

While Meng Chao was thinking, rustling sounds suddenly came from the tunnel.

All the insects in the abandoned train station brought their mandibles up and stood up like humans.

Even Gao Ye snapped out of his dazed state. The dozens of eyes above his throat cavity shone with a murky green light.

A piercing screech struck Meng Chao’s brain.

His mental strength index was like a boat in a raging ocean. Sometimes, he would rise to the top of the waves, and sometimes, he would be sent pummeling into the depths of the ocean.

‘Wh-What powerful mental power!

‘It hasn’t even showed up and is not targeting me with a mind attack, but the mental ripples it releases subconsciously already stirred up such a terrifying mental storm!’

Meng Chao marveled at it in his heart.

By the looks of it, the abnormal beasts’ mastermind was about to appear!

Just as he expected, dozens of high-grade insect-type monsters crawled out of the tunnel as the vanguard to open the path. They looked monstrous and had powerful presences.

They were all Grade Three Nightmarish Beasts known as Kings of Nightmares.

They could even be as strong as Hell Beasts that were on the same level as Heaven Realm elites.

Their appearance caused the Grade One and Grade Two Nightmarish Beasts to retreat in a tide. They respectfully opened up a path.

Then, a tentacle that could stretch at will and was really flexible shot out of the tunnel to surround the pipe above the abandoned platform.

The tentacle shrank and pulled out from the darkness a monster that would only appear at the deepest pits of a person’s nightmare.

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