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Chapter 23

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The small people who appeared at Dagashi Yahagi called themselves Earth Sprites, Gnomes.

[Shopowner, we would like you to sell us this sofa, but how much would it be?]

The Gnome Elder seemed to like the sofa so much that he asked with a serious look on his face.

However, this is not for sale.

[It’s actually a prize from the gachapon.]


[I’m talking about this.]

I explained the gachapon to the Gnomes.

[In other words, we can get this piece of furniture for only 300 rims!?]

The Gnomes became excited.

[That’s right. On the other hand though, it wouldn’t be sure what you’re going to get from your draws.]

[U- Umu, this is a great store we found. Itchichy, Scratchichy, let’s bring the whole clan tomorrow.]

[Understood, Elder!]

[If it’s just 300 rims each, we could even buy them all up!]

Buy them all up, he said, there’s 50 gacha capsules in this gachapon, you know?

There should be 49 gacha capsules in the gachapon at the moment, which means I’d have 14700-rim sales!

[Will you still be here tomorrow?]

[Yes, I will be coming here tomorrow as well, so please come by.]

[In that case, we’ll see you in the morning!]

As the Elder said this, poking the floor with his staff, the Gnomes’ bodies were swallowed up by the earth and disappeared.

[For Gnomes to appear here, how unusual. They must really like your sofa, Yuusuke.]

Minerva said.

[Do Gnomes not appear in public?]

[Even adventurers who dive into dungeons rarely see Gnomes. I myself have only seen them a few times.]

In that case, I’m probably lucky then.

[By the way, do the Gnomes have any money?]

[I’ve heard that Gnomes are wealthy.]

[However, isn’t it impossible for them to lift a 100-rim copper coin with their size?]

Three 100-rim copper coins are required to play the gachapon once.

A 100-rim copper coin is much larger and heavier than a 10-rim copper coin.

[It would probably be fine. Gnomes are also great Mages that make use of Earth Magic. They should be able to lift a coin or two.]

That’s what Minerva told me, and it turned out to be true.

The next day, the Gnomes showed up just as the shop opened and brought two 10,000-rim silver coins with them.

He mentioned how they would bring their whole clan with them, but it seemed like he really brought close to a hundred people.

Their high-pitched voices echoed off the walls of the dungeon.

[Shopowner, please exchange this money for us. Also, it’s hard for us to spin this gachapon. Would you be so kind as to spin it for us?]

[That would be no trouble at all.]

I called out to Minerva, who was also visiting today.

[I’m sorry, but could you help me out?]


[Yeah, as my temporary clerk.]

[Looking after the store together…… Alright.]

Minerva nodded and began to spin the gachapon machine silently with the exchanged coins.

I took the capsule that Minerva had just released, twisted it open, and pulled out the content.

The Gnomes cheered as each new piece of furniture was placed on the floor.

[Hey, hey, what’s all the fuss?]

[Whoa, there are a lot of Gnomes here.]

Merle and Mira had arrived as well.

[You came just in time. It’s fine even if it’s in the morning, but won’t you work for me part-time? I’m a little busy right now.]

[You sure are hopeless.]

[Leave it to us.]

As my two oldest regulars, they know the store’s products inside and out.

They also remember the price well, so I don’t have to worry about leaving sales to them.

And thus, Minerva and I were able to open 49 capsules and deliver the furniture to the Gnomes.

[Ohh! The secret special furniture is a rocking chair huh! I’ll have that in my room.]

The Elder seemed to like the rocking chair.

[Yahagi-dono, we’re very happy with the purchase. Please allow me to thank you.]

[No, no, it should be me thanking you for all your purchases.]

This item which I thought wouldn’t sell at all had been cleared up.

It was a nice extra income.

[However, is that really alright…… Selling such wonderful products at such a low price?]

[I don’t mind. This is the established price.

[But even so, I couldn’t feel at ease just paying this much…… That’s right! Yahagi-dono, do you like baths?]

I come from Japan, the land of onsens.

I was a bath lover then, and that hasn’t changed even after being transported to this world.

But in this world, baths are only available in the homes of the wealthy.

Naturally, they are a luxury item that can’t be found in the inn I’m a regular in, Bottakuro.

[I love baths, but is there something about it?]

[I see, so you love baths! Then, I will tell you the location of my secret onsen.]


[The secret onsen is located on the 2nd Underground Floor of this dungeon. It is located on the site of an ancient temple, so it’s a safe zone where monsters don’t appear.]

Proudly saying this, the Elder’s nose twitched.

[I would be really grateful for that. I absolutely love onsens after all.]

[Hohoho, excellent, excellent. From now on, Yahagi-dono can use it as you like. I also don’t mind if you tell your friends about it.]

The Elder left me a map with the location of the onsen, before leaving with a poke of his staff.

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