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Chapter 15

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"Oh, I see. Well, you seem to have nailed that feeling," Gu Jinrong replied, lowering her head again to plate the sliced fish. She contemplated using the time while waiting for the water to boil to prepare a small dessert that Shen Qingzhi liked.

Feeling once again ignored, Shen Qingzhi held her breath, unsure of what to do. She paced around the room with increased intensity.

As she walked with her neck held too high, she accidentally bumped into the corner of a table, letting out a yelp in a melodramatic manner.


"Qingqing!" Gu Jinrong, who had been attentively listening for any sounds, swiftly crossed the countertop and rushed over to support Shen Qingzhi, guiding her to sit on the sofa.

Shen Qingzhi, who had always been delicate and averse to pain, was now teary-eyed and looked pitiful.

"Where did you hit yourself?" Gu Jinrong retrieved a wet towel to clean her hands and examined the area where Shen Qingzhi was clutching.

Can't you see for yourself?

Feeling irritated, Shen Qingzhi didn't want to engage with Gu Jinrong and took out her frustration by vigorously rubbing the spot on her waist that had just been bumped, only to make it hurt even more.

Gu Jinrong grabbed her wrist when she saw this, preventing her from continuing her self-inflicted pain.

"Rubbing the wound like this can easily cause bruising. Let me take a look for you," Gu Jinrong said in a gentle tone. When she looked into Shen Qingzhi's eyes, it seemed to carry a hint of charm.

Shen Qingzhi was almost swayed by her words and was about to let go, but she managed to hold on in time. With one hand supporting herself on the sofa, she moved back a few times, her face clearly expressing "don't come near me."

In her heart, she thought, "If it weren't for you and your black heart, I wouldn't have gotten hurt."

Shen Qingzhi was angry but couldn't openly express the reason, as it would make her seem overly concerned. So she could only vent her frustration on the table.

"It's all because of your table! It's not placed in a good position, and the edges are so hard!"

Gu Jinrong, worried about Shen Qingzhi's injury, abandoned her playful thoughts and focused on comforting her.

"You're right, Qingqing. This table is no good. I'll replace it tomorrow and get a round one instead."

Shen Qingzhi, seeing Gu Jinrong's kind attitude, let go of some of her anger but still felt displeased. She continued to hold her waist and groan.

Gu Jinrong understood her feelings and continued to soften her tone. "I was wrong too. When you wanted me to coax you, I should have done it right away instead of focusing on cooking."

"Who said I wanted you to coax me?" Shen Qingzhi, who had her true feelings exposed, suddenly straightened her waist, only to be met with pain and quickly recoiled.

"Don't poke at the bruise!" Gu Jinrong grabbed Shen Qingzhi's hand, preventing her from agitating herself.

"It was my mistake just now. Qingqing, you've always been generous and never held grudges against me."

"As punishment for my thoughtless words, let me... let me properly apply medicine for you and take care of you until the pain subsides."

Shen Qingzhi was slightly flattered by the praise and the anger she had just felt dissipated quickly.

She lifted her chin and nodded with a hint of pride. "Alright, since you're so sincere, I'll give you a chance to show it."

With permission granted, Gu Jinrong carefully lifted a corner of Shen Qingzhi's clothing, revealing a reddened area on her previously flawless skin, resembling clouds adorning a cluster of flowers.

It seemed like the impact was quite strong.

Gu Jinrong extended her fingertips and gently touched the edge of the redness. "Does it hurt here?"

Although there was a loud noise from the impact earlier, the contact area with the table corner was small. Apart from the specific spot that was hit, the surrounding area only appeared red.

The touch was so light that Shen Qingzhi shivered all over, feeling more itchy than painful.

She glared at Gu Jinrong with annoyance. "You could have just applied the medicine directly. Why ask so many questions?"

Based on Shen Qingzhi's reaction, Gu Jinrong roughly assessed the extent of her injury.


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Gu Jinrong helped Shen Qingzhi lean against the back of the sofa and then stood up. "Wait here for me and don't move."

Shen Qingzhi lay sprawled on the sofa like a lord. After a short while, she saw Gu Jinrong returning with a small basin in her hands.

Gu Jinrong took out a wet towel from the basin and wrapped it around an ice pack. "Qingqing, I'll apply ice to the injured area first and then apply the ointment."

Shen Qingzhi made a slight groan but obediently cooperated, lifting the edge of her clothing.


The towel was somewhat thin and couldn't completely block the coldness of the ice pack. Shen Qingzhi shivered from the cold and instinctively moved backward.

"Good girl." Gu Jinrong seemed to have anticipated this and pressed the towel with one hand while gently patting and soothing her side with the other.

Shen Qingzhi was pacified for three minutes before Gu Jinrong removed the towel. She then took out the ointment and squeezed some onto her fingers.

The white, creamy substance landed on Gu Jinrong's jade-like hand, resembling the cotton candy she used to love eating as a child.

Shen Qingzhi was accustomed to being taken care of by others, but when it came to applying ointment, which was a more intimate task, she preferred to do it herself.

She realized a bit late that it might not be appropriate and felt a bit embarrassed. "Forget it, let me do it myself."

Instead of immediately taking action, Gu Jinrong gently locked eyes with her, as if patiently seeking her opinion.

"But today, I made you unhappy. Didn't we agree that I would be punished and take care of you until the pain subsides?"

Shen Qingzhi looked into those eyes that seemed somewhat guilty and pondered for a moment.

It's rare for her to voluntarily admit defeat, and opportunities don't come knocking twice. Besides, it's not like I forced her. I might as well take advantage of this jerk.

Shen Qingzhi nodded slightly, indicating that it was okay to continue.

Having obtained permission, Gu Jinrong skillfully applied the medicine to Shen Qingzhi's injured waist. With her four fingers pressed together, she gently spread the ointment.

The ointment was initially cold, but as Gu Jinrong's fingertips circled and applied it, it gradually began to emit warmth.

Gu Jinrong applied the perfect amount of pressure, neither causing too much pain nor hindering the absorption of the ointment by the skin.

Shen Qingzhi was very satisfied with Gu Jinrong's care, but... she felt slightly hot, different from the sensation she had when applying medicine herself before.

Feeling all soft and relaxed, as if lying in a bed of cotton.

"Mmm..." She hummed comfortably, planning to learn secretly.

"Qingzhi," Gu Jinrong hesitated with her hand, "could you please keep your voice down?"

Shen Qingzhi was puzzled, thinking: Did I just say something?

She looked up and noticed that Gu Jinrong's ears were slightly flushed, which made her even more curious. "Why are your ears all red?"

"It's a bit hot today," Gu Jinrong replied, using the hand that wasn't applying the medicine to grab the remote control and turn on the air conditioning in the room.

Shen Qingzhi nodded along with her words, "Indeed, I also felt a bit hot just now. It's only early summer. I thought you had a fever when I saw your ears. It's good that you're fine."

Gu Jinrong didn't continue the conversation. After a while, she finished and placed a gauze pad over the area where the medicine was applied. "Does it still hurt now?"

Shen Qingzhi moved her waist a bit and indeed felt much less pain. However, she felt a bit disappointed that she hadn't succeeded in her attempt to learn secretly.

She nodded in satisfaction and praised the person who voluntarily accepted the punishment.

"Your skills are quite good. Originally, I was worried that this sudden collision would affect my posture on the red carpet tomorrow, tarnishing my glorious image."

Gu Jinrong didn't join in with the usual sarcasm about her "glorious image." Instead, she immediately caught a keyword.

"The red carpet event at the H City Cultural Center tomorrow? Is that the Starlight Awards?"

"Mm," Shen Qingzhi nodded. Recently, most of her peripheral work had been cut, but the annual grand event still remained for her to attend.

The big production company still had some vision and wouldn't change their plans because of trivial matters.

Moreover, tomorrow's event would have a brilliant lineup of stars, including some controversial figures among the attendees.

Shen Qingzhi going to the event tomorrow would only make her a small star among the galaxy of stars.

However, for her, it was the highest-profile event she would be attending in the near future, without a doubt.

Her manager, Song Ling, was afraid of any unexpected incidents, so they had been implementing a low-key publicity strategy these days, planning to make a sudden appearance and conquer the cameras with her beauty.

It must be said that Shen Qingzhi's publicity team sometimes seemed more suitable for a secret agency, which was why Gu Jinrong had no prior knowledge of this matter.

After living together for a few days, Shen Qingzhi didn't see Gu Jinrong as a complete outsider anymore.

"You don't have to cook for me tomorrow night. I think I'll be back very late," Shen Qingzhi said.

Gu Jinrong's eyes and eyebrows curved, seeming quite pleased. "Okay."

Shen Qingzhi: ?

Is she so happy just because she doesn't have to cook one meal for me?

She's making it seem like I always depend on her for food and drinks!

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