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Chapter 21

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Even though Gu Jinrong and Shen Qingzhi had left the grand ceremony early, their presence still left a legendary impression at the event.

By 9 p.m., various trending topics like "XXX Red Carpet Queen" and "XXX Goddess Descends" were racing to the top of the search rankings.

At that time, Shen Qingzhi's name appeared among a group of A-list female celebrities but wasn't particularly eye-catching.

There were more than a dozen hot searches about the Starlight Ceremony in one night, and the melon-eaters clicked on it, and when they saw the same beauty, they returned a little bit disappointed.

[It's another case of swiping faces* and pork sharing**. I thought Big Eye*** would come up with something different this time.]

*appearance of regular/familiar faces, similar to face swiping technology for attendance in companies.

**most attendees (if not all) will receive an award.

***Or Big Eye Boy, code name used for Weibo, Weibo's logo looks like a red big eye

[Upstairs* has a misunderstanding about Big Eye Boy. Isn't this an annual practice?]

*in Chinese chat, a forum or a thread is a 'building', and every comment is a 'floor', a thread starter is a 'landlord', so 'upstairs' means the comment above your comment and 'downstairs' is the comment below

[They hyped it up a month in advance, talking about heavyweight mysterious guests. With so many celebrities, which one isn't a familiar face? Which one can be considered heavyweight?]

[Upstairs, don't set the bar so high. Just enjoy the beautiful pictures. At least the female celebrities are truly pleasing to the eyes.]

Just at that moment, the term "#Gu Jinrong Starlight Awards reveals new drama's desired female lead" appeared on thin air.

Once this term appeared, it immediately captured the attention of most people.

It's worth mentioning that Gu Jinrong has recently returned to the country, but she already has a remarkable reputation in China.

Human nature is drawn to strength, and just the title of "China's youngest Golden Bear Award-winning actress" can ignite the aspirations of countless individuals.

What's more, the person with this title also has a stunning face with a strong story.

For her domestic fans, to be a fan of hers is to reach the peak of her fandom all at once.

For passers-by, if you say that you appreciate a certain popular celebrity, you might even receive mocking looks for your poor vision.

But if you say that you appreciate Gu Jinrong, you will receive the approval of the majority of people around you.

Such a powerful and mysterious person doesn't need to constantly promote themselves or trend like other celebrities.

But as soon as her name appears, it attracts the attention of the masses.

For the first drama of the international award-winning actress upon her return, regardless of the mindset, everyone is filled with anticipation and curiosity.

Moreover, dual female lead dramas are currently in trend, and the female lead who captures the attention of the award-winning actress is certainly extraordinary.

One has to praise the ability of the person who created the title.

The main content of the Weibo post under the entry is quite simple, featuring a video clip of Gu Jinrong receiving an award on stage.

"Our team has actually set our sights on a historical drama with two female leads. Personally, I find the plot very exciting. The only challenge is casting the other female lead."

"I do have someone in mind, but I haven't had the chance to talk to her yet, so I don't know if she's willing."

With just a few simple sentences, it sparks endless imagination.

[Wow, Movie Queen Gu, is going to act in a drama with two female leads again. My favorite! More More.]

[I've rewatched Gu Jinrong and Susan's 'Two Girls in a Chaotic Era' three times. I love the beautiful friendship between the female characters, although it was portrayed quite reserved.]

[There's nothing we can do, the policies in M country are strict. This time back in China, can we have more romantic scenes? I'm a local dog, I enjoy watching stickers*.]

*贴贴 (tie tie), a display of intimacy, similar to skinship 

[Upstairs, go watch your idol dramas. Gu Jinrong must have chosen the script based on its quality, don't always focus on industrial saccharine all day long.]

[Where did this nitpicker come from? Beauty and a high-quality script are not contradictory. I want to see high-quality beauty.]

[You guys are something. We don't even know who the other female lead is in this drama, and you're already assuming she's a beauty?]

[You must be new upstairs. Don't you know that Gu Jinrong is the ultimate master of hidden beauty? Look at her co-stars, they are all super handsome and beautiful.]

It has to be said that with the combination of 'Gu Jinrong' + 'two female leads,' the traffic is completely in the hands of the Big Eye Boy.

In just half an hour, this entry quickly climbed to the third spot on the trending search list.

Originally, the horoscope has not yet been written*, but the melon-eating* masses actively develop associations and discuss them with interest.

*nothing is concrete yet


Even though the genre and theme of the script are not clear, it doesn't stop everyone from taking this opportunity to join the discussion. 

In no time, the term "#GuJinrong_XXX," a combination of names like a topic for an essay, quickly spreads like bamboo shoots after rain.

The first few trending topics are like tap water, catering to the popular sentiment. And later, there are also some female celebrity teams jumping on the bandwagon to gain attention, willingly buying in.

Usually, shipping high-profile CP* in the entertainment circle often attracts criticism from fanatics, but on such a grand occasion it's widely tolerated.

*couple pairing 

Anyway, everyone is engaged in shipping, and those who don't like it can simply scroll past, while those who enjoy it can quickly find like-minded communities.


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And just at this moment, an entry that broke the format appeared, #Shen Qinzhi's Praise: Gu Jinrong's future has great potential, breaking the joyous CP atmosphere in one fell swoop.

The content of the main Weibo happened to be the scene captured by the camera at the dinner table, which was quite high-definition.

[Is my eyes dazzled? Are the subject and object of this sentence reversed?]

[After watching the video, I can confirm that your eyesight is alright upstairs, it's just that someone has come to act as a demon again]

[Calling seniors by their first names, saying boldly that seniors work hard and have a promising future, did Shen Qingzhi's head fell off?]

[Upstairs, is this the first day you know Shen Qingzhi? Passers-by said that after watching her acting like a  monster for a year, they are no longer surprised by it]

[Everyone, don't be so hostile, Shen Qingzhi is a beautiful woman after all, give me a gentle senior x arrogant junior]

[CP can be unpopular, but not evil]

[CP can be grounded, but not underworld.]


If one talks about the previous CP involving Gu Jinrong and other female stars, they would still receive agreement from others. However, when it comes to Shen Qingzhi, she is instantly overwhelmed by the spit of everyone.

Xu Lele quietly retracts her hand from typing on the keyboard and silently changes a certain Weibo post from a few days ago to be visible only to her followers.

[I saw two beauties at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau of XX today. Although they were wearing masks, they looked like gjr and sqz. They must have gone to get their certificates]

At this time, a small red dot popped up on the Weibo message. She thought it was scolding her again, but she clicked on it.

[Friend, are you also shipping "Rong Shen Zhi Di*? If so, why don't you join our group to ship together? Once you're here, we're all good sisters. I'm inviting you.]

*Gu Jinrong X Shen Qingzhi CP name, means a place to belong/sanctuary 

Xu Lele:?

What the hell, it can't be some pyramid scheme, right?

Suspiciously, she clicked on the Weibo group. The group portrait was a very eye-catching photo of a couple with a red background, and the traces of PS* were extremely obvious.


It's fortunate that both Gu Jinrong and Shen Qingzhi have good looks in the photos, otherwise, with this kind of P method, anyone could be transformed into a ghost.

As soon as she joined the group, she was greeted with a resounding applause that filled the screen, creating an explosive effect.

However, when she looked at the member list, including herself, there were only a total of nine people.

The one who messaged her happened to be the group owner, who sent a series of over ten emoji and warmly greeted her.

[Welcome to our Rong Shen Zhi Di, you are the first person who dares ship the two under the hot search terms, I respect you for being a warrior]

As soon as these words came out, several members immediately echoed them.

[Yes, yes! We usually ship them quietly under our own Weibo posts, but you actually dared to go for the hot search. You'll be our leader from now on in this group.]

[Wait, hold on! Our group owner is our leader, right? So maybe you can be our second child*.]


Inexplicably, Xu Lele was pulled into the group and became the second child: ?

Is this really a decent group?

Fortunately, although these people are a bit offline*, they are very sincere and kind. After chatting in the group for a while, she finally figured it out.

*out of reach/eccentric 

In this group, they are among the few remaining shippers of the CP between Gu Jinrong and Shen Qingzhi..

Such a CP who belonged to the "evil sect" in the eyes of the whole internet, has brought together a group of like-minded individuals under the passionate leadership of the group owner.

The CP is about to have an evil sect, it is about to take over the underworld, and the focus is rebellion!

In this high-pressure environment where everyone shouts and fights, it is easier for everyone to develop a revolutionary fighting friendship.

Strangers who meet by chance, because of their common niche interests, seem to have a tacit understanding in just a few words.

Xu Lele, who was still skeptical at the beginning, now also blended in and actively chatted with the group of friends.

[Speaking of which, I've noticed that other CPs have fancy and grand names like "Fengtian Chengyun," "Jintong Yuniang," and "Huahao Yueyuan." So why did our CP choose the name "Rong Shen Zhi Di"? It does sound a bit weird.]

[The CP name was initially decided by the five elders in our group through a vote. Don't you think it's quite fitting with our current situation?]

Indeed, there is some truth in what was said. It gives off the feeling of an underground spy by shipping CP for the first time in my life.

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