Power Punch - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

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When I wake up, half-expecting a jolt to my brain, I'm met with light unlike that I see when I wake up in my room. Confused, I prop myself up on my bed and raise my hand to rub my eyes. Before that, though, my hand bumps into something that bounces a little bit and that feels distinctly like what I want to feel each time I wake up, what I want to always feel, and it's only on weekends I usually get to experience it.

And I'm suddenly very awake as I look down in shock at my... at my boobs visible beneath my nightshirt. A little tight, black nightshirt I don't recognize. And I'm not in VOW?

I take a look around and I'm instantly too shocked to pay much attention to my body, the reason being the room I'm in. It's distinctly not the room I have slept in last twelve years of my life, and it's distictly not any place I know from VOW.

The room is large, easily twenty meters squared, its wall are creamy yellow in color, and it is scarcely furnished. There is a large, vanilla colored sofa, drawn out into a full bed I'm on right now, a large... sort of screen on the opposite wall, and a simple pod in the corner to my right. I also notice a simple, black, out-of-place chair on the side of the sofa and a few drawers on the left side of the room. The lighting comes from one ridge in the ceiling stretching beside all four walls and another ridge half the size lighting up the middle of the room.

And with that said... where the hell am I? What happened?

I was with Levia on the hoverer, we got to the space lift... then the lift started going up... at some point Levia told me to hide in the trunk... and then... Oh, damn, is Levia alright? Where... no, that's not kidnapping. My current situation is very far from that. What happened after I blacked out?

I look down at my body in confusion. On that note, am I really not in VOW? I extend my hands and touch my body all around, feeling the exact same, powerful muscles and beautiful curves I have in game, and I freeze for a while as I notice my tail swishing on my side. So that's VOW, isn't it?

I feel my heart gripped with this... immense, irrational disappointment as I think that. Did I... Holy damn, I did. I groan and drag my hand over my face at the realization... that I really hoped it's real life. Just to make sure I reach out to my head and feel the slick horns, then to my wings that rest folded on my back and I throw off the covers to see my demonic feet. Yup, all like in VOW.

But something doesn't add up here. I don't remember logging into VOW at all. And I doubt anyone would make an effort of dragging me into a pod... holy damn, wait. Assuming I'm in VOW, who put me in the pod? And where is the pod? It would need to be Levia, because I don't think there is any other person who has my information. Because she copied mine and fried it in House AI in my previous house. So... I'm logged into VOW in Levia's pod then?

That's... possible, but there are way too many things that don't make sense. Like, why did I suddenly black out, past the fact I was incredibly pissed off, or where I am right now if I'm really in VOW.

Or... Holy shit. I have a startling and oh so lovely suspicion, and I'm honestly not sure if I'm glad I came to it. This is Levia's spaceship, isn't it? But why am I in this body?

I suddenly hear a quiet sound I can't really identify, resembling quiet whirring of a motor, I turn my head around to where it comes from and I freeze. Unable to do anything, unable to think of anything.

In the door peered open there is a person standing. And despite the slightly different build, despite the different colors, despite the casual clothes that make her appear unlike what I know, I am so beautifully sure that the person standing frozen in the doorway is Levia. She looks almost exactly the same as in VOW.

"Helia!" She shouts joyfully after a moment and jumps in my direction, and I hear a sound of metal clanking on the floor. I scramble on the sofa, almost slipping as my hand I try to push myself up with doesn't find solid purchase, and I beat my wings to lift myself upwards. Levia hits me above the sofa and we embrace each other, and we fall to the bed together as my Energy affinity prevents her from taking us away onto the floor.

"Levia, Levia." I say quietly, sitting in a 'w' and holding Levia to me after I give her a quick kiss to her lips. "This isn't VOW, right?" I ask her and only then notice how desperate my voice sounds.

"No, dear. And you've some explaining to do." Levia pulls away a bit and looks at me with a bright smile. "Not like I mind your body."

I want to say something, to reply to her, but my words get caught in my throat and I instead I just press my head to her chest. A small version. She has a bit larger in VOW.

And I have what I have here. Not this disgusting body, not this manly, masculine, humanly seal.

I hug Levia tightly and I feel tears weeling up inside my eyes. I sob lightly and look up at Levia "I'm a girl. I'm a Demoness, Levia." I say in croaky voice and I stop, not trusting my words as I feel a multitude of feelings welling up inside me and spilling. Happiness, satisfaction, relief I didn't realize I've felt ever since I woke up here. Everything.

"Mhm." Levia says with a little smile, planting a small kiss on my forehead. "You're my little Demoness."

I whimper in hapiness and I melt into Levia's chest. She said I'm hers! It's silly! Why do I care! Bweh!

I hug her tightly and squirm a bit, forgetting the place I'm in, forgetting anything past Levia and our embrace for a long while. I sigh in contentment as I rub my head on her neck, vestiges of my tears wetting her shirt, and I feel Levia's hand in my hair as she starts rubbing my head comfortingly.


"Say, Helia." Levia asks me at some point, lying next to me, still in my tight embrace. We've rolled onto the sofa at some point as we were cuddling and I've no intention of letting her leave me after I was so close to losing her, and she so close to losing me. You could say it was only magic that saved us, and you would be exactly right. I think so, at least. "Do you remember what happened?"

"Not really." I reply with a small shrug. "I remember an EPB going off, then I remember fighting those guys who tried to take you away." I hug her closer just at the thought. No one will take my Levia away! "Then that woman came, shot me in the chest, and I think she cut me in half. The last thing I remember is when she cut your neck."

"Mhm. I see." Levia mumbles quietly into my hair. "You, um, I think you unlocked your True Demon form."

I blink in surprise at that. True Demon form?

"I don't..." I begin and freeze as something suddenly comes to my mind. The first use needed to be driven emotionally. And if I wasn't furious and livid back then, then I don't know what I was. "Um, what happened after... that? Because I think you were still aware, right?"

"Yep." Levia says quietly. "I was. It was... I think it was your most gory kill up to now."

"What? Um, sorry..." I begin, but Levia waves her hand quickly to stop me.

"Don't be. I liked it."

I blink. Um, what?

"Um, Levia... that doesn't sound... right." I say quietly.

"Huh?" Levia begins, surprised, and suddenly buries her head in my hair and squeaks in embarrassment. "No! Uh, sorry, I was a bit distracted. I mean, um." She stumps for a moment and thinks for a while, looking to to the side. "Um, I meant that... I don't blame you for killing them. It was kind of... nice? Hot? I don't know how to put it, but I kinda... liked how angry you got for me." She finishes in a tiny, embarrassed voice and hides her face in my wild hair again.

"Oh, okay." I giggle in amusement. "I can accept that."

"Um, Helia... how do you feel about killing them?" Levia asks worriedly.

How do I feel? Do I feel anything? I killed three people. Or, actually, it's five or even more if you count what I did in VOW a while back.

"If we're on their subject, who were they?"

"They were part of The Collective. They are commonly called Psychos, and they are sort of... I mean, they are Post-human Sentient Collective, which already says a lot. They generally promote cybernetic enhancements to almost fanatical degree and they are trying to obtain our technology, and generally that of Mechanical, for a long while." Levia explains.

"...I don't really feel anything." I say quietly. Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet? But, no, I could say that if someone asked me directly after killing them. But right now I'm calm and safe, and... I don't feel anything.

"You don't?" Levia asks, surprised. "Aren't you... I don't know, don't you feel guilty after killing?"

I raise my head in response and give her a kiss to the lips. "I'm your little Demoness, Levia. Should I feel bad after killing humans? That tried to take you away from me?" I ask with a small smile and I see Levia averting her eyes.

"But, um-"

"No, Levia." I say softly. "Thanks for caring about it, but I'm fine. It's just... I don't suppose I ever told you that before, but I noticed a lot of changes in my mentality since I started... since I realized who I am." I pause for a while and see Levia listening intently. "When I'm fighting, all the blood, all the gore, all the deaths... I'm not numb to them, but I just don't see them as something... they're normal, you know? They are, and that's it."

"...Oh." Levia says a bit blandly and I look at her face in alarm. "Okay, I... should have realized that." She nods after a moment and smiles, sending a wave of relief through my body I didn't know I needed. "I was asking with assumption that you would feel bad for killing a human, but it didn't really sink in that you are a Demon."

"Mhm, I am. So, don't worry about it." I say and narrow my eyes as I look into her eyes. "Though... you might need to stop me from killing people that insult you. And hurt you. And things, you know. Everthing." I say in low voice and Levia averts her eyes, a telltale sign of embarrassment now that she doesn't blush... oh holy shit she does blush! She's beet red! Ehehe, I love it! She's like, overheating, right?

"I'll... try." She nods.

"Going back to my True Demon form, what happened after all that? After I killed her?" I ask. I hope I didn't do anything... destructive.

"Um, you, um." Levia averts her eyes. "You held me to your chest and collapsed."

Oh, okay. I'm relieved. I like it.

"And afterwards?" I press on. "I mean, where are we? How much time passed?"

"Oh, right, sorry. Um, you turned back into this form after a while. I cleaned up the hoverer and did some other things, and then my parents came and took the hoverer onto Abyssa. That's the name of our ship. We are right now in my room. Aaand you've slept for a whole day, it's evening right now going by Gaia's standard clock. Afternoon by the ship's time." Levia says, quickly unloading all the information onto me.

"...Okay, alright." I nod and grin wide and lean forward. "I'd assume you're not letting me out anytime soon?" I say into Levia's ear and she shakes her head and looks at me with embarrassment. She opens her mouth to say something, but then closes it and buries her head in my shoulder.

"No." She says quietly. "I want to have you only for myself for a while."

I can't help but giggle at that.

"What about your parents?" I ask after a while. "I mean, what do they know?"

"Um, hm. A bit, but, uh..." Levia begins and instantly gets embarrassed for some reason. "I kinda... panicked...? No, not panicked, but I was really anxious and I covered your whole body and carried you there by myself. So, they don't know about you. I mean, not how you look and all that, but they know you're here with me and you're my girlfriend. I think so, at least."

"Oh, okay." I nod. "That... might be for the better." I say, glancing at my wings and my tail, all resting behind me as I lie sideways. "I'd prefer to be conscious for that explanation."

"Mhm." Levia finally looks up at me. "How do you feel about... this whole thing? VOW, I mean. That you have this body now. That it's all... real."

"...I don't know, to be honest." I say slowly. "On one hand it's scary and dangerous. I mean, think what would happen in common people learned about it. But for me... it's dreams come true." I smile and snuggle closer to her. "I'm not saying I always wanted to be like that, but... I always dreamed about being someone... more. Someone strong. And after everything in VOW... I would kill to get my body as it is there. Honestly, before today I already had some suspicions about the whole game. With how easy it is for me to control my Flame or how insane effects I can achieve wtih it. It's a bit... it sounds weird, but seeing that it's all reality isn't weirder than giving a random player a character that can literally destroy islands as an infant."

"What?" Levia's eyes widen and she asks in shock. "You... you can destroy islands?"

"Well, theoretically, without problems." I say with a grin. "Do you remember the fight with... An'Ghnor, when I scattered his attack?"

Levia looks at me blankly for a while before her face lights up and she nods. "Yeah, actually, what did you do then? That ray like... suddenly disappeared."

"I commanded the mana to dissipate." I say simply. It was actually something that surprised me as much as it did Levia, if not more. "I'm not sure why exactly it worked, but I think that my Energy affinity allows me to control supernatural energies other than my Primordial Energy."

"Oh." Levia says blandly.

"Yeah." I nod. "I would need much more time to figure out how exactly to do it and what I can actually do, but I'm confident I could without problems destroy an island given enough time. At least most of it, because I've no idea how it would be in the center where mana density is the highest and some incredibly powerful monsters reside."

"Oh, okay..." Levia nods and hugs me tighter as she buries her head in my shoulder. "My little Demoness is getting stupidly powerful." She says flatly and I giggle in amusement.

"Do you like it?" I whisper in her ear.

"Mhm." She mumbles, getting embarrassed. "I like my strong, little Demoness." She looks up at me with a sheepish grin. "Honestly, I was upset at the beginning, but now I don't care that you're stronger than me, cause that's just you." She gives me a small kiss to my lips that sends a tingle down my spine.

I smile goofily at that and notice something in the corner of my eye. My eyes dart to the door for a moment and I notice a small woman with short, golden blonde hair glancing inside the room. I narrow my eyes suggestively and lean forward, kissing Levia once again on her lips and hiding my face behind her head. I barely notice the woman retreating with a giggle and closing the door behind herself when we turn our heads a bit, already enraptured with the slow kiss.

I guess that's it for my cover. She saw my wings and horns, tail likely as well. Not like it matters, ehehe.

I don't stop playing with Levia's lips for a long while, and when I pull back Levia is smiling goofily. "Likewise." I mutter in low voice. "Did I tell you how I fell for you?"

"No?" She says uncertainly, cutely averting her eyes.

"I've absolutely no idea." I reply with a silly grin. "But I was already lost that time I went up the stream to clean myself up."

"Oh, right. Did something happen back then? Because I think I heard you when I was, um, checking my body." Oh, Levia, Levia, curiosity is the first step to hell. Don't blame me for that later.

I lean forward with a giggle and say in low, sultry voice. "I masturbated to you. You heard me moaning." I see Levia blink cutely as she processes the message and its implications.

"Eeeh!? What? Y-you m..." She shouts as her face seems to get purple despite the fact it's not supposed to, then her voice trails off and she whips her head around and buries it in my chest. She starts giggling and briefly raises up her head, and that's when I lock out lips once again.

She tries to pull away as she is giggling, but I lean forward and don't let us separate till she is laying on the bed and I'm laying on top of her, locking our lips in a hot, passionate kiss and drowning her giggle. A low growl escapes my throat as she starts squirming, but her a bit cold, gummy lips, still conneted to mine, seem to be more honest as she reciprocates my actions and squirms in place, as if trying to express her feelings and not knowing how.

I'm not really thinking when I realease a bit of my Primordial Energy and let it flow into Levia, and I don't even know what's the purpose of this little burst. I change my mind when suddenly a huge influx of feelings and sensations assaults my mind and throws it into momentary disarray, and I feel Levia shudder heavily as she groans in surprise and her legs tighten around my waist. Love, new, foreign pleasure, the desire to protect, to cherish, everything.

"Helia." I hear her whimper as out lips separate for a moment. "I, I, feel everything. I feel you. Like... like a human."

"Mmmhn~." I moan in affirmation as I lock our lips again, barely registering her words.

All this time I'm looking directly into her violet eyes and gauging her reactions, and I see incredible, hot fervor and eagerness, as well as cloud of pleasure and something more. She kisses me feverishly and eagerly and I see the surprise and shock in her eyes as I slide my hands under her shirt onto her powerful back, surprisingly resembling that of a human and not a machine. The feelings in her eyes soon melt into one overwhelming passion reminding me of mine.

I bite her lower lip lightly and I feel her shiver, and I feel as if it was resonating with my feelings. I hear a small moan as my hands slide up to her chest and I softly graze the downside of her soft boobs. She gasps quietly as I take my lips away, wet with both my and her saliva, and I pull myself upwards till I am straddling her.

I look down into her wide open eyes and I smile softly. I place my hand on her belly and move it softly, watching as Levia's face changes subtly with each stroke on the canvas. I notice her eyes darting down to my crotch momentarily, and I realize I am wearing only a nightshirt right now.

I smile broadly and I lean forward, stretching my wings out as far as I can, covering us with them. "Levia." I say in low voice, looking her into her eyes. "I want you." I purr softly in a voice dripping with want, with desire, with hunger.

I see her eyes opening wider and this inexplicable emotion appearing deep inside. The mix of approval, nervousness, anticipation and need.

"I'm... I'm yours, Helia." She says softly, with her breath a little ragged, and I dive forward, locking our lips, and I feel her moan into the kiss as I shift on her stomach, and I distinctly feel the wetness I leave on her navel when she pulls me to her, hands on my hips.

I bite her lip lightly and I kiss her on the cheek, once, twice, and move down to her chin, to her neck, to her throat. I leave a series of small marks on her gummy skin that make her squirm and I kiss lightly on her collarbone and hear her moan. I move my hands up to her small cute boobs and rub them up and down softly, and I feel her shivering as I flick her nipple lightly, all this time not stopping to admire her skin on her neck and collarbone and worshipping it.

I bundle her shirt in my hands and rip it apart with a distinct sound, then trail my kisses down to her cleavage, to her chest and boobs and finally the the hard, little pink nipple waiting for me. I flick it with my tongue and raise my head to see Levia's cute face as she looks at me with almost begging eyes, and I nibble on it with my own face in a playful smirk and hear her small moan of pleasure.

"He, Helia." She gasps.

"Mmmh~?" I ask, sucking on her nipple and feeling the small shudder that crashes through her body.

"Helia." She says needily, greedily, pleadingly. "Helia, Helia."

"Of course." I purr lovingly. "You're mine." I shift my position to the side a bit and slide my hand down her belly, all this time not stopping tormenting her nipple lightly, just enough to be soft and yet completely unbearable.

I rise up for a moment and lean forward to Levia's face, and look into her begging eyes as she rubs her thighs together. "My Levia." I say in low voice, trailing my finger down to her drenched, begging pussy and my tail to her thigh, wrapping around it tightly. I look at her face with a torrent of emotions inside me that threatens to come loose as I lightly rub the entrance to her core and feel another shiver from her. I tease lightly her clitoris and hear hear small, delightful moan. "I love you." I say and slide my finger into her core.

My little goddess I'll wrap myself around and never let go, Deus ex Machina. How fitting this name is.

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