Power Punch - Chapter 72

Published at 13th of June 2023 09:12:46 AM

Chapter 72

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"Well, that was fun." I mutter to myself with a giggle as I stretch my arms while floating high in the air above the barrier that covers Beholder's Eye.

It was surprisingly fun, actually. I had no idea it could be so fun to pretend like that.

I'm a little conflicted over the fight with Lucief, cause I've... actually no idea what was it's point. Because... I'm actually not entirely sure why. I'll need to think about it. What happened later though...

I showed Xavier I am completely unaffected by his bindings, though they felt like they were supposed to constrain my soul somehow, then ran off with a promise of repayment for what he did to Xethu and whatever he did to Inquisitor Captain Elisora, which likely made him feel like he had any chance of beating me.

But then... if he thinks he still has a chance, then... I think it would be really fun to go along with it? Like a storyline in a game.

I smile almost involuntarily thinking about that. He'll probably go back to the command... they'll assemble a squad to capture or kill me... and I'll toy with them. Mmm, that really sounds like fun! Maybe I could even let them kill me? There are so many ways in which it could develop...

Hm. I guess I should do something about Elisora...? Though I'll inform Letty first, that things are a little more complicated than I thought... which isn't necessarily a bad thing when I think about it.

Damn, I think I just found a new hobby... and actually, what we did with Letty a while back, the queen and mistress thingy, that should spread over the net, right? An... identity to assume? I'll really need to think this through.

Before that though, there is something else to take care of, namely a person that just appeared not far from me under her own concealment spell.

I turn my head where I feel a massive energy coming from, tens of times greater than whatever amount of mana the white hunters down in Black Harbor had, and I see a woman floating in the air and looking at me with a small frown and unreadable expression on her mature face the likes of which I'd expect from a welcoming, warm queen. And funny thing is, I... don't see a reason why I should be afraid of her, despite the power she holds that should not be inferior to the Eye in the middle of this island.

"Hello." I say as a greeting as my eyes skim over her, well... naked, beautiful, objectively basically flawless figure, with just a peculiar light covering her private bits. Which doesn't faze me, but is surprising, especially coupled with her appearance out of the blue. "Are you a goddess?"

"Straight to the point I see." She chuckles, her voice perfectly clear despite coming from at least a hundred meters away, in a manner I would imagine a mother to do. "I'm who humans in this world call Handrangea, their goddess of fertility and prosperity. You've probably made the connection already, but I'm the one humans on Beholder's Eye worship. The Church and the Inquisition have been created under my name, although I have little to do with their actions."

"I'm Helia." I nod my head. "You're saying that whatever Xavier did, it was his own decision?"

The goddess smiles lightly. "You can take it this way. However, I did not approach you just to tell you that; you'd not need to hear anything from me if you wanted to punish him."

"Not that I want." I quip in, turning to look down at Black Harbor. "There's no point killing him or anything now."

"...I'm glad you think so." Handrangea nods with a hint of relief in her voice. "The reason I'm here is to get to know you. There are quite many gods in this world, but the arrival of Wayfarers, and you in particular, has already upset their balance and I don't hope things will calm down soon. We would like like to know what is your stance in regards to the recent happenings."

"We as in?" I ask curiously.

"For simplicity, the thousands of various deities in this world." Oh, wow.

"Mmm, if you're asking what I want to do in this world, then nothing in particular." I tilt my head. "I'm here for entertainment, if anything." That's actually... I need to think about it. Because I think I just found a much more correct answer to what I want than earlier. Because while a fight of my own might be entertaining, there's no reason why I wouldn't enjoy other people's fights... and not only fights, come to think of it. Hm.

"I see." The goddess says quietly. "If it's not insensitive to ask, are you a Primordial?"

"I am, indeed." I glance at her. "You are... similar to spirits. Although it's my first time meeting someone like you. Is that specific to gods?" There is something more to her than the mana, which, basing on the stories I've read, would be faith, but I'd need to take a closer to make sure, and I won't dig in her body without permission.

The woman nods her head with distinct surprise, although it's not particularly visible on her face; more in her body, which is quite similar to Daria's in that it has an outer shape, but is formless inside, with mana flowing around mostly freely. The changes in mood are visible in the shifts and jolts in that flow.

"I'm still very young. An infant, by some standards." I add with a small smile. "Say, what do you do when you're bored?"

Another jolt of her mana and a blink of her eyes indicate this was far from whatever question she expected, but she composes herself quickly.

"Various things. Observe humans, relax, occasionally hone my abilities. Sometimes I descend under a guise to experience the human life. May I know where does the question come from?"

"I'm bored." I reply, thinking about what Handrangea said... particularly the last option. "Oh, also, among you gods. Is there a Fae or something? And do you meddle in human affairs?"

"We..." She hesitates. "Officially, we hardly ever do that. Although it is common to do some little things. As for the Fae, there is such a race and there are some gods that are more worshipped by them, but I do not know of a deity that would be a Fae."

"Hm." I stay silent for a while, thinking about Maala, as Handrangea stays still as if waiting for another question. "Well, thanks for answering my questions. It's nice to know you. I'll be going now." I tell the goddess, notice she is surprised again for some reason, and teleport somewhere away, hiding any sign of my presence.

I make sure Catherine and the rest are fine - which they are, although they seem slightly shaken - and send Vulcan a message to meet up soon.

Just before I teleported away, I tried pushing my domain even further by enforcing knowledge, control, and domination on everything in its range, which was, by the way, absolutely amazing. It's similar to that feeling you get when you're playing a game and suddenly unlock developer mode and can do anything you want. Somewhat empty, but amazing.

But, as I learned long ago, my Primordial Energy tends to be felt in some way by people, and I think Vulcan got more affected than others because of the show I made. And Catherine just as well... for some reason. Hm.

Well, they'll be fine, since I don't see any lasting effects on their minds, and neither on the others', but it's high time I explain to them, especially to Vulcan, what it's all about.

For now I write a longish message to Letty explaining what happened and that I'll probably be with Elisora, and then I'll visit the person herself. And looking at her with my magic sense... let's say she could be in better state.

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