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Chapter 332: They Probably Want to Die

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“Not bad. I thought they would take months.”

Taking advantage of the night darkness, she stored all the firewood in the straw shed in her microcosmic space.

“Master, you collected everything? There’s still a section of the straw shed that’s empty. Are you going to tell them not to come tomorrow?” Wei Na asked.

“Did I say that?” An Jiuyue shrugged innocently.

She continued softly, “These people are too lazy. So many days have passed, but they haven’t chopped a single piece of firewood. I think I have to teach them a lesson.”

Wei Na was shocked.

Master, is there anyone more evil than you in this world?

They worked tirelessly to chop so much firewood, and yet you collected everything at once and even accused them of not chopping any! How can you do that?

Of course, this was something An Jiuyue was capable of doing. How would those people turn over a new leaf if they were not punished severely?

She was doing this for their own good! She was educating them!

Yan Nuo, who came with An Jiuyue, was also stunned by her actions.

He had a hunch previously. After all, he was always with her, and some of her actions would not have gone unnoticed.

However, he did not expect her to collect all the firewood in such a large straw shed.

He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Miss Jiuyue, are you… short of firewood?”

“Nope.” An Jiuyue looked at him, puzzled by his question.

Every family needed firewood, but no one would say they lacked it. After all, although trees did not grow as abundantly as grass, they could also grow again when the spring wind blows, right?

“If not, then why did you…” Yan Nuo looked at her, then at the empty straw shed.

An Jiuyue raised her eyebrows and asked, “Oh, that. Can’t you see that I’m empty-handed?”

Yan Nuo was silent.

You’re empty-handed now, but I saw so much firewood disappear in your hands with my own eyes! I definitely did!

However, he could not say what was on his mind. He would have to find the firewood as evidence. He could not find them, so he could not say that.

Besides, she was his master’s wife, so he did not dare to say anything.

“I understand. Those people are too lazy. They can’t even accomplish a small task like chopping firewood.”

They’re so pitiful! They could’ve offended anyone else, but they had to offend her. Look, they’ll have to start over after chopping firewood for so many days! They probably want to die, right?

An Gouzi and the other men were not the only ones who wanted to die.

Early the next day, Qian Yiyun, who was in a hurry to dig for wild vegetables and mushrooms in the forest, suddenly noticed that the tall pile of firewood she had piled up last night had disappeared after she slept.

She was shocked. How could she think of picking mushrooms now?

She screamed and called for Bai Tai, “Bai Tai, Bai Tai! Come down quickly!”

“Miss Qian, are you looking for me?”

Bai Tai did not walk down the stairs. Instead, she opened the window and jumped down.

“Hurry up and go to the village to take a look. Our house has been robbed! All the firewood has been stolen!” Qian Yiyun instructed Bai Tai anxiously.

I didn’t hear anything last night. How did so much firewood disappear? Even if I didn’t hear anything, did Bai Tai not hear anything either?

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