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Chapter 1115: 1115

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Chapter 1115 Are You Not Going To Stop Them?

"I will go back to Hestia Academy," Celeste said as she looked at William with a calm expression on her face.

"I see," William replied. "Be careful and make sure that you don't fall into Felix's hands."

Chloee, who was seated on William's shoulder also nodded her head in agreement with William's words. Even though she had become William's woman, she was still Celeste's familiar and cared for her as well.

"Will, I'm sure that you already know this, but it's possible that the different Kingdoms and Empires will target you right now," Celeste stated. "Word has already spread that you are the Prince of Darkness, and some will definitely try to reach out to you for an alliance, or aim for your life."

William nodded in understanding. "Don't worry. I will keep this in mind. Thank you for the reminder."

Celeste wanted to say more, but her words were stuck in her throat. In the end, she decided to just keep her plan to herself because she didn't want to give William false hope.

"Chloee, take care of yourself," Claire said as she looked at her sister.

Although many things had changed in her current appearance. For Claire, Chloee would always be her sister, and the latter knew this as well.

Chloee nodded. "I will. Take care of Celeste for me. If something happens, contact me right away. No matter where I am, I will come flying."

Claire smiled because she knew that she could count on her sister when things went South. No more words were spoken between them because everything had already been said.

"Let's go to the Bifrost Bridge," William said. "I will send you directly to Hestia Academy."

As the two left the Palace of Asgard, Baba Yaga who was observing them from her scrying mirror sighed. She had already decided to follow William because she knew that he held the key in order to find her one and only disciple, Celine.

The Old Hag no longer had any attachments to the Demon Realm, especially since what was waiting for her back there was forced servitude. She didn't like the thought of being part of an army that would trample the lives of innocent people. All she wanted right now was to find Celine, and care for her until she gave birth.

For her, Celine's children could be considered her own grandchildren, so she was quite excited to hold them in her arms as well.

While the Old Demigod was deep in her thoughts, a rainbow bridge shot towards the sky, passing through time and space.

A minute later, it disappeared, proving that Celeste was no longer on the Floor of Asgard.


Hestia Academy…

The moment Celeste appeared in the academy, several students gathered around her due to the means by which she had reached the academy.

Out of nowhere, a rainbow bridge appeared and from it, the beautiful Elf descended like a celestial being visiting from the Heavens.

Byron, who had sensed Celeste's presence hurriedly went to meet her, in order to discuss the current situation of the continent. He took her to his office and made her narrate everything that happened to her.

"So, William is still on the Floor of Asgard, right?" Byron asked.

"Yes," Celeste answered.

"Did he tell you about his plans?"


Celeste lied with a calm expression on her face. Due to her Divinity, no one would be able to tell whether she was lying or not. Before she returned to the academy, William told her that he didn't trust Byron, and would greatly appreciate it if Celeste didn't tell him about his plans for the future.

The beautiful Elf agreed to his request, so he didn't inform the Headmaster about William's plan to visit the various dungeons located at the Northern Regions of the Central Continent. This was to prevent anyone from laying a trap to capture William, who was now considered a threat to the peace of the world.

"That's quite unfortunate," Byron shook his head in helplessness. "Are you planning to go to the Palace of Light later?"

Celeste nodded. "I will go there, but before that, I need to visit the library first."

"The Library? What are you planning to look for?"

"The identity of the God that took my sister away."

"I see." Byron rubbed his chin as he eyed the beautiful Elf who was deeply concerned about her sister's whereabouts. "Very well, I will give you permission to visit the restricted area. Perhaps getting your sister back will solve one of our problems as well."

"Thank you, Headmaster."

"This is the least I can do for you, Celeste."

After Byron took some time to tell Celeste about the plans of the alliance, the beautiful Elf left the Headmaster's office and headed straight to the library.

"Byron seems to be hiding something from us," Claire said as she sat on Celeste's shoulders. "He didn't tell us about the Alliances' plan against William."

"The Headmaster is no fool," Celeste replied. "Maybe he felt that I sympathized with William and withheld the plans they had for him, but knowing how the Holy Order of Light operates, I can make a guess as to what their next move will be."

"And that is?"

"Use William's family in the Southern Continent as hostages."

Claire rubbed her beautiful face with both of her hands after she heard Celeste's hunch.

"That is the most stupid thing that they can do at this point in time."

"I know, right?"

Claire then eyed Celeste whose pace had started to quicken.

"Are you not going to stop them?" Claire asked.

Celeste shook her head. "Do you really think that William hasn't considered this possibility already? After what happened to his cousin, Eve, I'm sure that anyone who dares to touch his family right now will regret it for the rest of their lives. Also, I have a feeling that even if William doesn't make a move, no harm will fall upon his loved ones in the Southern Continent."

Celeste didn't know where her confidence was coming from, but she believed that the Half-Elf had already made the necessary preparations to protect his family.

Since that was the case, she would just focus her energy on helping him find information about the God that took the souls of William's wives, as well as Celine, away.

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