Reverse World - Chapter 65

Published at 23rd of May 2023 05:33:33 PM

Chapter 65

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Benjamin also took the opportunity to study her body and was in for a surprise. Her short grey hair made a nice contrast with her brown eyes while her bright facial features were proof that she was a very smiling person. She was overall in great shape, with medium-sized sagging breasts decorated by large nipples and a barely protruding stomach. Her deep-colored vagina was completely shaved, her big clitoris naturally sticking out outside of its hood and her pussy hole was open, as if unable to stay closed by itself.

However, all of this was not what was surprising. Benjamin found out that she had many piercings over her body, all in places that were usually covered by clothes. She had a ring in each of her nipples and her cunt was literally overflowing with them. She had several on her inner and outer labia and as well as one directly on her clitoris. There were also others, in places which he would not be able to name, like under her urethra or at the bottom of her vagina. They seemed to be divided into two types, ring piercings and piercings in the form of small dumbbells. Benjamin couldn't help but be fascinated by the scene in front of him. Her body was already erotic by itself and the addition of her piercings made it straight out exotic. He could feel his member slowly react at the sight, pulsing excitedly.

His grandmother, finishing her own inspection of his body, now noticed his gaze and asked him.

"Are you not shy to be nude in front of me, kiddo?"

"No, why? You're my grandmother. Didn't you see me naked countless times already?"

"That was when you were small. You're all grown up, now."

"It's all the same, I don't mind."


She looked at his penis which was getting hard in front of her eyes and laughed.

"I guess you are at that age now. Is it seeing my body that is making you like this? Or perhaps my piercings?"

Benjamin acted a bit shy, answering.

"W-well, both? Sorry grandma, you look so beautiful, it's doing it on its own."

"Don't worry about it, this is something natural. You really think my old body is beautiful?"

"Of course, you look amazing, grandma."

"Ahah, thank you, even if you don't mean it."

"It's true, I am not lying."

"Alright, alright, I can only believe you when your thing is reacting like that. You also look great, kiddo. With a body like this and a tool like yours, you will make all the girls go crazy for sure."

"You think? But why do you have all those piercings?"

"Hm, there is a complicated reason for this. It's better if you don't know."

"You're making me even more curious now. Aren't those very sensitive places?"

"That's what makes it good."

She grinned and stopped talking for a moment. Benjamin took the opportunity to get another look at her exposed body.

"S-say grandma, can I ask for something?"

"What is it?"

"Is it alright if I look from closer up?"

"Ahahah, you must be curious about women's bodies. It's fine, you can look as much as you want."

She opened her arms and legs wide, allowing him to have a great look at her naked figure. Her mature build was very mesmerizing and he couldn't take his eyes off her. He slowly approached her and checked her boobs, followed by her belly, and finally glared at her sex, which was underwater. Contrarily to younger women, everything was deeper colored, her nipples being dark pink and her vagina lips being light brown. Of course, her piercings coming in from one side of her most imitate places and out from the other were also very captivating. Back to checking her breasts, Benjamin was getting aroused by his examination and he questioned her one more time.

"Is it ok if I touch it a little?"

His grandmother smiled at him, as if she had expected his request.

"Sure, boy, go ahead."

He took his hands out of the water and ran them on her belly, lightly caressing her stomach. He then moved up toward her bust and cupped her sagging breasts, raising them, appreciating their moderate weight. Without releasing them, he touched her large nipples with his thumbs, running them in a circle around her protrusions. After a few seconds of that, he took her ring piercings in between his thumbs and index fingers and pulled lightly on them. He saw his grandmother's face, which had been very stoic through the whole thing until now, twitch a little, and the older woman closed her eyes for a second.

Happy to have gotten a reaction out of her, he continued pulling on them delicately in all directions, his grandmother's face twitching from time to time. Once he had done that for some time, she spoke to him.

"You look like you really like those, kiddo. You don't need to be so delicate, I am very sturdy and pulling harder on those won't do any damage. You can do it stronger if you want."

"Really? I don't want to hurt you, grandma."

"Don't worry, you won't. Go ahead."

Getting her permission, he pulled harder on the rings, her boobs deforming in different shapes. He was still careful not to hurt her in any way, only doing it a little bit more, sometimes twisting them a bit, but nothing excessive. His actions had a clear effect on her, though, and she let out a long sigh, before she began to breath harder. He went on with this for a while longer and when she started to pant with a hint of lust in her eyes, he queried her again.

"Grandma, can I try touching you down there, too?"

She looked at him and started answering.


She looked conflicted, tempted to act on her lust while also being aware that she shouldn't let this go too far or things might get out of control. Seeing her like this, Benjamin didn't push her to take a decision, simply continuing what he was doing. After a minute more of him playing with her piercings, she began to moan a bit, and finally gave up.


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