Reverse World - Chapter 67

Published at 23rd of May 2023 05:33:20 PM

Chapter 67

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He felt his hand spreading her pussy walls open, grinding against her folds, until his fingers touched her cervix, unable to reach any further. She let out a low guttural voice, the type that only a mature woman could produce.


His hand was now inside her until beyond his wrist and he was able to appreciate the feeling of her vagina through his palm and fingers. Fingers had many more ways to move compared to a penis and their sense of touch was also much more detailed. He was able to feel her creases and folds in detail and pressing a finger allowed him to discern their texture more specifically. His hand was completely surrounded by her flesh and he could feel it pulsating regularly, as if in excitement, while continuously releasing a generous amount of fluids, which helped lubricate any movement he took inside her.

His grandmother panted for a few seconds before continuing to instruct him.

"That was perfect. You almost made me cum with just this. Now, rotate your hand several times and when you feel ready, start to move it back and forth, without taking your hand completely out."

He followed her words and started to rotate his hand. The margin of movement was poor at the beginning, his hand rubbing strongly against her walls, making her moan delightedly. Little by little, he could feel that it was easier to move, as if her twat was starting to accept his presence. Her folds still surrounded him but the pressure was less intense than at the start. He guessed that was the reason why she asked him to do this. He thought that the time was right and started to pump his hand in and out of her, the grinding of his arm and her pussy making an extremely lewd sploshing sound. Feeling the intense stimulation of his forearm moving back and forth, his grandmother was in ecstasy and started to be vocal.

"Ooohhh! That's good! A man's hand is completely different! Ooohhh! Stronger! Don't worry about anything, just do it stronger!"

He obeyed her and began to jackhammer her cunt, her juices flying in all directions and her pelvis and lower belly visibly deforming through the constant motions of his arm inside her.

"Oooohhhh! That's it! My clit! Rub my clit with your fingers!"

He put the fingers of his left hand on her clitoris and started to vibrate them on it at full speed, constantly bumping into her ring and stimulating her even further.

"Ooooohhhhh! Yes! It's perfect! I am close! Look at me, boy! This is how a woman orgasms! It's coming! A big one! Look at me! Look at me...!"

Finally, she howled in an incredible voice, her low squeal resonating in the bathroom and making the walls of the room tremble.


She squirted a long jet of fluids, her body shaking greatly, spasming with violent jerks, while her eyes rolled in her sockets. Her tongue was out, saliva dripping on her breasts. Her clitoris was shivering uncontrollably while her pussy contracted powerfully around his hand as if to never let it go. Her squirt jet pressure was amazing, hitting and drenching his face with full strength, while also feeling endless. He didn't need to do anything and simply opened his mouth for everything to enter by itself, her squirt not stopping for a good ten seconds. He enjoyed her mature and salty taste, gulping it all, fascinated by the view of her climax. As she said, it was a sight to behold and Benjamin felt happy to have witnessed the deep orgasm of a mature woman at least once in his life. It felt even better knowing that it was his Grandma and he had been able to pleasure her so much.

Once she was done trembling and her orgasm abated, she started to lose strength in her body. She was still on the rim of the bathtub and seeing her swaying, he quickly removed his hand from her cunt, making her grunt in passing, and caught her in his arms. He carefully put her back in the water, on her initial position, lying against the edge, powerlessly attempting to catch her breath.

She closed her eyes, giving the feeling that she fell asleep. After a minute, she opened them again and they widened at the view in front of her. Now that a large part of her lust had dissipated, she began to realize the situation around her. Witnessing Benjamin's face smeared with her juices, his grandmother started to look horrified.

"W-what did I do? What did I do to my grandson? How could I do that to him?"

Benjamin, now used to this reaction, didn't panic. It seemed her fluids on his face were a big factor in her agitation so he took some water from the bath and cleaned it in swift movements. His grandmother didn't get much better, though.

"I'm sorry, Benjamin! I don't know what took over me! I'm sorry to make you experience something terrible and dirty like this!"

She was getting more and more upset, her face full of shame and regrets. Anticipating that things would only become worse, Benjamin quickly closed on her and, before she could react, took her head in his hands and passionately kissed her lips. Her eyes bulged in surprise and she froze at his contact. Soon, however, she lifted her hands to reflexively try to push him away. But, just like previously, they stopped before making contact with him, for the same reasons as before. Observing this for the second time, Benjamin ascertained once more how preciously he was being considered and treated. When lust was not involved, at least.

He stopped his kiss, moved away from her, and tried to express his feelings.

"Please don't say that, Grandma. You are beautiful and there is nothing dirty about you. I love you and I loved what we just did together. I like doing anything with you so there is nothing to feel bad about."

He then went back to kissing her, trying to convey his affection with all his ardor. His grandmother's eyes widened again at his declaration and renewed kiss. She didn't try to push him away, this time. However, a few seconds into the kiss, Benjamin noticed tears starting to fall out of her eyes.

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