Reverse World - Chapter 79

Published at 23rd of May 2023 05:32:55 PM

Chapter 79

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A four of clubs, a six of hearts, a nine of hearts, a ten of diamonds, and a queen of diamonds. What a pitiful hand. He could try to change the four and six and hope to get something that could help complete the rest of his cards. He checked on his phone and wasn't sure if he should aim for a straight or a flush in this situation. He could count the number of times he had played the game on one hand and it was always very casual, at that. He was pretty much a novice and he could see the other novices also checking on their phones, trying to figure out the worth of their cards. On the other hand, the "experts" had only given a quick look at what they had and waited calmly for the rest to be ready.

When all of them were ready, their Grandma started distributing the cards to whoever requested them. Benjamin didn't pay much attention to who was requesting how many cards, only focusing on asking two for himself, discarding his four and six. Two of spades and four of hearts. He felt sad just looking at his hand. He had discarded a four just to get another one. Not only did he not get any combination, but his highest card was also a simple queen.

It was time to show their hands. Some had pairs and one had a double pair. It was unexpected but his hand wasn't the worst and Grace had an even more terrible hand than him, with disparate cards and her highest one being a ten.

"I will remove a sock."

She removed it and put it on the ground, the second round starting immediately. Benjamin had a decent hand this time, one pair from the start. He choose to discard everything else and he managed to get three of a kind. He checked his phone and found out that it was rarer than the double pair, making it the highest ranking hand so far. He was pretty safe with this. Once everyone showed their hands, Chloe was the one who lost and chose to remove a sock this time.

A few rounds later, he only managed to get a hand similar to what Grace had gotten on the first round and was the one who had to remove a piece of clothing. Of course, he choose to remove a sock too, and while doing so he noticed some of his sisters looking at him, some intensively, some with disappointment.

The game continued. It relied more on luck than other variations of poker since there was no bluffing involved and everyone was relatively on the same level, the three confident ones doing barely better than the rest. Finally, Olivia lost one game too much. Without any socks left to remove, she had to choose to part with either her T-shirt or her pants. Red-faced, she choose to remove her T-shirt, exposing her plain bra which was supporting her cute middle-sized breasts. At this point, their grandmother couldn't help leaving a comment.

"Hehe, now it's getting interesting."

The next one who had to get loose of her top was Chloe, exposing her small chest and sports bra. She didn't really need to wear one but it apparently made girls feel more like adults and more attractive, at least in their minds. Eventually, what should happen occurred and it was Benjamin's time to have a losing hand and no more socks to remove. His mother immediately tried to protect him.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to, dear."

This remark wasn't so well received by some of the other participants.

"What? No way, that would be unfair!"

"I agree with Chloe."

"You're right, I was the one who chose to play, fully aware of the rules. Don't worry, Mom, It's nothing big and we are within the family."

He started removing his top and he could feel six intense gazes on him. As soon as he was topless, the girls let out sighs of amazement and some barely audible whispers.




Some of them had already seen everything before but that didn't stop the six of them to react pretty much in the same manner, namely a very focused stare toward his bare chest. He let them check him for a moment before mentioning.

"Should we go on?"

Startled, they removed their gaze from him and the game continued, not without them sending glances at him from time to time. After a few minutes, he could see a hint of excitement in their eyes as they took a peek at him whenever they thought they wouldn't get caught. As they carried on with the game, their grandmother was the one who was in the best state, without any socks but with the rest of her clothes on. The other girls had all lost their tops and began taking off their bras. Soon enough, Benjamin was surrounded by exposed boobs, a quite pleasant view indeed. While some of them had started squirming after looking at his bare torso, he could also feel himself slowly reacting to the situation, his member twitching a bit and hardening every time more skin was being revealed.

A little later, he ended up having a really bad hand, a misfortune which rejoiced the females in the room. Even his mother and Nova, who were initially against the whole thing, were now looking forward to him stripping, a fact which he found funny.

He had the disadvantage of having one less piece of clothing compared to them since they all were wearing a bra. Left with no other choice, he stood up and took his pants off, exposing his underwear, the bulge of his already hard cock clearly visible through the cloth. The sight made the girls gasp in appreciation, the breathing of all the women accelerating. They didn't even try to be discrete now, six gazes fully focusing on his crotch, their faces red with excitation. He had to clear his throat noisily for their eyes to barely leave his groin, and the game resumed one more time.

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