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Chapter 284: 284 Stand Up; Toast!

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284 Stand Up; Toast!
Although Qin Weiming looked like a boorish old man, in fact, he had a clear mind and deep thoughts.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to lead his generals to defeat the enemy and obtain the final victory.

The reason why Qin Weiming kept praising Lin Fan was not just because Lin Fan was good at chess.

The most important reason was to emphasize that Lin Fan was one of them. This was to vouch for Lin Fan.

Zhang Jian was just like him. His identity was too unusual.

Although Zhang Jian drank the unknown liquid that Lin Fan took out, he was fine for the time being.


However, what if something happened later?
Would it act up later?

If that really happened, Lin Fan would be in a lot of trouble.

Even if nothing happened to Zhang Jian, Lin Fan would still be investigated.

Qin Weiming was protecting Lin Fan and taking responsibility for him.

This required great courage and trust!

Lin Fan naturally understood this logic. He could not help but have a better impression of Qin Weiming.

He also knew that Zhang Jian would not suffer any harm after drinking Medical Water and that there would only be endless benefits.

Zhang Jian also understood the meaning behind Qin Weiming’s words. He snorted and said, “You old geezer, why are you wishing for me to die so quickly? Let me tell you, if it weren’t for my legs, I would have dropped you on the ground right now.”

As he spoke, he even lifted his legs forcefully.

Zhang Jian often did this kind of action.

However, there was no reaction from his legs each time.

Today, his legs were miraculously raised.

Zhang Jian’s pale eyes immediately widened, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Just like that, his legs stopped in the air, and his body trembled slightly.

The middle-aged man with the badge on his shoulder also noticed this and quickly said to the doctors, “Quickly help the old leader take a look at his legs.”

The two doctors were stunned for a moment. Then, they quickly went forward and gently massaged Zhang Jian’s legs and took his pulse…

Soon, the two doctors were shocked.

The middle-aged man asked anxiously, “How’s the old leader’s legs?”

“There are too few instruments here. We need to conduct a more in-depth examination.” The short and thin doctor hesitated.

“However, judging from the current situation, the old leader’s legs may have a chance of recovery…”

Zhang Jian, however, directly threw his head back and laughed loudly. “There’s no need for that. There’s no problem with my legs! Hahaha!”

That was because Zhang Jian could stand up from his wheelchair.

This scene stunned everyone present.

The eyes of the middle-aged man with the badge on his shoulder turned slightly red.

He had always been by Zhang Jian’s side and knew very well how much this once all-powerful general wanted to stand up.

He had seen Zhang Jian looking at his own legs and secretly grieving. Zhang Jian had tried to stand up many times but fell to the ground in a sorry state each time. He had seen Zhang Jian lying on the ground and walking with his hands…

The middle-aged man grew up listening to Zhang Jian’s legend. The person he admired the most was Zhang Jian.

It was also because of this that when he saw this hero in such a sorry state, he felt extremely aggrieved.

However, there was nothing he could do.

Now, Zhang Jian actually stood up!

Men did not shed tears easily, but it was only because they had not reached the point of sadness!

At this moment, Zhang Jian said in an extremely solemn tone, “Lin Fan, thank you!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they suddenly remembered the bottle of water.

Could it be…

Was it that small bottle of water that made Zhang Jian stand up?

Soon, Qin Weiming confirmed everyone’s thoughts and laughed. “Old Zhang, you don’t know how precious that bottle of water is! Even though Lin Fan is a member of the Dragon Division, he spent quite a bit of effort!”

Qin Weiming could not help but think of how Lin Fan had used the same solution to bring his grandson back from the gates of hell.

Looking at Lin Fan, he could not help but have a look of gratitude.

In reality, when Lin Fan took out a small bottle of unknown liquid for Zhang Jian to drink, many people present had shaken their heads secretly.

They thought to themselves, ‘This young man is too rash.’

Some of them even started to distance themselves from Lin Fan to prevent themselves from being caught in an undeserved calamity.

At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Fan with surprise and envy.

They were surprised that Lin Fan was from the mysterious Dragon Division.

They were envious of Lin Fan for helping Zhang Jian stand up. In the future… he would definitely obtain great benefits!

Zhang Jian continued to stand for a while before he had no choice but to sit back in the wheelchair.

It had been too long since he had moved his legs.

If not for Medical Water, it would have been a fool’s dream for him to stand up in this lifetime.

Then, Zhang Jian underwent a detailed examination at the request of the two doctors.

It was fine if they did not check, but after the examination, everyone was shocked again.

This was because Zhang Jian’s necrotic legs had already completely recovered. As long as he did some rehabilitation exercises, he could walk freely like a normal person.

His body’s indicators had all returned to normal at this moment!

This was simply… It was a miracle, a miracle!

The sun was setting.

The fiery red sun dyed the entire sky with a vibrant color, like a blooming flower. It was incomparably brilliant.

On the large table in the courtyard, there were more than 20 dishes of delicious food.

Under the request of Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian, Lin Fan sat at the head of the table.

“Lin Fan, let me give a toast to you first!” Qin Weiming picked up his wine glass and said.

“Elder Qin, what are you doing?” Zhang Jian immediately shouted. “Of course, I have to be the one to make the first toast! He made me stand up again!”

As he spoke, he also picked up his wine glass.

“He helped you stand up again, but he also saved my grandson’s life!” Qin Weiming said.

“I must make the first toast!”

Zhang Jian and Qin Weiming were both the few remaining old leaders.

If someone were to receive a toast from them, no, even if they were to drink at the same table as them, they would definitely be overjoyed and brag about it for the rest of their lives.

Now, Zhang Jian and Qin Weiming were fighting to give a toast to Lin Fan!

Everyone present, including the leaders of Jiang Province and several men with badges on their shoulders, looked at Lin Fan with envy.

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