Saving You, Villain - Chapter 17

Published at 31st of July 2023 06:38:49 AM

Chapter 17

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Kamian’s supportive arm embraced me despite my fervent plea.

“Whether you curse and insult those bastards or give them a good thrashing, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t stop me.”

“That’s not necessary… Hmph. Kamian… I’m wet below…”

He pressed his lips against my head, and a whispering voice reached my ears.

“I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t fathom the reason behind his sudden apology. Was it because he couldn’t fulfill my desires or because he had brought me to this state? Even so, Kamian had no need to apologize. We had made a contract, and this was the price to pay. Though I felt unfairly cornered by “Liv” being thrust upon me in a single contract… Regardless, Kamian wouldn’t know this truth, so there was no reason for him to apologize.

The unfulfilled sexual desire tormented and agitated me, causing tears to stream down my face. I sobbed and caused a commotion for a while before eventually succumbing to exhaustion. It was easy and swift for my exhausted body to surrender to slumber.

Upon awakening, the unquenchable sexual desire that had filled my mind completely vanished without a trace.

It was the same even now.

In a flash, as soon as I opened my eyes, yesterday’s misdeeds surged forth like a nightmare, tormenting me. Again. Again!


I kicked the blanket with all my strength and turned to the side, burying myself.


I almost screamed out of sheer fright. Kamian, who used to disappear by morning, was today, of all days, lingering in my room.

After swallowing my saliva, I sat on the edge of the bed and lightly tapped his triangular back.

“Kamian, uh…”

I called him, but I didn’t know what to say. The memories of yesterday came rushing back, making it difficult to hide my embarrassment.

Kamian turned his body to face me. His face appeared as impassive as ever.

“Yesterday… heh.”

As he spoke, Kamian grabbed my cheek with one hand. Then, he swiftly moved his face from side to side, inspecting my eyes intently as if examining them with his fingers spread wide open.

“What are you doing?”

“Just woke up early on my day off. Don’t see any signs of illness, though.”

“Let go.”

I flicked away his finger with a light thud. Thanks to Kamian’s prank, the tension that had gripped me eased slightly. As I tried to get up, his hands slipped into my armpits and effortlessly lifted me up.

“Why are you still here?”

“May I remind you that you have the audacity to enter my room as you please, while I am not allowed to be present here?”

“…No, that’s not it. We…have never spent a single moment together in my room until now.”

A cool smirk played on Kamian’s lips, as if she had heard something amusing.

“That? If anyone hears that, they’ll surely misunderstand.”

“Misunderstand? What mis…”

I blinked once. The meaning of Kamian’s words dawned on me belatedly, and a fiery sensation surged through my cheeks. The unfamiliar warmth that had grazed my senses and lips came rushing back, driving me to madness.

Kamian nudged my thigh and brought her face closer. The faint fragrance I had caught a whiff of yesterday wafted into my nostrils. Feeling a strange shift in my mood, I held my breath for a moment.

“Why did you stop talking?”

Why would I have stopped talking? Kamian deliberately asked me with a mischievous glint, as if she found my confusion amusing. That wretched woman. Can’t she just let it go?

I didn’t want to indulge in her teasing. Suppressing the heat that blazed in my throat, I put on a nonchalant facade and modulated my voice.

“I didn’t just stop talking, it was simply an exclamation to conclude the conversation.”

Kamian tilted her head slightly, her gaze fixed firmly on my face without any response. This silence only irritated me further. She should have just kept her mouth shut.

I let out a deep sigh and gently nudged her shoulder.

“Please, step back a little. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

“But what we did wasn’t exactly virtuous, you know.”


“Even if we were misunderstood, I wouldn’t feel unjust.”

“This rascal. I intentionally avoided mentioning yesterday’s events. Not only did I fear that it would make the atmosphere awkward, but I also worried that it would complicate matters between me and Kamian. I mean, friends don’t engage in frivolous discussions about their private parts. Ugh, it’s driving me insane.

At that moment, a gentle warmth grasped my hand momentarily before letting go. Kamian, who had suddenly acquired a radiant smile, cast her gaze downward, creating shadows with her long eyelashes.

Instantly, my lips tingled. The impulse to scratch them with my hand flickered.

“I put a dagger in the drawer…”


“Keep it next to your pillow every fortnight from now on.”


“So that you can stab me whenever I rush at you again.”

Despite the whispering tone that sounded pleasing to the ears, the content was ruthlessly harsh.

“Even if you couldn’t pierce me due to your sensibilities, feel free to stab me as much as you want once your anger subsides the next day.”

Did she stay in this room all night just to say these words to me? The broad and sturdy back I saw earlier now felt entirely different. What were the emotions that pressed against Kamian’s body during the silent night?

“Why would I stab you? I’m not angry, nor am I upset. I’m just bewildered. Because friends… don’t engage in such acts.”

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