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Chapter 321: 321 A Peculiar Skill

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321 A Peculiar Skill

“You want a piece with me, dwarf?!”

Shen Yan rolled up his sleeves because he could not stand Roger’s harsh words.

But before Shen Yan could step forward, Zhang Yan stopped him, “Young Master Shen, you have to think carefully before you make a move. If you’re disqualified from the Alchemy Festival, don’t blame me for not stopping you.”

Shen Yan suppressed his anger and snorted before he was willing to follow the others to the warehouse to move the alchemy furnace.

Before long, everyone was ready and stood beside their respective alchemy furnaces.

At that moment, Roger was still fiddling with his materials. He had no intention of responding to the crowd.

Although Gao Zhilong was puzzled, he chose to wait patiently and comforted everyone, “Mr. Roger is very accomplished in alchemy. Though his personality is a little peculiar, I hope everyone can understand him.”

Shen Yan said disdainfully, “Heh, he’s weird alright. He’s really disrespectful.”

Time passed by, and Roger suddenly stood up and faced the crowd.

Gao Zhilong thought that the class was finally about to start, but he did not expect Roger to brush past him in the next second.

When Roger came back, there was already a small box in his hand. Then, he returned to his seat and continued fiddling with it.

“Are you done yet?!”

“That’s right!”

“We spent money and specially came to stand as punishment. Do you really think we’re pushovers?!”

“I can’t take it anymore. If you want to learn, you guys can learn.”

“Me too!”

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

Shen Yan and the two youths could not take it anymore and left the factory.

Besides Su Bai and Gao Zhilong, Murong Xue and a young girl with cute eyes were also present.

“I’m sorry, Su Bai. I didn’t expect Mr. Roger to be so weird.” Gao Zhilong smiled bitterly.

Originally, to study the dwarves’ alchemical techniques, Gao Zhilong searched everywhere, fighting for a chance. He had not anticipated the other party being such a person.

“I’m fine.”

When the small box was opened, a familiar ore appeared. The Crimson Core!

The box contained three grams of Crimson Cores. Roger carefully picked it up and placed it into a small alchemy furnace to quench it.

After fiddling with the materials for half a day, Roger did not have the time to teach them at all.

Gao Zhilong could not help but think of retreating when he saw that.

But Su Bai was watching Roger’s technique attentively. He even leaned forward.

Unlike Anves, Roger’s alchemy technique was cruder. The flames in the alchemy furnace jumped wildly in the blink of an eye. He fused the Crimson Core with the other materials.

After the embers faded, a black cube appeared in Roger’s hand.

Roger turned around and asked, “What about the other three? The class will start in five minutes. Tell them to hurry over.”

Su Bai explained, “Mr. Roger, they have something to do. They won’t be coming.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Roger did not care at all. He handed the black cube to a dwarf worker beside him and instructed, “Tell those idlers underground to be careful. If they break it again, I won’t be in the mood to repair it!”

The dwarf worker said awkwardly, “Lord Roger, I can’t decide on that. But I’ll definitely convey your words clearly!”

After saying that, he left in a hurry.

“Mr. Roger, what is the use of that thing?” Su Bai asked curiously.

With his experience and knowledge, he could not understand the function of the black cube at all.

Roger casually said, “A storage container. You don’t think that the dwarves can create a city that takes off without using energy.”

“A storage container, I see.”

Su Bai rubbed his chin and immediately understood.

After Su Bai translated Mr. Roger’s words to Gao Zhilong and the others, they were surprised that the core of Sky City was actually created by Roger.

That proved that the money Gao Zhilong spent was worth it! He wondered if Shen Yan and the others would regret it when they found out.

“Tell me, what do you want to learn? My time is limited,” said Roger as he sorted out the materials and prepared an alchemy furnace.

“We want you to teach us alchemy skills, Mr. Roger!” Gao Zhilong immediately bowed slightly and said.

Alchemy skills were similar to each other according to habit. But the most important thing was the details and techniques!

What Gao Zhilong needed the most right now was the techniques mastered by the dwarves.

Roger nodded and said calmly, “I see. Let’s start now. Refine something that you want to refine. I’ll take a look at it for you.”

Hearing that, everyone immediately began to ignite the energy flames in the alchemy furnace.

Roger was pacing back and forth in front of everyone.

While Gao Zhilong was concentrating on crafting a Beast-core Gauntlet, Roger frowned.

“Haven’t you eaten enough?”

“Too slow. The materials are almost vaporized. If you continue to slow down, it will be a waste of my materials!”

“Increase the energy, increase it even more!”

The continuous scolding made Gao Zhilong flustered.

In the end, he refined a Bronze-grade Beast-core Gauntlet, which almost shattered his heart.

The materials provided by Roger could not be bought on the streets. They could at least be used to refine Gold-grade alchemical items.

“I’m so sorry!”

Gao Zhilong was quite humble now.

Roger did not care about Gao Zhilong and came before the young girl whose eyes were moving and also frowned.

Before Roger could even speak, the girl was already affected and panicked.


After letting out a long sigh, Roger walked up to Murong Xue. His gaze suddenly froze as he asked, “Is… Is this your first time coming into contact with alchemy?”

Su Bai turned around.

Murong Xue still had a cold and beautiful expression on her face, but all the materials in the alchemy furnace had been burnt to the point of being on the verge of being scrapped.

If Gao Zhilong and the cute girl were said to be overly nervous, resulting in their bad performance, then Murong Xue was completely like a newcomer who had never come into contact with alchemy.

Murong Xue did not answer Roger’s question directly. Instead, she focused on the alchemy furnace.

A moment later, the alchemy furnace underwent a tremendous change.

The flames suddenly turned gray, and the temperature plummeted, freezing the materials that were gradually evaporating.

Then, it was out of the furnace! Just like Gao Zhilong’s, it was a wrist guard.

Its effect was to be able to unleash an ice elemental barrier, and its level was at Gold!

Compared to the defensive Beast-core equipment of the same level, the wrist guard was definitely superior!

After a long silence, Roger gave his evaluation.

“The technique you use is peculiar. I can’t teach you anything.”

“Mr. Roger, you flatter me.” Murong Xue thanked him lightly.

Gao Zhilong and the cute girl were quite envious.

Murong Xue’s alchemy attainments were extremely high. Among them, she was one of the top existences.

“I wonder how Su Bai is doing,” said Gao Zhilong. He looked over and suddenly saw Roger’s expression which was even more exaggerated than before.

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