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Chapter 103: 103 The Most Gains of the Day

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103 The Most Gains of the Day


Bearen Beast has killed an Upper-Bronze level Fire Civet and gained 530 experience points!

The tactic worked!

Bearen acted as a bear-shaped sandbag, constantly receiving the fierce attacks of the Fire Civet. Whitey was in charge of reaping, leaping back and forth in the air at high speed to reap on the battlefield.

Although the Fire Civet had a high attack, it was lucky that Su Bai’s Beastmaster skills had buffs.

It could reduce many impacts, giving Bearen time to catch its breath.

“Use Thunderfury!”


The power of thunder flowed into the ground, temporarily restraining the five Fire Civets.

Bearen took the opportunity to slap one of them. The terrifying force instantly killed the Fire Civet.

As the number of Fire Civets decreased, the tug-of-war became easier.

When less than three Fire Civets left, Bearen couldn’t take it anymore and killed all of them. With its speed advantage, Whitey managed to get another kill.


Bearen has killed an Upper-Bronze level Fire Civet and gained 530 experience points!


Bearen has killed an Upper-Bronze level Fire Civet and gained 530 experience points!

After the battle ended, Whitey stared at Bearen and jumped up and down.

Whitey was very dissatisfied with Bearen’s lousy behavior of snatching the kill in the middle of the fight.

However, Bearen shrugged, looking helpless.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After all, Bearen had a combative personality. To let it be a sandbag and not attack was worse than killing it.

This battle was straightforward. After all, the first region didn’t have many dangerous Beasts.

‘According to the upperclassmen’s instructions last night, to encounter a Silver-level Beast in the first region was considered to be winning a prize.’ Su Bai thought.

But Su Bai didn’t care. He wouldn’t rush it. His palm was covered with lightning as he began to use the Ice Dagger to cut open the Fire Civet’s corpse.

The sharpness of the Ice Dagger far exceeded the Beast-core daggers from before.

The blade could cut a very deep hole with just a light stroke. It could be called a scalpel!

It was the first time Su Bai had used it, and he had been careless, resulting in the loss of Beast-cores. The integrity of the Beast-core was only at 74%.

Su Bai was able to easily control it after a few times of familiarization.

After that, he continued to move around in the first region.

Su Bai spent the whole day in the first region, looking for Beasts to kill.

He even met his squadmates.

But Su Bai was in a hurry to catch a Beast that was running away and was extremely fast, so after a quick greeting, he continued his pursuit.

“Huh? What’s Su Bai after? It can’t be a Silly Deer, right?” the intrepid Beastmaster blinked.

The Beastmasters at the side looked at each other, similarly shocked.

As the name suggested, Silly Deers were silly and did not have much intelligence.

It’s also known as Speedy Deer. It was agile, but its attack power was relatively low.

The Speedy Deer was a common Beast in the first region.

However, in the eyes of Beastmasters, even if they usually saw it, they would ignore it because if they alerted the Silly Deer, it would flee without a trace.

Launching a sneak attack at the Silly Deer was not worth it.

After all, they were among the few Beasts that would not take the initiative to attack.

“This kid is fascinating. Of all the Beasts he could have chased, why did he have to go after that Silly Deer?” the mature-looking Beastmaster chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ll have to teach him well when I get back.”

“Show us the demeanor of us upperclassmen!”

At night, everyone returned to the camp. The intrepid Beastmaster immediately repeated what had happened, and everyone was stunned for a moment after hearing it.

After all, Su Bai was a new member of the team.

Now that they knew about the difficulties of the Ninth Legion, they treasured the hard work of the newcomers even more.

“I told you to bring him along. After all, he had just arrived. Did you guys bully him?” Huo Hua grumbled.

“No, Captain! It’s not our fault. He wanted to act alone.” The intrepid Beastmaster said innocently. “Who’d known he ran off to chase after that Silly Deer. I guess he won’t get anything today.”

“Actually, it’s not bad for newcomers to run around.”

“Bah!” Huo Hua rolled his eyes and warned. “When he comes back, don’t ask about his gains. You have to comfort him.”

They were all experienced and had been active in the first region for several years.

They knew that chasing Silly Deers took too much time. So they were sure that Su Bai’s gains today would be low.

“He’s back, he’s back!”

Su Bai’s figure soon appeared in the camp. His once-clean uniform was now in dreadful condition.

“He doesn’t seem to be depressed.” The intrepid Beastmaster observed. “Don’t tell me he’s trying to save face and pretend to be strong?”

Huo Hua felt that it was his chance to show off his leadership.

Huo Hua immediately welcomed Su Bai and said with a smile, “Welcome back, Su Bai. You didn’t get anything on your first day, right? It’s normal. Don’t be discouraged.”

“That’s right, that’s right. There won’t be any punishment even if a newbie doesn’t complete the target in the first two months of their arrival.”

“Hang out with us tomorrow, and I’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about starving yourself!”

“My gains today are okay,” Su Bai said with a smile.

“Indeed, indeed. As long as you gain something, that’s good!”

Huo Hua chimed in, and the others nodded in agreement, not bearing to expose him.

Just to give some face to the poor and rare newcomer.

Su Bai felt the atmosphere was a little strange, so he repeated, “My gains today are indeed not bad.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“It’s okay, Su Bai. We’re all brothers!”

“Good luck tomorrow! Come and eat!”

Everyone nodded like pounding garlic, and Su Bai’s mouth twitched.

Su Bai could only take the Beasts’ corpses from the Beast Space and pile them up on the empty ground. There were approximately forty Beast corpses.

“Holy sh*t!”

The crowd couldn’t sit still and stood up with surprise in their eyes.

They thought Su Bai was just trying to save face, but he had gained a lot.

In a single day, Su Bai had killed over forty Beasts, and among them was the Silly Deer the intrepid Beastmasters had seen!

“Su Bai, did you kill all of them?”


“Are you sure this is not a gold strike?”

The intrepid Beastmaster dared not believe it until Huo Hua smacked the back of his head.

“What are you saying? Su Bai, I believe you!” Huo Hua’s eyes were shining. He excitedly walked to Su Bai, patted his shoulder, and laughed. “I knew you were different from these old foxes. You’re awesome!”

Huo Hua could laugh even in his dreams about having picked up such a teammate without doing anything as the captain.

The others looked at the Beast’s body. The fatal wound was basically the same.

They believed that it was Su Bai who had killed the Beasts!

“Incredible!” The middle-aged Beastmaster praised. “You killed so many on your first day. Not only that but there were also Beasts like Fire Civets that moved in groups. You’re really something!”

“Wait a minute. Is this a Silver-level Silly Deer?!”

“Is that for real? There’s even Silver-level loot?!”

In just a short while, everyone’s opinion of Su Bai had changed entirely. He was already one of the best in the team to be able to kill more than forty Beasts in a day.

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