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Chapter 110: 110 Activating Divine Sense! Conversing With Whitey

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110 Activating Divine Sense! Conversing With Whitey

‘It’s an unfamiliar voice. Who was talking to me?’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai looked around subconsciously, but there was no one else besides Feng Hai and Zhu Di.


The voice sounded again, and this time Su Bai heard it clearly.

The voice was actually in his mind!

“It’s you?”

Su Bai looked down at Whitey in his palm and said with a shocked expression. “Try and repeat something.”


The voice was crisp and delicate.

‘As expected!’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai was smirking. He didn’t expect his Beast to be so anxious to activate the divine sense ability.

‘How anxious must it be to speak at the last moment?’ Su Bai wondered.

“Whitey, tell me, what exactly is there?”

“G-Good stuff!”

Clearly, Whitey had just activated its divine sense and was lacking in terms of communication.

It couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

Since they could communicate, Su Bai was not hurrying to retreat.

At first, Su Bai thought Whitey’s mind had been affected by the vine tree. Apparently, he had made a wrong judgment and forced Whitey to speak.

Su Bai had never seen anyone or any Beast so anxious.

Although he didn’t know Whitey’s goal, he was only 100 meters away from the vine tree.

All his efforts would be in vain if he retreated now. It would probably be even more challenging to come back in the future.

“Bearen, turn around and continue forward!” Su Bai immediately ordered.

Bearen was fighting against the attacking vine tree, grumbling after hearing that. However, it followed the instructions and immediately turned around to slap away the vines blocking the way.

“Su Bai, what are you doing!” When Feng Hai saw this from a distance, he panicked and shouted. “Hurry up and come out, or it’ll be too late!”

The originally empty space was now like purgatory, the vines standing up and wriggling.

It attacked them like whips.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di, who were at the outer perimeter, were already in a dangerous situation just by parrying and dodging.

Not to mention Su Bai who was in the middle of the vines!

But Su Bai didn’t care and kept moving forward.


As it roared, Bearen used all its strength to cut a bloody path through the vines.

Whitey was guarding Su Bai.

Its sharp legs easily cut through the falling vines.

For a moment, the earth trembled, and the mountains shook.

After killing one vine, there would be two more. If it killed another, there would be four or five more!

It was endless, and Su Bai felt a huge pressure.

“We’re almost there!” Whitey’s voice rang out.

Su Bai looked over and found that he was only thirty meters from the vine tree.

However, as they got closer, more and more vines appeared and attacked them.

Bearen, on the other hand, grew fiercer and fiercer as it fought. After an intense battle, it waved its claws and pounced on the nearest vine, biting it into pieces.

“Oh no…” Feng Hai, who was still on the outside, was exhausted.

Su Bai was long gone from their sight, only the constant rumbling.

The sound of Bearen fighting disappeared. It would mean that Su Bai was in a critical situation.

“Su Bai must have found something. That’s why he didn’t come back.” Zhu Di frowned and said worriedly. “Otherwise, how could he continue to approach that vine tree?!”

“Are you trying to comfort yourself?” Feng Hai asked.

“I guess so.” Zhu Di took a deep breath and said. “Don’t forget, Su Bai is not stupid.”

“Indeed.” Feng Hai forced a smile.

Since Su Bai joined the team, he had been the first or second in terms of daily gains. He was no less powerful than the veterans or even stronger.

Whenever they celebrated, Captain Huo Hua would praise Su Bai.

After that scolding, he would immediately go to Su Bai’s house to apologize and admit that he was worried about the safety of his squad members.

In the end, Su Bai proved himself again and again.

He didn’t need special treatment from them and could already take charge.

Now that they were looking at the vines again, Feng Hai and Zhu Di could only pray.


After taking a deep breath, Feng Hai’s eyes regained calm, and he said, “Since we’ve already come this far, there’s not much we can do. Focus on killing more vines.”

“Let’s do this!” Zhu Di nodded.

The two immediately ordered their Beasts to work together to deal with the vines on the outer perimeter.

At the same time, Su Bai was less than ten meters away from the vine tree.

However, the vines swarming in from all directions made the ten-meter distance as difficult as ascending to the heavens.


Whitey waved its sharp legs crazily, cutting down the vines one after another.


However, Bearen’s hands and feet had already been bound by four or five vines, and it couldn’t struggle free for a while.

“Support Bearen!”

Without hesitation, Su Bai rushed to Bearen with Whitey.

Su Bai took out an Ice Dagger and slashed at the vines.

The Ice Dagger was a Silver-grade weapon. Its power was no less than that of a Silver-level Beast, and the effect was immediate.

But by the time Su Bai finished one, Whitey had already finished cutting off the vines on Bearen’s arm.

The difference was so obvious.

This was also why no matter how strong a Beastmaster’s physique was, they couldn’t act recklessly and fight a Beast of the same level with their physical body.

This was something he had to remember in the academy.

There were countless Beastmasters in history who were capable of doing something so stupid.

In the end, none of them died.


After breaking free from the vines, Bearen was enraged. It used the Thunderfury and smashed the ground.


The violent lightning energy instantly acted as a conductor and struck the vines, causing temporary paralysis.

“Now!” Su Bai took action at once when the time was right.

Bearen had also used Thunderfury to attack the vines, and the conclusion Su Bai got was that it would be effective. However, it could only last for less than five seconds.

This skill was considered significant and had a cooldown of nearly two minutes.

The time it took to create the effect was short, but it was not short either.

It was enough for Su Bai to move ten meters!

“We’re here!” Su Bai came to the vine tree and immediately held Whitey.

“Break it!” Whitey’s voice rang out. It immediately waved its sharp feet and landed on the vine tree.

However, the effect of this attack was limited.

“It’s that hard?” Su Bai saw that Whitey’s attack only left a scratch on the ground, much harder than the moving vines.

“Break it!” Whitey repeated with a hint of anxiety in its voice.

At this point, Su Bai had no other choice. He held the Ice Dagger and started to attack the vine tree with Whitey.

With a sudden force, the Ice Dagger hit the hard vine tree and directly curled.

Su Bai didn’t have time to feel heartache and just kept attacking.

Bearen was in charge of defending against the vines attacking from all directions. Even though it was one against ten, its momentum was still as strong as ever.

Luckily, the vine tree didn’t show any signs of movement and just let Su Bai and Whitey attack.

Ten seconds later, the vine tree was finally cut open. But at the same time, an ethereal sound suddenly came from inside.

“D-Don’t come closer!”

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