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Chapter 116: 116 The Second Vanguard

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116 The Second Vanguard

“You already have a daughter but still don’t know your limits!”

“So what if I don’t know my limits!”

“Alright, then tell me who was the one who courted Cui Hong back then but didn’t succeed and cried for three days and three nights while hugging me!”

“Shut up! You weren’t any better back then!”

Gu Lin and Bing He exchanged blows, and it looked like things were going out of control.

“Sirs, I have something else to attend to, and I’ll take my leave.” Su Bai said hurriedly.

After Su Bai said that, the two were still arguing with each other and had no time to pay attention to him.

Su Bai escaped just in time. He didn’t want to be involved in this uncontrollable storm.

When Su Bai returned to the lounge, Huo Hua immediately asked about the situation with the deputy commanders.

Su Bai could only describe it in one sentence, “Whoever goes there will be unlucky.”

“That interesting?” Feng Hai asked with wide eyes.

“Cut the crap.” Huo Hua said to Feng Hai. Huo Hua turned to Su Bai and asked, “So, Gu Lin is looking for you because he wants you to join the Seventh Legion?”

When Su Bai returned to the lounge, Huo Hua knew that Su Bai had not caused any trouble. On the contrary, he made a great contribution.

The two deputy commanders, Gu Lin and Bing He would still be quarreling. That could be the only reason.

Su Bai nodded, and the other team members were all surprised.

To be able to make the two deputy commanders fight was simply more unbelievable than making a contribution.

“Awesome, Su Bai! Our Nineteenth Squad has found a treasure!”


“Tsk, tsk, if I were you, I might be tempted.”

“Go play at the side, don’t boost other people’s prestige.”

“Let’s not talk about other things first. Su Bai has made a great contribution this time. We must celebrate it in the future!”

“That’s right!”

Everyone was happy, and Captain Huo Hua was also quite pleased.

Huo Hua had been curious about Su Bai’s excellent grades in the youth training camp and the reason Su Bai joined his squad.

Huo Hua had always thought that the commander and the deputy commander must have used some despicable means.

However, it seemed that Huo Hua had overthought it.

Half an hour later, Huo Hua returned from the military council and began to gather the squad for the operation.

Gu Lin made a trip to the vine tree and immediately made a decision. He was ready to mobilize people to find a targeted solution.

With a target, the battle situation was clear.

The military no longer had to wander around the vast plains like headless chickens.

There would be a major magic formation if there was a minor one.

Therefore, their mission was to find the major magic formation and organize a team to start the crusade.

This was the mission of the Nineteenth Squad led by Huo Hua.

“Captain, how’s the argument going?” Feng Hai asked curiously.

Huo Hua put on a stern expression and said, “It’s hard to say. I think there was a fight. The tent in the lounge was overturned.”

“So ruthless?”

“Don’t talk too much. At least don’t drag me into this.”

“Don’t worry, Captain, I’m not that talkative. I’m just asking.”

“You’re famous now.” Feng Hai looked at Su Bai and smiled.

Hearing that, Su Bai felt helpless.

After causing such a huge commotion, more than half of the military had probably heard of Su Bai. They were all quite curious about him and what kind of person could make the two deputy commanders fight over him.

However, the most important thing now was to send out the military immediately.

Soon, the squad was assembled. Huo Hua immediately led the squad out of the camp and rushed to the danger zone.

With Huo Hua as the squad’s backbone, the squad had a smooth journey to defeat the Beasts.

Feng Hai was back in his vanguard.

Zhu Di continued to provide support and bring up the rear.

Su Bai was also happy and idle. He stood in the middle comfortably and helped wherever he needed help.

Soon, the squad arrived at a lake.

Most of the Beasts here had been sucked dry of their blood by the vines, and dried-up corpses were everywhere.

“Damn, these vines are as troublesome as cockroaches that can’t be killed.” The Firebird burned the vines to ashes, and Feng Hai could not help but complain. “The key is that we killed a group of them. They appear again not long after.”

The Beasts were no longer the most troublesome thing. The vines that grew everywhere were the most troubling.

“Do you see the vine tree?” Huo Hua asked as he looked around.

Very quickly, the squad’s scouting Beastmaster immediately reported, “I found it. It’s just behind the hill five hundred meters away.”

It had been over two hours since the squad came out to carry out the mission, and the sun was about to set. They had finally found the vine tree.

“Let’s end this quickly.” Huo Hua immediately led his squad to the vine tree.

According to the intelligence, the main reason why the vines were constantly regenerating and wreaking havoc was because of the minor magic formation.

As long as the minor magic formation was destroyed, the vine would no longer have the energy to revive.

As a result, they could return after destroying the minor magical formation in this operation.

“This is bigger than the previous. Su Bai, what do you think?”

“You’re right.”

Feng Hai was not sure. He asked Su Bai again before reporting, “Captain, you have to be careful. These vine trees are surrounded by vines underground, and they are much more active than the previous ones!”

“Understood.” Huo Hua nodded. He was well aware of the dangers of this operation.

“Why don’t we try with my Digging Prairie? We could let it go underground and directly destroy our target so that we can skip the trouble of breaking through from the front.” one of the Beastmasters in the squad said.

“We haven’t tried this method yet. We won’t know if it’ll work.”

“I think we can try.”

“That’s right. Ordinary vines are already troublesome enough; this is the enhanced version.”

After a brief discussion, Huo Hua nodded in agreement.

The Beastmaster immediately summoned his Beast, Digging Prairie.

The Digging Prairie had sharp nails nearly ten centimeters long, and its body size was similar to that of an ordinary otter. After receiving the order, it immediately burrowed into the soil and rushed toward the root of the vine tree.

On the ground, there was no reaction in the eyes of the people.

However, the Beastmaster’s expression suddenly changed. In the next second, he smiled bitterly at Huo Hua and said, “Captain, this method doesn’t seem to work. Although the vines below can’t threaten the Digging Prairie, too many exist. The Digging Prairie can’t break through.”

The Digging Prairies were not very good at fighting, but they had a special advantage.

But vines were completely different. Their mobility on the ground was no worse than on the ground. Thus, the tactic failed.

“Then let’s break through the encirclement from the front.” Huo Hua immediately began to carry out his second plan and started to assign tasks.

Feng Hai was still the vanguard, but Huo Hua had promoted Su Bai to the same position.

Two vanguards in a squad. It was an unconventional squad combination.

“Feng Hai’s Firebird is pretty strong, but it’s still too much. Su Bai, you’ll be the second vanguard and responsible for reducing Firebird’s pressure,” Huo Hua said.

“Yes, sir.” Su Bai nodded.

Before they came, Feng Hai had mentioned Su Bai’s performance to Huo Hai.

That was why Huo Hua was willing to let Su Bai take on the crucial role of vanguard. Otherwise, he would not have allowed Su Bai to take part in such a risky operation.

After all, a newcomer could not withstand the pressure on the vanguard.


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