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Chapter 143: 143 An Inexplicable Change

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143 An Inexplicable Change


A huge Blood Leopard was wrapped in flames, and it wailed for more than ten seconds before it finally died.

“As expected of you, Lu Ci. Your Phoenix Eagle is extraordinary.”


“Flames with the Phoenix bloodline can’t be put out by ordinary water.”

Lu Ci only smiled amid everyone’s praise and continued on with their journey.

After a two-hour journey, they were far away from the town.

During that time, whenever they came across the Beasts, they killed them.

When Lu Ci stopped, he saw an old round-plate floor not far away. It was not very conspicuous under the dark sky.

When they walked closer, they found that the patterns on it were complicated and difficult to understand.

“Is this the teleportation gateway? But if you look closely, it looks like a magic formation,” Xuanyuan Hong said with a frown.

As a genius of the Xuanyuan family, Xuanyuan Hong had a wide range of knowledge. He could tell that the round-plate floor was not simple.

The others moved forward to carefully observe, but they were unable to find anything.

“That’s right.” Lu Ci nodded and smiled. “Xuanyuan Hong, you are indeed a descendant of a great family. This is the medium to enter the Second Heaven. Once you activate the medium, you will be able to enter the Second Heaven.”

“How do we activate it?”

Everyone couldn’t hold back. They couldn’t wait to see the mysterious Second Heaven.

“It’s simple.” Lu Ci let out a strange smile and walked out of the round plate. He then said with a cold laugh, “As long as I bring you here, I can go in.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

The crowd reacted and immediately prepared to leave the round-plate floor.

But suddenly, a huge pressure descended from the sky, imprisoning everyone in place. None of them could move.

Su Bai didn’t get close to the round-plate floor in his invisible state, so he was lucky.

“Don’t blame me for this. I didn’t lie to you about Second Heaven. It’s just that I’m the only one who can enter. As for you… You all are my bargaining chips.” Lu Ci said maliciously.

“What the hell are you doing! Aren’t you afraid of being investigated after you kill us? Zhu Hong scolded angrily.

“Investigate? Young master Zhu, you sure know how to joke. This is a barren land. You can’t even lift your hands. Why do you think I can’t clean up the scene after this?” Lu Ci said.

Lu Ci added, “By that time, you will all be considered as missing people. No matter how others investigate, they will never find out that you died in the Second Heaven.”

Hearing that, everyone was so angry that their veins popped out.

“So Lu Ci is the murderer.” Su Bai muttered to himself. He stood aside in silence. He was sure the murderer of the dead body he found was Lu Ci.

As for the reason, that wasn’t important.

The important thing was that Lu Ci had almost gone crazy. He had summoned the Phoenix Eagle to circle in the air and then landed on the round-plate floor, but it was not suppressed.

“Guys, when I control the Second Heaven, I will not forget your good intentions.”

As Lu Ci said that, he waved his hand to signal his Beast to start moving.

However, at the same time, a Wind Blade suddenly streaked across the sky and almost hit the Phoenix Eagle.

“I missed.” Xuanyuan Hong squinted his eyes and slowly walked out of the round-plate floor.

“How is that possible?!” Lu Ci’s eyes widened in disbelief. He didn’t expect someone could actually break free from the round-plate floor’s suppression.

However, it wasn’t over yet. Other than Xuanyuan Hong, Zhu Hong and the other Beastmasters broke free of their restraints one after another, walking out of the round-plate floor and focusing their gazes on Lu Ci.

Even the weakest of the Beastmasters present were at the Mid-4 Silver level.

As long as they borrowed the strength of their Beast, they would be able to move freely after a short while.

That shocked Lu Ci greatly. He had once accidentally triggered the round-plate floor and was suppressed on the spot.

It took Lu Ci nearly an hour to get rid of the suppression. Now, the group of people actually broke free earlier than him!

“We almost fell into your trap, young master Lu. Looks like you’re the one who should die.” Zhu Hong squinted his eyes and said with a trace of displeasure.

“Don’t talk nonsense with him, just attack!”

“That’s right!”

“How dare he use us as sacrifices. Guys, don’t waste your breath on him!”

“Let’s capture him first!”

The group shared the same hatred for the enemy. They immediately summoned their Beasts and charged toward the Phoenix Eagle and Lu Ci.

Seeing that, Lu Ci wanted to fight back. However, his strength wasn’t enough to take on several Beastmasters of the same level. He was captured in a moment.

Su Bai, who had been watching from the side, couldn’t help sighing.

‘Were all the so-called geniuses so stupid that they would use their hands instead of their mouths?

‘As long as he could suppress everyone and deal with them in a short time, there would not be so many problems.’ Su Bai thought.

“Let me go! I know I’m wrong! Someone forced me to do this! Please, let me go!” Lu Ci shouted in fear.

Everyone’s faces were filled with disgust.

“What should we do? Hand this person over to Li Xun?”

Li Xun was the Beastmaster in charge of maintaining order in the town. Su Bai shook his head when he heard that.

Because Su Bai knew Li Xun had already been missing for two or three days and it would be a waste of time.

“Everyone, don’t be in such a hurry and hand Lu Ci over yet,” Xuanyuan Hong said. “We still have important matters to deal with.”

“Are you talking about the Second Heaven?”

“That’s right.”

Xuanyuan Hong smirked as he said, “If we want to enter the Second Heaven, only Lu Ci knows how. If he doesn’t tell us, there are a hundred ways to make him disappear.”

The crowd fell silent and began to judge whether they had gained or lost.

Seizing control of the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven was indeed a great temptation for them.

One had to know, the true master of the Second Heaven had long disappeared.

Currently, the Spiral Realm was also managed by more than 20 major cities at the same time. This was because they did not feel at ease leaving the Spiral Realm in the hands of a single power.

The effect of a Spiral Realm was too great. However, it had endless conveniences.

For example, if one was hunted down by an enemy, one only needed to hide in a Spiral Realm.

No matter how his enemies searched the world, they would definitely not be able to find the target.

At the same time, it was of great strategic significance.

One could store a military in the Spiral Realm, then sneak into someone else’s major city by himself, then pour out and attack the major city from the inside.

No one could guard against it!

There were still too many uses for it. As long as they could obtain it, one’s family would definitely prosper even more!

“Lu Ci, don’t be insensible. Tell us the way to enter the Second Heaven, and we’ll spare your life. Otherwise …” Zhu Hong questioned.

“I’ll tell, I’ll tell!” Lu Ci seemed to have accepted his fate, but just as he opened his mouth, he suddenly stopped and laughed wildly, “I’ll tell you crap, you’re about to die!”

Before the crowd could react, several Beasts suddenly appeared behind them.

It was too sudden, and they immediately responded in a hurry.

However, they didn’t expect that this group of Beasts didn’t do it on the spur of the moment. They had planned to save Lu Ci.

Xuanyuan Hong and the others hurriedly chose to attack.

“He got help?!” Su Bai was a little surprised. He looked up and saw a thin figure not far away.

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