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Chapter 149: 149 Spiral Realm Training Simplified With Push-Ups!

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149 Spiral Realm Training Simplified With Push-Ups!

“That’s right. With our talents, we definitely have a chance to comprehend the stele!”

“Xuanyuan Hong is indeed sharp!”

“We’re already considered a top-tier team among the younger generation of Beastmasters. How could a mere stone stele be a problem for us?”

“Everyone, let’s just stay if that’s the case.”

With just a few words, everyone became extremely excited.

They were all talented Beastmasters and they were regarded as a prodigy by their respective families and major cities.

It was as if they had been given adrenaline shots and became ambitious.

“What’s in it for you to let them stay?” Su Bai asked.

The old man grinned and said, “I’m at my limit and there’s no benefit for me. But as long as someone can control the Spiral Realm and make my decades of hard work not in vain, it’s enough!”

“How many people did you kill all these years?”

“One hundred and eight.”

Su Bai fell silent.

In Su Bai’s eyes, this old man was no different from a stubborn lunatic. Compared to the young master of the Salvation Sect, he was only more sinister and vicious.

The old man had spent the rest of his life in the Spiral Realm, so it was normal for him to have become a lunatic.

As for the Spiral Realm stone stele, Su Bai raised his head and looked straight at it. Suddenly, the system’s voice sounded,


You have been detected comprehending the Second Heaven’s Spiral Realm stone stele. You can simplify it by doing push-ups!

Do you wish to simplify it?

‘As expected of a great opportunity, even the simplified version was more difficult than the others.’ Su Bai thought.

It was impossible for Su Bai to not have any thoughts about the Spiral Realm.

As long as he could master it, it would be equivalent to having an extremely huge Beast Space.

Su Bai’s Beast Space compared to his peers, even his seniors were extremely outstanding.

However, when it came to Spiral Realms that were formed from the changes in heaven and earth, they paled in comparison.

“Look after this guy.” Su Bai walked to the stone stele after giving instructions to Bearen.

When the others saw that, they immediately got ready to continue comprehending.

However, before they could sit down cross-legged, they saw Su Bai’s posture was a little strange.

“What’re you doing? Su Bai, you…” someone asked in confusion.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m just doing some warm-up exercises. You guys can continue to comprehend.”


Su Bai made up a lie and then started to do push-ups.

In the face of an opportunity, everyone did not think too much. They immediately sat down cross-legged and once again entered the world of consciousness.

A severe headache came in an instant, and muffled cries of pain could be heard from time to time.

“I’m feeling comfortable…”

Su Bai was the only one who didn’t feel any pain. Instead, he felt a warm current flowing through his body.

After a set of 100 push-ups, Su Bai was already drenched in sweat.

However, the momentum did not decrease. Instead, Su Bai increased his speed.

After more than an hour, the pain was truly unbearable, and the others could only retreat to the side to rest.

Though, they couldn’t understand Su Bai’s busy figure.

“Su Bai’s warm-up exercise seems a little long.”

“Xuanyuan Hong, don’t you know him?”

“I’ve heard of him. A few months ago, my brother had a fight with Su Bai and Su Bai won.” Xuanyuan Hong frowned and said.

Xuanyuan Hong wasn’t very clear about the rest of the matter.

Because of his family’s arrangements, Xuanyuan Hong had always been training painstakingly and did not have much understanding of outside life.

“Old man, are you done resting?” Su Bai suddenly shouted to the old man beside him. “You’ve lived here for decades, so you should have some experience.”

“I do…”

The old man was no better off than Xuanyuan Hong and the others.

The old man looked at the busy Su Bai in astonishment.

“Then tell me, what kind of Beasts are mainly distributed here? If you answer honestly, I might let you live.”

“Understood. There’s Sturgeon Snakes and Scarlet Tiger in the Second Heaven…”

The two of them asked and answered.

It was like an interrogation, and everyone wanted to ridicule him.

Three hours later, everyone started a fire and hunted some Elaphures and other common Beasts for food to fill their stomachs as night fell.

“Bah, this meat is really fishy!”

“It’s good enough that there’s something to eat. Why are you so picky?”

“I’m not eating. I’m not used to eating it anyway. Is there any fruit or something?” the man complained.

“Yes, but they’re all unidentified species. You can try them to test the poison.”

“You’re using me as a lab rat?”

Xuanyuan Hong, Zhu Hong, and the other three were still in front of the stone stele. Their spiritual power was extraordinary, and they could hold on for more than three hours at one time.

“I can’t take it anymore!”

Finally, Zhu Hong couldn’t help but withdraw. He panted and said, “I can’t understand it at all. It’s too difficult.”

“That’s right. It was still fine at the beginning, but the more I understand, the more unbelievable it becomes. Is there really someone who can understand this?”

“I’m planning to give up. I don’t have the qualifications.”

Just as someone was complaining, the old man who was still in Bearen’s arms laughed in disdain, “Geniuses are nothing more than this.”


Everyone’s eyes widened. Although they were not convinced, they had no choice.

If it were them, they wouldn’t have the patience to stay in such a deserted place for decades.

“You should give up. Only by offering fresh blood can you comprehend the stone stele. Your blood has been improving, so it’s much more effective than ordinary people’s,” the old man said with a smile.

“Bah! You still have the face to say that? It’s already good enough that we didn’t beat you to death.”

“That’s right!”

The crowd ignored the old man and turned their attention to Xuanyuan Hong and the other two. They were their last hope.

As for Su Bai, he was still doing push-ups. He didn’t answer when they asked him questions, only saying that it was a warm-up.

In the latter half of the night, a few of them were drowsy.

Xuanyuan Hong and the other two had retreated one after another. Their faces were pale, and it was obvious that they had suffered a great setback.

“It’s too difficult to comprehend this stone stele.”

Recalling his arrogant thoughts, Xuanyuan Hong immediately felt ashamed.

“There’s nothing we can do. The things contained in the stone steles are too profound. We’ve already tried our best.”

“Yeah, even if we didn’t succeed, it would still be an interesting experience.”

The two of them came forward to comfort him.

Failure wasn’t scary. What was scary was when one failed while others succeeded.

That would make one seem inferior to others. Therefore, the crowd was not that depressed.

“By the way, Su Bai…”

Everyone reacted and turned their heads to find that they were right.

Su Bai was still doing push-ups as if he was possessed.

“It’s done!”

At that moment, Su Bai stopped and stood up. He stared at the stone stele in excitement and connected with it in his mind.

All of this made the old man shiver. He opened his eyes wide and shouted, “Impossible!”

“What’s impossible?”

Everyone realized that something was wrong and quickly asked.

The old man was very excited. He bit his lips and growled, “My consciousness that was connected to the stone stele was actually pushed out!”

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