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Chapter 155: 155 The Dawn Queen

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155 The Dawn Queen

Name: Dawn Queen

Level: Mid-6 Gold

Potential: High Platinum

Talent: Devour (Epic)

Nature: Cold

Skills: Reproduce (S-Level), Dark Physique (A-Level), Gluttony (A-Level)

Status: Weak

The Dawn Queen had only Platinum potential, an epic talent, and an s-grade skill. It was considered gorgeous among those of the same grade.

But Su Bai heaved a sigh of relief. Whether it was the Dawn Queen’s epic talent or skills, they were not focused on combat.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with.

At the same time, because Su Bai had comprehended the stone stele on the Second Heaven, Su Bai could see the Beasts’ status in the virtual panel.

Ordinary Dawn Larva didn’t need to eat or drink, and their consciousness was driven by instinct. Thus, its status was not displayed.

The Dawn Queen in front of Su Bai was obviously different. It had high intelligence and was the master of the swarm!

Just as Su Bai was about to send Whitey out, the Dawn Queen opened her white eyes and looked at where Su Bai was.

“Who has trespassed the forbidden area?”

An arrogant and cold voice came to Su Bai’s mind through his consciousness.

Instantly, Su Bai was ready to run away. Once something went wrong, he would immediately retreat.

The other party did not have any combat ability but it did not mean that it would sit idly with its Mid-6 Gold level.

Among the Beasts, it was normal for the strong to devour the weak.

And to be able to see a weak Beast devour a strong Beast was something that could only be seen in one’s lifetime.

Su Bai thought he could fight against a Gold-level Beast, but this was the Beast’s territory, and unexpected situations could happen at any time.

The air was cold in the area. Su Bai’s mind was running crazily while in the confrontation and he thought of more than ten different countermeasures.

In the end, Su Bai took the initiative to deactivate his Invisibility and face the Dawn Queen in his true form.

“A human? You’re actually able to come to Third Heaven. It seems that you’ve mastered the mystery of the stone stele earlier than that old man. Impressive.” the Dawn Queen said coldly.

Su Bai wasn’t happy with such a sudden compliment. He said indifferently, “I have just arrived and didn’t know that the Dawn Larva was residing in the Third Heaven. I hope you can forgive me, Dawn Queen.”


The Dawn Queen laughed out loud and said, “You humans have much longer lifespans than us. You look like you’re not even twenty years old, but I’ve only been born for ten years.”

As if Dawn Queen had not come into contact with humans for a long time, there was a hint of excitement in its words.

“How is that old man now?”


“Hmm… I’ve wanted to kill him for a long time.” The Dawn Queen covered her mouth with her slender fingers, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed in her eyes. “Since I lost a toy, it’ll be hard to find another one I like.”

The implied meaning was obvious. Su Bai was her next toy.

Su Bai didn’t know much about the insectoids, but he knew that they were brutal and loved to eat the flesh and blood of other Beasts to nourish themselves.

Whitey was also an insectoid, but it liked to be alone due to its habits. Thus, it was very different.

As for the Dawn Queen, it was obviously similar to the insectoid described.

“Don’t worry, if you join my army, I won’t mistreat you. As long as the Spiral Realm is broken, I’ll definitely be able to lead an army and dominate a human city.” the Dawn Queen said condescendingly.

“When would the Spiral Realm be broken?” Su Bai asked.

It was not strange for the insectoids to have such thoughts. After all, regardless of whether it was Los Monstaria or other major cities, they would suffer from the insectoid invasion almost every year.

However, the insectoids looked like humans, but not very much.

A certain type of insectoid lived in groups and absolutely isolated other insectoids. Sometimes, they would even take the initiative to attack and devour other insectoids.

Just like humans, the insectoids built their own cities.

However, when the race was in the face of extermination, the humans would join forces to resist the enemy and let go of past grievances.

That would never happen between the insectoids.

It was precisely because of this that it was easy to deal with the invasion of more than 10000 insectoids every year.

The only headache was the reproductive ability of the insectoids, which was no different from the spring breeze.

All the major cities were used to it.

“Why? Are you interested?” Dawn Queen raised her head slightly. With a hint of charm, she chuckled and said, “Kneel down. With me as your Queen, I will grant you the Dawn Physique.”

“You mean to let the larva live in my body? Forget it then.” Su Bai sneered. He said sarcastically, “I don’t want to be a living dead.”

At that moment, there were a few abnormally obvious insect eggs placed on the ground beside the connecting stairs.

The eggs were different from the others, there was a sticky liquid on them.

Obviously, this was the reason why the Dawn Queen was weak. It had just finished laying its eggs and was now recuperating.

That was one of the reasons why Su Bai dared to show up. The Dawn Queen was weak and would not attack him personally when it found an invader.

“A mere human doesn’t know what’s good for him.” Dawn Queen’s eyes became cold again. It held its chin and said, “But don’t worry, I won’t let you die. I’ll make your life worse than death.”

After saying that, two figures suddenly appeared from the entrance.

They were the two Gold-level Beasts that were responsible for guarding the place.

‘They’re here!’ Su Bai thought.

It was still in Su Bai’s plan. He just needed to continue distracting the Dawn Queen.

“It’s not that I don’t want to join, but what can I do with just these bugs?” Su Bai pretended to be in a difficult position. He added, “Looking at you, you should be an insect that has seen the world. Don’t you know that there are many strong people in the human cities?”

“I’ve never left the Spiral Realm.”

“Oh?” Su Bai’s eyes brightened when he heard the Dawn Queen’s words.

It was a surprise to Su Bai.

Since the Dawn Queen had never left the Spiral Realm, it must have gotten the information about the human race from the old man or books, but it definitely didn’t know much.

“Ahem, so what are you going to do now, Dawn Queen?”

“I’ll capture you alive.”

With a wave of its hand, the Dawn Queen had one of the Gold-level Beasts come forward.

Su Bai immediately summoned Bearen from his Sigil.

The current situation was what Su Bai was most happy to see, but he couldn’t express it too bluntly.

“I’m not in the mood to battle, so there’s nothing to talk about?”

“Kneel before me.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t kneel. If others find out that I knelt down to an insectoid, I’ll be killed when I go back. In fact, it’s no different from what you’re saying now.”

Su Bai talked nonsense with a serious look.

“Then there’s nothing to talk about. White Tiger, capture him alive!”

The Dawn Queen lost her patience.

Immediately, The White Tiger slowly approached Su Bai.

Being stared at by a pair of listless eyes was a little terrifying.

So Su Bai pretended to be scared, took half a step back, and said, “Since you wanted it that way, I will not surrender without a fight.”


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