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Chapter 157: 157 The Town in Crisis

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157 The Town in Crisis

“Anything yet? There are already casualties in the town!”

More than ten minutes passed, and the atmosphere in the conference hall was quite restless.

The younger Beastmasters in the Spiral Realm were the pillars of strength in their respective major cities in the future.

Even if one of them died, it would be a huge loss to their respective major cities.

The Great Ming City’s governor was under great pressure.

In the end, the answer he got was that he couldn’t contact the personnel arranged in the town.

“What do you think of the current situation, Mr. Gu?” An old man over 70 years old had a puzzled look in his eyes.

The Los Monstaria’s governor, Gu Yan, frowned and sighed, “An attack on the town is unprecedented, but if we just ignore it, it will definitely be an unprecedented disaster.

“I don’t think this is a coincidence.”

“You mean to say…”

“Mr. Governor of Great Ming City.” the old man said four words, which made Gu Yan frown.

The various human major cities had always been based on alliances, but in reality, it was not uncommon for each of them to have its own ulterior motives.

If any of the major cities had snatched the other’s territory, they would begin to fight with each other.

It didn’t matter if things were within control. If things got out of hand, there would be other forces coming to stop them.

The old man was the governor of Injustice, near Los Monstaria. He had always been at odds with the Great Ming City.

Therefore, it was not strange for them to pin the blame on Great Ming City.

“I need more concrete information. Although the Great Ming City’s governor is unruly, he would not resort to such despicable means,” Gu Yan said cautiously.

However, there was no smoke without fire.

“It’s already been more than ten minutes. How can we be convinced since the Great Ming City’s efficiency is so low?”

“That’s right. Up until now, over a dozen Beastmasters have died in the Spiral Realm. A huge amount of resources were used to nurture them. Can you, the Great Ming City’s governor, shoulder this responsibility?!”

“Quickly open the passage!”

“That’s right!”

The crowd was filled with righteous indignation.

“Everyone, please calm down,” said the Great Ming City’s governor. He sighed, “The Spiral Realm is held in turns. We definitely don’t want to see this happen. Besides, there are casualties as well from our city.”

But these words were not enough to convince everyone.

The top priority was to rescue the young Beastmasters who were in deep trouble as soon as possible.

“Something’s not right. The movements of these Beasts are a little strange.”

At that moment, someone noticed that there was something wrong with the Beasts that attacked the town.

“They’re walking unsteadily, and their strength can actually cut off half a meter of the house beam in an instant. Strange…”

“Each Beast has a few tentacles. What are they?”

“What a powerful force! It’s definitely not inferior to a High-Silver level Beast! Why would such a Beast appear in the Spiral Realm?”

“Did anyone notice anything else?”

Everyone present was a big shot from their respective cities.

They should have been able to see it at a glance, but they had overlooked it because of their impatience.

“I’ve already arranged for people to start investigating.”

The governor of Great Ming City wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, immediately mobilizing the expert Beastmasters of Great Ming City.

Soon, an hour had passed. There was finally some progress in the matter. It was confirmed that the Beasts that attacked the town were almost all parasitized by the insectoid.

Everyone present had seen the world and knew about the insectoid’s parasitism.

The Spiral Realm had been around for decades and it had already been thoroughly explored. They could even slightly control the ecology inside.

But there were suddenly more insectoids’ parasitic Beasts.

The Great Ming City could not escape the responsibility.

“It doesn’t make sense at all!”

The Great Ming City’s governor ordered solemnly, “Interrogate all the Beastmasters who have entered the Spiral Realm immediately. If necessary, use unconventional means.”

“Yes, sir!”

The subordinate received the order and immediately turned to leave.

Gu Yan walked out of the conference hall and happened to meet the governor of Great Ming City, who had just rushed back. He stopped him and asked for information.

Although they weren’t exactly friends, they were familiar with each other.

After revealing a thing or two, Gu Yan was also very confused.

“From what I know, although parasitic insectoids aren’t rare, there must be someone on the inside who developed them to such a scale.”

“That’s right. But the biggest problem is to seize the time to open the Spiral Realm’s passage,” the Great Ming City’s governor said with a bitter smile.

“How long do you need?”

“About … two days.”

The two fell into silence.

The Spiral Realm was ownerless and the reason why its trial was held every five years was that it was best to control it on a certain day every five years.

Under normal circumstances, a large number of foreign objects entering the Spiral Realm would cause a rejection effect.

Therefore, after a few days, there would be a fluctuation again, giving the outside world another chance to open the passage.

However, it had only been less than five days since the trial, and the opportunity had yet to come.

Thus, if one wanted to forcefully open the passage again, one would need an extremely powerful external force.

Now, the Great Ming City had already dispatched most of its Beastmasters to forcibly interfere with the Spiral Realm, trying to open up a path.

“Mr. Gu, do you have a better idea?” the Great Ming City’s governor sighed and said worriedly, “I’m afraid I had to bear the responsibility. I can only hope that things won’t be the worst.”

During these two days, the Beastmasters in the town could only rely on their own strength to survive.

In the town of the Spiral Realm, the commotion around it gradually died down after a few hours of fighting.

After experiencing the battle with the parasitized Beast, the younger generation understood that they could not stand for long.

The team led by Xuanyuan Hong began to remind the others to hide as much as possible and must not face the enemy head-on unless they had no other choice!

In the dark basement, more than a dozen men and women were sitting in the corner.

Every time they heard a sound above their heads, they would tighten their grip on their weapons. The Beasts around them had goosebumps and were on high alert.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when the Beast above them left.

But at that moment, a girl with weak willpower cried, “It’s all my fault … to protect me, she stopped the Beasts by herself. And … now…”

The girl broke down in an instant and burst into tears. She buried her head between her arms and sobbed.

In just a few short hours, many had experienced the moment of life and death. This was a feeling that they had never experienced before.

“Calm down. Now is not the time to relax yet. Besides, you didn’t witness her death. You should get some rest.” said a teenager.

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” the teenager forced a smile. “Don’t be so tense. Arrange for two people to be on guard. The rest of you should take the time to rest.”

No one had any objections to this, and they immediately chose the candidates.

However, at that moment, the door bolt of the underground entrance suddenly moved, and everyone became extremely nervous.

“We’re on the same side.”

It was Bing Qingqing’s voice, and she immediately said to the crowd, “I’m here to pick you up. Follow me to a safe gathering point.”


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