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Chapter 162: 162 Greeted by the Governor Himself

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162 Greeted by the Governor Himself

The first to question Su Bai was the young Beastmaster from Snowton City. He shouted, “It’s only been a few days. How could he kill so many Beasts?”

The reason behind such a question was understandable.

All the Beastmasters present looked at Su Bai and the others.

They were all the most outstanding and youngest Beastmasters in their respective cities. Even if there was a gap between them, it wouldn’t be too big.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but isn’t this too exaggerated?”

“Why do I feel that that person looks a little familiar…”

“I remember now! He’s the one who won the A-rank challenge in less than a minute!”

“Who is it?”

“It’s true, I was there!”

There was a lot of discussion happening, and Los Monstaria instantly became the focus of the audience. Among them, Su Bai was the spotlight.

At that time, the governor of Snowton City came over with a solemn face. “How can Los Monstaria’s score be so high?”

The Beastmasters from Snowton City had already begun popping the champagne. After it was opened, the top prize was snatched away by Los Monstaria suddenly.

“Mr. Governor, they must have cheated!”

“That’s right!?”

“For the past two days, we’ve been suffering and didn’t enter the town. Every meal was tough and we’ve been hunting Beasts. We were very exhausted, so how could they have a higher score than us?”

“I agree! We must strictly investigate the Beast-cores in Los Monstaria!

The Beastmasters from Snowton City rushed over, feeling indignant.

The governor of Snowton City strode toward Huo Hua and the others and asked, “Forgive me, citizens from Los Monstaria. Could you let me take a look at the Beast-cores?”

“Of course, be my guest.” Huo Hua didn’t stop the governor because he had 100% faith in Su Bai.

Soon, all the Beast-cores in Los Monstaria were presented on the table again. The sight of it attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Other than the governor of Snowton City, many other governors were checking.

The atmosphere during the entire process was a little intense.

“If they are found to be cheating, Los Monstaria will be in trouble.”

“That’s not possible, right?”

“Hehe, those who cheated definitely can’t run away. There are special methods to detect the Beast-cores in the Spiral Realm.”

“Don’t talk too much, just look at it.”

Everyone present stared at the figures without blinking.

While checking, each governor carefully examined the Beast-cores.

“Not bad.”

The governor of the North City held a Bronze-grade Beast-core in his hand and praised, “The extraction is quite skilled, and the preservation is quite perfect. This is definitely not something that those merchants can do.”

“Yes, they are all Beast-cores from the Spiral Realm. There is no mistake.”

“I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary on my side.”

The governors all put down the Beast-cores in their hands and acknowledged Los Monstaria’s results.

The governor of Snowton City gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to give up after failing to find any flaws.

But at that moment, he suddenly turned to Su Bai and commented, “Young friend, you are talented indeed, but there’s something I would like to know.”

Most of the Beast-cores were from Su Bai.

It was obvious that the problem was with him, and the other governors immediately looked over.

“What is it, sir?”

Su Bai knew he would be tortured, so he didn’t refuse.

The governor squinted his eyes and picked up an Iron-grade Beast-core. He asked, ” I’ve heard that you’ve completed the A-rank challenge. Why aren’t there any Gold-grade Beast-cores here?”

In the eyes of the other governors, this question was a terrible one.

In the Spiral Realm’s trial, Beastmasters could hand over the Beast-cores they obtained, and at the same time, keep them for themselves. It was not mandatory.

Huo Hua, who was standing beside Su Bai, was not in a hurry at all.

Huo Hua knew that the governor of Snowton City would not accept the fact that his prey had escaped. However, as the governor, he would not make things difficult for a young man in public.

“Well… this is embarrassing to say.” Su Bai chuckled. “I was born a commoner with no money. So I was hoping to keep the Gold-grade Beast-cores in exchange for money. I still have them with me.”

As Su Bai spoke, he took out the Gold-grade Beast-core from the Beast Space and placed it on the table.

“You worry too much, little friend. I’m just curious. If that’s the case, let me be the first one to congratulate Los Monstaria for winning this year’s trial. Take care.”

Of course, the governor of Snowton City was not interested in those Gold-grade Beast-cores. Seeing that Su Bai had not shown any flaws, he could only cup his hands in celebration.

But anyone could tell, the governor of Snowton City clenched his teeth so hard that they almost broke.

The counting of the loot continued. When it was over, there were no more incidents like what happened to Los Monstaria.

“The Spiral Realm trial has officially ended. The first place goes to Los Monstaria, the second place goes to Snowton City, and the third place…”

The judge stood on the stage and announced the results.

Los Monstaria’s Beastmasters cried tears of joy, all of their previous exhaustion gone.

“Amazing! I never dreamed that we would be able to get first place!”

“It’s all thanks to Su Bai!”

“That’s right. Without Su Bai, our results this year would not be as good as last time!”

“Where is Su Bai?”

“I don’t know.”

“I saw him. It seems like the governor personally took him away.”

“That would be awesome!”

The few of them gathered together, the envy on their faces could not be concealed.

It was a glorious moment to be picked up by the governor personally.

In the resting room, Su Bai sat on the sofa with his back straight. The person beside him was the governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan.

Other than that, the other people were also high-level officials who had a say in Los Monstaria.

“Great job, Su Bai. You managed to get so many Beast-cores in just a few days.” Xu Chu, the Ninth Legion’s commander, laughed heartily.

Xu Chu was glad that he listened to Bing He’s words and invited Su Bai into joining the military.

“Come on, Xu Chu, mind your attitude. You’re disgracing yourself. Don’t you dare take advantage of him and still act innocent.” He Wenyuan laughed.

“I’m not happy to hear that.” Xu Chu raised his eyebrows. “How many years has it been since I’ve gotten such a good deal? If I don’t show off now, when will I get the chance?”

Huo Hua, who was standing at the side, was no longer the same as before.

None of them could be offended, even though Su Bai was the current hero. But still, he might say the wrong thing.


Governor Gu Yan saw the two of them start to bicker again and immediately half laughed and half chided, “That’s enough, both of you. The first place this time will help Los Monstaria get resources for the next five years. Su Bai hasn’t even said anything and you’re already fighting.”

When the scores were being counted, Gu Yan was so flustered that he had hidden in the lounge. He didn’t expect that Huo Hua would run to him and bring the news that Los Monstaria had won first place.

Gu Yan didn’t believe it at first. He didn’t expect it to be true, and he laughed even more exaggeratedly than Xu Chu.

This was an excellent resource for the next five years. It was enough to let Los Monstaria nurture a new generation of Beastmasters, and was the foundation to strengthen Los Monstaria’s overall strength.

And Su Bai’s reputation would definitely be dazzling in Los Monstaria.

Even Huo Hua felt that it was surreal that these high-ranking officials were now as happy as children, wandering around a young lad.


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