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Chapter 169: 169 Weak, Pitiful, and Hungry

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169 Weak, Pitiful, and Hungry

There was still half an hour before the auction began. After a moment of silence, the crowd entered the building.

It was obvious that the auction this time was very popular. The entire place was almost filled with people.

But just when Su Bai and the others were about to enter, an attendant with her hair in a bun hurried over, bowed to them, and said, “I’m sorry, but due to a sudden change in the upper level, the VIP box has been canceled.”

“Why?” Li Yan asked in confusion.

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure about that. As compensation, we can give you a normal ticket,” the female attendant apologized.

Everyone was caught off guard by this situation.

At this time, Zhang Kun suddenly stood up and said, “If you don’t mind, you could come to our Zhang family’s private room. However, there aren’t many seats, only two.”

The implication of Zhang Kun’s words couldn’t be more obvious. He was only willing to invite Zhu Lili alone.

“It’s okay, I’ll go to the normal seats with everyone,” Zhu Lili said while shaking her head.

An exclusive private room was nothing to the eight great families.

However, Zhu Lili did not like to rely on her family’s influence, so she reserved a normal VIP box.

Seeing that he had been rejected, Zhang Kun showed a disdainful look.

Although it was very subtle, Su Bai saw everything.

Then, under the guidance of the female attendant, they were brought to a few normal seats.

However, it was too late. The seats were scattered, and only two seats were connected.

“It’s a small matter. We’re just here to open our eyes anyway, so it doesn’t matter if we sit together or not.”

“That’s right, we’ll be leaving.”

“I’ll see you later, Zhu Lili.”

The few youths were very observant and left on their own.

“Lili …”

“Li Yan, shall we go?”

Just as Zhang Kun opened his mouth, he did not expect Zhu Lili to invite Li Yan directly.

Zhang Kun’s expression suddenly looked like he was constipated.

“Uh… alright.” the dull Li Yan was like an innocent little boy.

Su Bai watched with great interest. He didn’t expect the mischievous fellow who used to follow him around would be able to get the favor of the young lady of the eight great families.

Li Yan and Zhu Lili left in pairs.

Su Bai didn’t waste any time and got the ticket for seat no. 188.

Only Zhang Kun was left standing there with an ashen face.

The auction was very lively. Su Bai checked the list of the main auction items and lost interest after a while.

It wasn’t that the items’ grade was too low to be worth looking at. Instead, Su Bai had seen those items for auction before in the military. If he wanted to get his hands on them, he could exchange them with his merit points at any time.

The only things that stood out were a few of the final items.

This time, a big shot had come to the auction, causing the surrounding people to whisper.

“Look! Isn’t that Zhou Tianwen from the Zhou family? ”

“I’m surprised he’d come to this auction?”

“For Zhou Tianwen to be here, it seems that this auction is not simple.”

“Who is Zhou Tianwen?”

“You don’t even know this? How did you get in?”

“Zhou Tianwen is a Silver-level Beastmaster, and he loves alchemy. He’d forged quite a number of Beast equipment that even big shots would be tempted by!”

Zhou Tianwen’s appearance caused a commotion. With his achievements in alchemy, he had a very sharp eye for items.

The only thing that could attract Zhou Tianwen here was definitely high-quality alchemy material.

“The Golden Soul Thread.” the rarest material Su Bai could think of on the auction list was the Golden Soul Thread.

It came from the Golden Monkey.

They were so rare that a single Golden Monkey would need ten years to grow one thread.

Since they couldn’t mass produce it, they couldn’t raise the Golden Monkeys in a group as well.

That was why the price of one was sky-high!

And in this auction, there would be a total of one hundred strands.

It was no wonder that an alchemy maniac like Zhou Tianwen would appear.

Su Bai had no interest in that. What he was really interested in was the final unidentified Beast egg.

In the finale, such a situation would definitely interest many people. After all, the scale of this auction was not small.

The organizer wouldn’t joke around with so many people.

Just a few minutes after the auction started, Su Bai saw the staff behind the scenes preparing the items for the auction. Suddenly, Whitey’s voice sounded in his mind.


Whitey crawled out of Su Bai’s pocket and looked at the Beast egg with longing eyes.

Especially when Whitey saw the Beast eggs neatly arranged, it was like a grand banquet for it!

“You little fellow…” Su Bai smiled bitterly.

Whitey, who had grown up, had somehow awakened its predatory instinct.

Every time Su Bai went up Mt. Six-peaks, Whitey would not be able to move when it saw a Beast egg.

However, Whitey was quite a picky eater and would not even bother with those that it did not like.

The items that could be brought out at the auction were undoubtedly carefully selected.

“I want to eat!” Whitey turned around and stared at Su Bai.

There was no expression on Whitey’s face, but its eyes conveyed a weak, pitiful, and hungry look.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’ll buy it if you want to eat it.”

Su Bai was here out to relax, so it was not too much to buy some snacks for Whitey.

But if the others knew that Su Bai was going to buy the Beast egg as a snack, they would probably be shocked.

No family in the world could be so extravagant! Not even the descendants of the eight great families dared to be so extravagant and wasteful.

“My honored guests, I’m sorry for the long wait. Let the auction begin!” the luxuriously dressed host stepped onto the stage and greeted everyone elegantly.

Following the introduction, an item appeared on the stage.

“This is only an appetizer. It’s a Beast egg from a Mountain Elk. Its potential is Upper-Silver level!”

“The Mountain Elk is known for its unyielding nature. Although its combat ability is not outstanding, its Earth element is exceptionally outstanding.

“It can push the ground to defend against enemies, and it can also help build houses!”

“The starting bid is $500,000!”

As an appetizer, the Beast egg of the Mountain Elk was only slightly better.

The people present did not show much interest in this.

“Seven hundred thousand!”

“Eight hundred thousand!”

“One million!”

After bidding intermittently, the price was finally raised to $2.5 million.

The price had already reached its limit.

Su Bai immediately raised his sign.

“Three million! The most generous guest who has raised the bid so far, are there any higher bids?” the host shouted.

It was obvious that no one present had a stronger desire.

To buy a Beast egg that was less than the best but more than enough.

“Going once… going twice!

“Sold! Congratulations to the gentleman in the seat no. 188 for winning Item No. 1!”

The hammer fell and Su Bai successfully got the Mountain Elk’s Beast egg.

With half of its head peeking out of the pocket, Whitey couldn’t help but wave its long, sharp feet and cheer.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you eat after it’s over.” Su Bai chuckled.

Su Bai was already thinking about how much he should pay for the next Beast egg.

Since he was already here, he might as well get all Whitey’s food.

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