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Chapter 172: 172 The Alchemist Guild

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172 The Alchemist Guild

“There’s no need to thank me. I’m just lending a hand.” Su Bai smiled.

“You’re too modest, Su Bai,” Xuanyuan Hong said.

The two of them exchanged words, making Xuanyuan Haoyu’s head buzz.

‘From their conversation, it seemed like Su Bai had saved Xuanyuan Hong’s life.

‘How was that possible?

‘Hong was a genius among the younger generation, and he had an A-level talent!

‘It was like a fantasy joke to be saved by an unknown figure like Su Bai.’ Xuanyuan Haoyu thought.

After Su Bai left, Xuanyuan Haoyu couldn’t wait to ask, “Hong, who is he?”

“I don’t know.” Xuanyuan Hong shook his head.

Xuanyuan Hong had only seen Su Bai in contact with Huo Hua, who was wearing a military uniform, so he guessed that Su Bai was one of the military soldiers that returned from Great Ming City.

Xuanyuan Hong also tried to use his family’s name to search for Su Bai.

However, the higher-ups of Los Monstaria suddenly stopped the search.

Obviously, Su Bai’s identity was not as simple as Xuanyuan Hong had thought.

Naturally, they didn’t know that the moment Su Bai joined the Ninth Legion, Bing He had used his authority to put Su Bai’s information into a confidential file, including Li Yan and his family in the orphanage.

“In short, you don’t have to know about it,” said Xuanyuan Hong.

“But…okay.” Xuanyuan Haoyu could only grit his teeth and swallow his grievances. He couldn’t help but obey Xuanyuan Hong’s words.

On the other hand, Li Yan had made more than ten calls but couldn’t reach Su Bai. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Over here~”

Suddenly, Su Bai walked out of the door and chuckled: “Sorry, I went to the toilet.”

“Damn, bro. You really know how to pick the right time.”

“There are so many people here, my legs are about to break.” the pretty boy complained.

“I’m glad we found you.” Zhu Lili smiled and glanced at Su Bai secretly.

During the auction, Li Yan introduced Su Bai to Zhu Lili.

From a certain angle, it made Su Bai look very imposing.

However, Li Yan stopped halfway through his sentence, making Su Bai rather mysterious.

“Did you buy anything?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Su Bai was calm even though he was surrounded by a few students.

“Did you see who that bidder no. 188 is?”

“Haha, it’s funny just thinking about it.”

“Yeah. It’s really interesting to see someone use $20 million to buy a pile of Beast eggs.”

They were talking and laughing, but Su Bai didn’t care.

Soon, Zhang Kun suddenly came and asked everyone, “It’s not noon yet. I just got the Alchemist Guild experience card. Wanna have some fun together?”

“Sure! I haven’t tried the Alchemist profession yet!”

“Indeed, I might have talent in this area, but it hasn’t been shown yet.”

“Keep bragging, but it’s not bad to go over and experience it.”

Everyone was immediately excited and eager to try.

However, Zhang Kun obviously had other intentions. He was still waiting for Li Yan’s statement.

“Let’s go, I have free time anyway.” Su Bai smiled.

Li Yan nodded and agreed to go to the Alchemist Guild.

Even Su Bai could see through Zhang Kun’s thoughts, not to mention Li Yan.

It was obvious that Zhang Kun wanted to use Li Yan as a stepping stone to show off in front of Zhu Lili.

Since Su Bai is accompanying Li Yan, no matter how hesitant was Li Yan, he decided to go anyway.

Soon, the crowd arrived at a building that was far more luxurious and massive than the auction house. The land occupied by just one building was already unique in Los Monstaria.

Moreover, the Alchemist Guild had three buildings.

As expected of the spendthrifts. If not for certain factors, it could have been even more luxurious.

“It wasn’t easy to get this experience card. It’s better than the trash on the market. The materials used for the experience are all of the best quality!” Zhang Kun said non-stop.

“There’s no need to be afraid of failure. It’s my first time here too.”

The students focused their attention and looked at the people around them curiously.

It was as if a granny had entered the city.

Li Yan didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Zhu Lili, so he pretended to be calm and walked beside Su Bai, but he was still a little nervous.

Su Bai had seen all of that. Boys who had their first awakening of love were all like that. Showing off in front of the person they liked.

At the same time, Su Bai could tell that it was definitely not Zhang Kun’s first time at the Alchemist Guild.

There was clearly no staff member leading the way.

Even Zhang Kun knew where the experience center was. He was familiar with the road and his intention was obvious.

When they entered the hall, Zhang Kun handed the experience card to the staff. Soon, an Alchemist came to lead the group.

“Let me ask you a question first. Do you have any experience in alchemy?”

The Alchemist was a bespectacled, refined man. There was a tag in front of him that read ‘Gold-level Alchemist, Zhou Li’.

Alchemists and Beastmasters were of the same level.

Iron was the lowest, followed by Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Zhou Tianwen was a Diamond-level Alchemist!

An Alchemist of that level was even rarer than a Diamond-level Beastmaster. They were considered esteemed guests in any major city.


Everyone shook their heads.

Zhou Li smiled, “That means you’re all newbies. Don’t worry. I’ll bring you guys to experience the most basic operations first.”

As Zhou Li spoke, he brought everyone to a warehouse.

There were wooden boxes of different lengths inside.

Zhou Li opened a small box and took out a can. It was filled with a pungent smell. It was the corpse of a bird-type Beast!

“You guys should know what this is. The basic skill of an Alchemist is to expose a Beast-core,” Zhou Li said.

Everyone’s expectant expression disappeared completely.

Although they were still students, they often came into contact with Beasts. It was natural for them to have more or less tried to extract Beast-cores.

“Mr. Zhou, we’ve all come into contact with this before. It’s not new to us.”


“I want to learn how to refine Beast equipment!”

The pretty boy said excitedly, “Extracting a Beast-core is such a waste of time. Why don’t we try something else? it might be easier.”

“Mr. Zhou, extracting a Beast-core is something that can be experienced with an ordinary experience card. Why don’t we start the actual experience directly?”

Zhang Kun also agreed with his classmate’s words.

Zhou Li’s smile was a little forced when he heard that.

He just happened to be free, so he came to take everyone to experience the specific content of alchemy.

He didn’t expect to be defeated so soon.

“Although you’re using the membership card, you have to think carefully about using it only ten times a year.”

“I have to let my classmates try. Please lead the way, Mr. Zhou.”

“Fine,” said Zhou Li. He was too lazy to continue persuading them. He led the group through the long corridor and arrived at a special room.

The surrounding walls were covered with special materials, and a cauldron was placed in the middle of the room.

The furnace was not big because it was the lowest grade and was especially used for experiences.

It could be used to forge Iron-grade equipment.

“I’ll first explain to everyone how to make it.”

Zhou Li pushed a blackboard over and started explaining the specific operations in detail.

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