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Chapter 175: 175 The Top Secret Files

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175 The Top Secret Files

Li Yan and the others agreed and stared intently. Although they couldn’t understand it, they knew it was very challenging.

In the entire room, only the crisp sound of snapping fingers could be heard. It was very strange but rhythmic.

“I got it now!” Zhou Li exclaimed.

Zhou Li’s eyes flickered as he thought to himself, ‘The flame’s movement just happens to match the rhythm of the finger snapping. So this is how he controls the flame’s energy?’

Thinking of that, Zhou Li’s desire for Su Bai became stronger.

If Su Bai knew of Zhou Li’s speculation, he would be speechless.

Nearly ten minutes passed and the gilding on the longsword was finally repaired. Su Bai was sweating profusely.

Whitey, who was in Su Bai’s pocket, also seemed to have gone through a great battle, and its body seemed to have been hollowed out.

“Very good!” Zhou Li was very satisfied with the result. He smiled and said, “According to our agreement, I won’t pester you. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Zhou.”

“Oh right, the fee for repairing the Gilded Longsword is $10 million. Give me your bank account number.”

Upon hearing that, the pretty boy and the others instantly could not hold it in anymore.

“Ten million… in ten minutes?”

“Tsk, why don’t I have this talent!”

“It’s really infuriating to compare people. When will I be able to earn that much?”

“Ten million in ten minutes? Wouldn’t that mean one hundred million yuan in an hour?!”

Even Su Bai was a little surprised. He thought Alchemists really lived up to their reputation. They could even earn more than tens of millions in minutes.

However, the prerequisite was that one could earn that much.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhou.”


Zhou Li from the Alchemist Guild has transferred $10 million to your account!

After getting the money, Su Bai stretched his slightly sore arm and was ready to go home.

Li Yan and the others also prepared to leave in envy. But before that, Zhou Li gave Su Bai a phone number and said with a smile, “If you changed your mind, call me.”

After saying that, Zhou Li left in a hurry without staying for another second.

“Didn’t he say he’s not going to pester me?” Su Bai mumbled.

“What a pity. Such good talent was wasted.” the pretty boy said in surprise.

Su Bai smiled.

Then, he walked out of the Alchemist Guild’s door with everyone.

As for Zhang Kun, he could not accept reality and left indignantly.

“Goodbye, Li Yan.”


After a slightly ambiguous farewell, Li Yan watched Zhu Lili leave in the luxury car.

At the same time, Su Bai called a taxi and was ready to go back.

Seeing Li Yan’s absent-minded look, Su Bai immediately teased, “Stop looking already. I’ve just earned ten million. Why don’t I take you to the car shop and buy you a good car to support your image?”

“It’s all right.” Li Yan’s face flushed. “In the future, I will earn money by myself and it’s better to rely on myself than others!” he forced himself to say.

“Oh, someone has finally become a grown-up now.” Su Bai shook his head and smiled.

Then, Su Bai got into the car and rushed back to the villa with Li Yan, just in time for dinner. It was a comfortable and simple life for them.

The nun looked at Su Bai and Li Yan, who had grown up, at the dining table. She felt surreal for a brief moment.

Without the threat of the Beasts, they didn’t have to worry about death.

The vast majority of ordinary people in this world were the same. As long as they could live a normal life, they would be very satisfied.

This was one of the reasons why Su Bai didn’t choose to become an Alchemist.

Alchemists had a high status and earned a lot of money.

However, in terms of combat, they were inferior to Beastmasters!

At night, in an office of the Alchemist Guild.

Zhou Li dialed a number excitedly.

“Hello, sir. I’m Zhou Li.” Zhou Li gulped and told his teacher everything that happened during the day.

In the beginning, the person on the other end of the phone was very calm, but after he said that Su Bai could repair Silver-grade Beast-core equipment, he couldn’t remain calm anymore.

“Are you sure he has really finished repairing it?”

“Yes!” Zhou Li’s tone became even more exciting. “He has surpassed you, sir!”

It was such offensive words, but the person on the other end of the phone was not displeased at all.

“Alright, send me all his information. If that’s really the case, I’ll go meet him myself tomorrow.”

Zhou Li hung up the phone and immediately called the Beastmaster Guild, but the reply he received was a rejection.

“I’m sorry, all information about Su Bai is confidential. You can’t decipher it with your authority.”

“Who exactly is he?” Zhou Li was shocked.

“I’m sorry, I can’t give you the answer you want.”

After saying that, the Beastmaster Guild hung up the phone, leaving a confused Zhou Li behind.

Until Zhou Lu came to his senses, he thought of an idea, ‘Since I didn’t have the authority to get Su Bai’s information, my teacher definitely could!’

Then, Zhou Li dialed his teacher’s number again.

Without waiting for the teacher’s question, Zhou Li immediately told him the truth.

“Confidential?” the tone of the person on the other end of the phone was a little surprised. He then said, “Alright, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Understood. Sorry for the trouble, sir.”

Seeing that his teacher had agreed, Zhou Li completely relaxed.

Although Zhou Li didn’t know who Su Bai was, he knew that it was easy for his teacher in Los Monstaria to get information about a student.

And Zhou Li’s teacher was the world-famous Zhou Tianwen!

“Su Bai, you’re really not a simple person.”

Zhou Li poured a glass of red wine and sat on the sofa. He looked at the Gilded Longsword on the table and couldn’t help but smile. “Back then, when my teacher first practiced alchemy, he spent a week refining a piece of Silver-grade equipment, shocking everyone around him. In the end, you went even further, making me jealous of your talent.”

“I only said that I won’t pester you, but I didn’t say that I won’t let others pester you.”

If Su Bai heard these two sentences, he would not be surprised.

After all, based on Zhou Li’s expression back then, it seemed that he would not let it go easily.

But Su Bai would never have thought that Zhou Li did not pester him anymore, but the helper he called was actually Zhou Tianwen, a big shot who shook the world.

All that was left was to wait for Zhou Tianwen to bring back Su Bai’s information.

Not long after, Zhou Li’s phone rang.

Zhou Li couldn’t wait to answer the call. He wanted to know how mysterious Su Bai was. Even he couldn’t decipher the file.

“Sir, how was it?”

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds before replying, “This person is probably related to the governor. Even with my authority, I can’t get in touch with him. It’s a top-secret file.”


Zhou Li was so shocked that even his tone changed. Then, he hurriedly said, “Sir, are you saying that… he’s one of the governor’s men?”

“It might not be. We’ll talk again after the governor returns in a few days.”

Zhou Tianwen was also a little depressed. Gu Yan was not in Los Monstaria because of the Spiral Realm trial. Naturally, he could only wait for a few days.

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