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Chapter 191: 191 The Great Wilderness Arena

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191 The Great Wilderness Arena

There were over a hundred border cities, and each city had its own iconic skyscrapers.

Su Bai had seen the arena in the Great Wilderness City when he first came. The arena was located in the center of the city.

There were a total of 50 floors, and Beastmasters could challenge from the first floor up.

The higher the Beastmaster’s position was, the more rewards he could receive from the Great Wilderness City every month.

For example, a Beastmaster could receive 30 Bronze-grade Beast-cores and some scattered resources every month on the 10th floor.

To Beastmasters, this was clearly very cost-effective.

They could train their Beasts’ combat abilities while fighting with other Beastmasters and they could also obtain resources.

Beastmasters who had just arrived in Great Wilderness City could participate after a month.

Coincidentally, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had fulfilled the challenge conditions.

“Indeed, I have the same idea. I was going to find out about it when I get back today.” Su Bai nodded.

Xu Qingshan scratched his head and laughed, “Then I’ll be looking forward to seeing your performance in the arena. However, you can’t be greedy. You have to do it step by step.”

“Understood!” said Su Bai.

When he returned to the villa, Su Bai immediately logged onto the official website of Great Wilderness City.

Su Bai looked through the information carefully. What was clear was that the rules of the arena stated that if one wanted to reach the first level, one had to meet a condition.

Every month, they had to win two out of three matches on the same floor.

If the conditions were not met. The challenge count would be reset the next month.

Now, the owner of the 50th floor was a Diamond-level powerhouse.

At present, there were more than a hundred thousand Beastmasters active in the arena. Almost all the Beastmasters in the Great Wilderness City were among them.

It was obvious, the arena was very popular in the competitive Great Wilderness City.

After entering the Second Heaven of the Spiral Realm, Su Bai went to the Third Heaven.

After a period of recuperation, the ecology of the Third Heaven had already eased up a lot. In the Dawn Bugs’ habitat, nests of various sizes had been built.

The number of Dawn Larvae was also beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

At this rate, the Third Heaven would be filled with Dawn Larvae in a few years.

“They should control their reproduction rate and ensure quality instead of quantity.” Su Bai sighed.

These words immediately made Dawn Queen feel wronged. It thought, ‘I’ve been hatching them day and night, and in the end, I’m being despised!’

The reason why there were so many Dawn Larvae was also related to the changes in the Dawn Bugs.

Among the hundreds of larvae, an individual with the potential to become a leader was born.

They would not remain in the form of larvae like their own kind. Instead, it was gradually growing.

Just like a colony of ants, any one of them could form a colony of their own.

It was still under control. Su Bai prepared for a rainy day and gave an order to the Dawn Queen. He will come back next month to check.

The next day, Su Bai came out of his room and took Bing Qingqing to the arena center in the Great Wilderness City.

People were coming and going here with all kinds of Beasts.

“This is delicious…This is not delicious…Delicious…It’s not delicious …” said Whitey. It was restless in Su Bai’s pocket and stared at the surrounding Beasts and was about to drool.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing came to the arena’s counter and they registered their personal information.

“These are your arena cards.” the lady at the counter handed over two gray cards. She said, “This is your first time in the arena. If you have any questions, you can ask me directly.”

“When is the earliest time you can arrange for a match for us?”


The moment this question came up, the counter lady was stunned. She blinked and smiled apologetically. “I recommend that you watch a few matches before you choose to participate.”

Su Bai nodded and asked, “Oh. So when is the next match beginning?”

As a staff member who had been working here for five years, the counter lady had seen too many eccentric people. However, her considerate service received countless good reviews.

Therefore, the counter lady patiently reminded Su Bai, “We can arrange a match for you at any time, but …”

“Okay, then arrange for us the next earliest match.”

Before he could finish, Su Bai handed over the gray card in his hand.

The counter lady was speechless. She thought, ‘What a spoiled brat! He’s truly arrogant!’

However, the counter lady still insisted on putting service first and managed to settle the recent competition with a forced smile.

“Here’s your match card, please keep it. The next match will be at one o’clock in the afternoon. Please be on time. Being late by three minutes will be regarded as giving up without a fight.” said the counter lady.

“Understood. Thank you.” Su Bai nodded. He turned to Bing Qingqing and asked, “You’re not participating?”

“Not at the moment. I think I should take a look first.” Bing Qingqing shook her head.

“That’s right!” said the counter lady.

Seeing that someone finally understood her painstaking efforts, the counter lady echoed, “As a newbie, you have to take it step by step before you can integrate into the arena. Every year, there will be no less than a dozen Beastmasters who lose the competition at the beginning because of their arrogance!”

There was a hidden meaning in the counter lady’s words, and she made examples with it.

Su Bai didn’t care at all. He nodded, “That works too.”

Then, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing casually walked around.

At 1 p. m., the counter lady turned on the screen in front of her on time with an impatient expression.

“Li, what are you doing?” the new staff member asked.

Li snorted and said, “Look at the scene of this year’s young boy being defeated.”

“Did someone make you angry?”

“I get angry every day in this line of work!”

“That guy is quite handsome!”

“What’s the use of being handsome? He’s good-looking but useless!”

Li lectured earnestly. “You little girl, don’t be fooled by the appearance of these stinky men all day long. If you want a boyfriend, you have to find someone capable. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts. It’s not easy for you to come to Great Wilderness City. You have to seize the opportunity. Although Beastmasters are everywhere here, you can’t casually deal with the rest of your life. You have to be sharper.”

Li kept talking after that. She would teach all the hardships she had suffered in the past few years to her underclassman.

“Let me tell you, a kid who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth like him will definitely lose the first battle!” said Li.

Although Silver-level Beastmasters weren’t everywhere in the Great Wilderness City, they were still the mainstay of the border.

The lower ten levels of the arena were a mess. It was normal for rookies to encounter strong enemies.

“I know, but it seems like the handsome guy who made you angry has already won.”

“What?!” Li exclaimed. She immediately looked at the screen and saw Su Bai’s opponent leaving the arena with an unwilling expression.

As the winner, Su Bai disappeared from the arena.

A few minutes later, Su Bai returned to the counter and handed over the gray card, “Please arrange the next match, the earliest one.”

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