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Chapter 193: 193 Victories for All 15 Battles!

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193 Victories for All 15 Battles!

The referee announced, “If there are no challengers after three minutes, then according to the rules, the arena master will be deemed to have won without a fight.”

“One minute left,” said the referee.

If such a situation occurred, the arena would have prepared for it. It was to prevent the arena master from being too strong and not having any other Beastmasters willing to challenge him.

This rule not only protected the weaker Beastmasters, but it also made it more reasonable to send the arena master to another level.

The other Beastmasters immediately heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that. They were not idiots.

The first match with Barbaric Gorilla was a Mid-4 Silver level Beast. Even so, it could not withstand a palm strike from Bearen.

Because of Bearen’s might, no one else dared to challenge Su Bai. To them, it would be a waste of their time.

Soon, one minute was up. Su Bai took back the gray card from the referee and was qualified to go to the arena’s sixth floor.

As soon as Su Bai entered, the cheers of victory from the arena master could be heard.

“Anyone else?” The arena master had just finished a match and was one match away from reaching the seventh floor.

The Beastmasters below the stage shook their heads.

“That guy’s Demon White Tiger’s physique is too strong. When it faced that guy’s Beast, it was actually torn to pieces in a single move.”

“I don’t dare to challenge him.”

A battle between Beasts in the arena could be fatal. After all, this was one of the most competitive places at the border of the Great Wilderness.

No Beast was chosen for free. Naturally, no Beastmaster would challenge such a domineering arena master.

“I’ll fight you,” said Su Bai. Seeing no one challenging the arena master, Su Bai immediately got on the arena.

“Another one is here to die!” the arena master squinted his eyes as he stroked his Demon White Tiger’s head. He smiled and said, “Prepare to die!”


The moment Bearen appeared, it felt the Demon White Tiger’s intense killing intent and immediately became excited.

In the past two days, Bearen had finally met an opponent that was acceptable.

As soon as the match began, Bearen pounced forward. The Demon White Tiger reacted and opened its fangs. However, it did not expect that a numbing electric shock would flow in its mouth.

Bearen did not hesitate at all. It attacked the Demon White Tiger like a storm.

In less than ten seconds, the arena master saw that something was wrong and immediately shouted, “I surrender! I surrender!”

The referee immediately announced Su Bai’s victory.

But even so, the Demon White Tiger had already been beaten unconscious.

At that moment, the audience was in an uproar.

“That Bearen is so fierce. The Demon White Tiger has no room to fight back at all.”

“My goodness!”

“Who is this new young man? He’s so fierce!”

As the crowd cheered, the referee announced the next challenger to go on stage.

However, with what they had seen before, no one dared to challenge Su Bai.

After three minutes, Su Bai won again without a fight and was qualified to go to the seventh floor.

The Beastmasters were coming in and out of the arena building. Su Bai kept advancing with the first round of challenges and won the second round almost without a fight. He had finally reached the 10th floor!

As soon as he got the qualification, Su Bai immediately took the elevator to the arena hall on the 10th floor.

When Su Bai pushed open the door, a tsunami-like scream came. The thousands of seats were already packed.

In the Great Wilderness City Arena, there were no spectators below the 10th floor. Only those above the 10th floor would be the real fierce match.

Earlier, a battle that lasted for nearly ten minutes had just ended. It was a match between an Upper-Silver level Beast and a Mid-Silver level Beast.

Under the Beastmaster’s command, they exchanged blows with each other. It was a very exciting battle. The audience was so excited that they couldn’t stop shouting.

At that moment, the referee’s voice was high and excited, “Congratulations to Challenger Yang He for winning the match and becoming the new arena master of the 10th floor!”

“He’s a new member of the Brave Eagle, a genius Beastmaster from Southernsky City. He completed an extremely exciting cross-level counterattack.”

“Yang He, who is able to join the top hundred teams, is destined to receive countless cheers in the arena. Let’s wait a moment and welcome the next challenger!”

As soon as the referee finished speaking, he was about to leave the stage to let the cheerleaders perform in the midfield.

However, at this moment, a message came from the referee’s earpiece, “The next challenger has already registered. I’ve sent the information to you.”

“Understood.” the referee replied. After that, he immediately stopped and announced, “The challenger for the next match has already signed up. It seems like he can’t wait any longer. We’ll witness an even more exciting match after this!”

Knowing that the next match was about to begin, the audience could not wait any longer.

Even the gorgeous dancers on the stage were not in the mood to appreciate it.

Meanwhile, Su Bai was sitting alone on the side of the resting area. Yang He, the arena master, was not far away.

A young man was standing beside Yang He. It was the young Beastmaster who had been humiliated by Su Bai on the spot.

Knowing that the next challenger was Su Bai, that young Beastmaster couldn’t wait to challenge him.

“Brat, do you still remember me?”

Su Bai shook his head and asked, “You are?”

The young man was stunned. When he thought about how his Beast was killed by Su Bai’s Bearen in front of everyone when he tried to recruit Bing Qingqing, he was furious.

“You can continue to be arrogant. You’ll regret it!” The youth sneered.

Su Bai shrugged and didn’t comment.

Yang He’s pet was a Steel-talon Hawk. Its talent was Advanced Ice Control, and its grade was Outstanding. It was very suitable for the Beastmaster’s A-level talent, Talent Enhancement.

This information was given to Su Bai by the staff at the moment of registration.

After the 10th floor of the arena, the Beast’s talent, the Beastmaster’s talent, and the contestant’s information were all transparent.

Of course, to powerful Beastmasters, this could only be considered an addition.

The real deciding factor in a battle was the Beastmasters’ strategy and the Beasts’ strength.

At that moment, Yang He looked over. The young man beside him had already revealed all the information about Bearen.

Even though the young man’s Beast was killed in one round. However, it could also reveal a key piece of information, which was to avoid a head-on clash!

Steel-talon Hawks were superb at long-range combat. It was precisely because of this that they were able to challenge Upper Silver level opponents.

At that moment, the arena hall was filled with voices.

Because just now, the referee announced the result of the challenger Su Bai. He was almost as good as Yang He.

Su Bai had won all 15 matches below the 10th floor! Su Bai was very strong to be able to achieve such a magnificent result and pushed all the way to the 10th floor hastily.

The audience was discussing animatedly.

“What is Yang He’s battle record?”

“He’s a bit weaker than Su Bai. When he first came to the 10th floor, he had 16 wins and 0 losses.”

“I don’t understand. Isn’t that an extra win?”

“That’s because Yang He was on the 5th floor, and there was a round with no challengers.”

“So that’s how it is…”

“Wow, these days are really exciting. So many genius Beastmasters have appeared!”

Soon, Yang He and Su Bai came on stage under the referee’s announcement.

Thunderous applause erupted from the audience.

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