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Chapter 222: 222 The Fist Tightly Clenched

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222 The Fist Tightly Clenched

“Who said I want to eat you?”


“I just wanted to have a chat.” Su Bai shrugged and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not hungry yet… Even if I’m hungry, I’m not interested in you.”

The pause in the middle almost scared Chun to death.

Since the misunderstanding had been resolved, Chun immediately stood up and said angrily, “How can an invitation be so barbaric!”

“Who asked you not to come out?”

“Can’t I be scared?”

Su Bai looked at the angry Chun, he thought it was unusually cute due to its small size.

When one was weak, even if one was angry, it would be futile.

Su Bai wanted to see Chun for a simple reason. He wished to know why the elves suddenly abandoned such an enormous labyrinth, or why they disappeared for some reason.

He really wanted to know why the elves suddenly abandoned this place, or why they disappeared for some reason.

“I don’t know!” Chun shook her head. “When I woke up, it was already like this. I want to know why more than you do!”

Through the observation of Su Bai’s spiritual power, Chun was not lying.

The reason the elves abandoned the labyrinth ruins was mostly likely they were forced to.

Chun was also an elf, so it was unlikely that her kin would leave her behind when they left.

“Are you done asking? You should go back after you’re done.”

“I’m not done yet.”

“What else do you want to ask?”

Su Bai chuckled. “Since the elves have completely abandoned this place, why don’t you point me to the warehouse? How about that?”

“Just give up. I went to the warehouse long ago. There’s nothing left!”

Chun was furious when she said that. She thought, ‘If there is something left in the warehouse, I would never be bullied by you!’

Whatever it is, Su Bai had a general idea after asking those questions.

Chun had no value at all. Apart from being familiar with the whole labyrinth ruins, the relationship between Su Bai and Chun was obviously a little stiff. It was definitely unrealistic to propose cooperation.

“Then what should you do next?”


“For how long?”

“I don’t know!”

“Speaking of which… Can you be tamed?”

Chun was speechless. Su Bai’s words made her stunned.

Never in Chun’s dreams did she expect that one day, a young human would try to tame her into a Beast.

“How dare you!”

As expected, Chun immediately became anxious. The dignified elves couldn’t possibly be reduced to the same level as the humans’ Beasts.

Su Bai no longer teased her. He laughed. “I’m just kidding. You seem to be very hostile towards me.”

However, even though Su Bai said so verbally, he had been secretly using his spiritual power to try to obtain more information. And the biggest gain was actually this casual joke.

In that instant, Chun’s emotions fluctuated. Other than anger, there was also a flash of anticipation. This was the first time Su Bai had encountered such a thing.

The scene fell into a brief silence. Chun lowered his head, thinking about something. But Su Bai could see the fluctuation of her emotions.

First, it was shame and anger, then it was conflicted, and finally hesitation!

Su Bai was thinking quickly, and he thought of many possibilities. The biggest possibility was the problem between Chun and the labyrinth ruins.

Now, the place where the elves originally lived had become a labyrinth ruins, and there was no trace of other elves.

Chun had already been separated from her kin and had their protection as well.

If it was Su Bai, he would feel that it was a big issue. Therefore, Chun’s greatest hope was to reunite with her kin.

However, it was not easy to find Chun’s kin in the whole wide world. It may be wise for her to stay in the labyrinth ruins and wait for news from her kin.

The elves were also a highly intelligent race that could tame Beasts.

Chun wasn’t a Beastmaster, which meant that she hadn’t met the requirements and was still young.

“Of course I’m hostile. I’m an elf! You better put away your despicable thoughts, or don’t blame me for anything bad happened to you!” Chun finally said.

Chun may have spoken harshly, but her tone was very calm.

Su Bai didn’t reply. Instead, he continued to feel Chun’s emotional fluctuations.

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you are strong… My teacher is much stronger than you! Although she’s not here now, I’m still her student!” Chun lowered her head and muttered to herself.

Su Bai couldn’t help but smile. It was exactly as he had guessed.

Having lived in the labyrinth ruins for a long time without the company of her kin, the lonely life made Chun yearn for a change.

Chun’s hesitation had reached its peak. However, she didn’t explode. She was even a little arrogant.

Su Bai laughed hoarsely.

Since the other party was interested, Su Bai didn’t suggest taking Chun out of the labyrinth ruins.

Anyway, after listening to Chun’s words, Su Bai already understood that the labyrinth ruins had no more value to excavate. Bringing an elf back was also a very good harvest.

“Since your kin are not here, why don’t you come with me?”


Chun tensed up and refused without hesitation. But she immediately regretted it.

Su Bai didn’t mind. He added, “Aren’t you curious about what happened to your kin?”

“Of course I’m curious!”

“Then that’s settled.” Su Bai said earnestly. “It is indeed safe to stay here. But what if your kin left you behind because of an invasion? They didn’t find you alive in time and thought you were dead?”

“What should I do?”

“Of course there is a way. That is for you to take the initiative and go find them.”


“Although I’m not strong enough and have little knowledge, I can at least bring you to adapt to life outside.”

Su Bai’s words kept breaching Chun’s last line of defense.

“Then you really won’t eat me?”

“I won’t.”

“Then will you sell me as a slave?”

“I won’t.”

“Then you…”

With a series of questions, Chun displayed her lost and helpless state of mind.

At that moment, Su Bai only needed to make a guarantee to Chun.

“Alright, then I’ll leave with you!” said Chun. Her eyes gradually became firm, filled with curiosity towards the outside world.

At the same time, Su Bai took out a piece of paper and started to write down a series of rules and regulations.

Chun looked over curiously, and she clenched her fists tightly.

The words on the paper were written in Elvish, and the rules and regulations on it were all Su Bai’s guarantees.

At the same time, this piece of paper was also the certificate of employment! It says, “Before Chun’s kin was found, she had to obey all of Su Bai’s arrangements, except for battles and other miscellaneous matters.”

“Alright, if you agree, put your fingerprint on it.”

Chun was speechless and felt complicated at the same time. She felt like she had fallen into a trap and had to count the money for Su Bai after being sold.

However, from any angle, the conditions above were not disadvantageous to Chun, except that she had to obey all of Su Bai’s arrangements. Su Bai was very sincere about his offer somehow.

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