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Chapter 242: 242 The Black City

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242 The Black City

The next morning, the team gathered and prepared to set off for the Black City.

Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan’s team members were all in place and were having their final discussion. Then, they began to set off.

Mu Shuai summoned the Great Roc and Ma Tianlun’s team rode on it before heading towards the Black City.

Xu Qingshan also had a flying-type Beast.

“How do we get to the Black City?” Bing Qingqing asked.

It was convenient to have a flying-type Beast. Unfortunately, Su Bai’s team didn’t seem to have this optimal option.

Su Bai shrugged and smiled, “Let’s drive there.” He also had a little fellow that could fly, but it would need some time to develop before it could be ridden.

The teams set off one after another. Mu Shuai’s Great Roc took the lead and flew towards the west.

Then, Xu Qingshan’s team departed after Mu Shuai’s team.

Su Bai rented an off-road vehicle and followed them leisurely. Since he was tasked with logistics, he didn’t need to be so anxious.

As for An Mengyun, this A-class mission was naturally not fated for her. After she parted ways with Su Bai, she drove out of Great Wilderness City.

Bing Qingqing looked at the map and found that the location of the Black City wasn’t barren, but it was very close to the border and there were many powerful Beasts.

“Try to find a safer route. Although we’re handling the logistics, we can’t drag the others down.” Su Bai smiled.

“Understood.” Bing Qingqing nodded. She looked at the map again, and found that there was indeed a safer route.

The journey wasn’t too far. After Su Bai drove for three hours, they gradually saw the Black City’s signboard.

Along the way, they did not encounter any Beast attacks along the way, which meant that this route was safe.

However, Su Bai frowned when he saw Mu Shuai’s Great Roc.

This was because it wasn’t just the Great Roc, but other Beasts had also appeared. The Beastmasters in Ma Tianlun’s team all looked as if they were facing a great enemy.

After Su Bai got out of the car, he brought Bing Qingqing to check the situation.

“Mu Shuai, did you encounter a Beast attack?” Su Bai went to Mu Shuai with a question.

“Not really.” Mu Shuai smiled bitterly. He said, “We just ran into some trouble. It’s alright, the captain is still negotiating.”

“What trouble?”

“When we just arrived, we were forcefully stopped before we even reached Black City. It was the Black City’s guards. Those guys thought that we were wanted criminals of Black City. The captain was so angry.”

“Black City’s wanted criminal? Is it related to our mission target?”

“I don’t know. Black City isn’t peaceful to begin with. It’s normal for the guards to be on guard when they see a large group of unfamiliar Beastmasters approaching. But don’t worry, we are also from the Great Wilderness City. The misunderstanding will probably be resolved soon,” said Mu Shuai with a smile.

“You’re right!”

Su Bai looked ahead and saw Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan were there. They seemed to be taking out paperwork to prove their identity and arguing with the Black City guards.

The atmosphere at the scene was a little tense. The guards summoned their Beasts, treating everyone as threats.

Su Bai didn’t interfere; he just watched.

Soon, Xu Qingshan’s voice came from not far away, “Put away your Beasts!”

The Beastmasters recalled their Beasts and said that they had never been treated like that in the border city.

However, it was understandable after thinking about it carefully. The Black City wasn’t as simple as other cities. A group of Beastmasters of unknown origins gathered here all year round.

Those unknown Beastmaster caused trouble every two or three days. It was a common occurrence, it often made Black City’s guards suffer.

In addition, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s team had more than ten Gold-level Beastmasters in total. It was inevitable that they would be stressed as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Apologies to both captains, we had offended you earlier. If you don’t mind, I can hold a banquet to welcome you after we enter the city.” said Xu Sanshu, the captain of the Black City guards.

“There’s no need for that. We came with a mission this time. But I require the Black City’s cooperation. I hope I won’t be obstructed,” Xu Qingshan said.

“Of course I understand.” Xu Sanshu forced a smile. “Everyone knows about the situation in Black City. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Great Wilderness City, the city would have been destroyed by the Beast tide. How could it have lasted until now? ”

Not only Black City, most of the cities at the border were treading on thin ice. If they were not careful, they would fall due to the Beast tide.

After clearing the misunderstanding, Su Bai heard something.

During their arrival, a group of Beastmasters happened to be stirring up trouble in Black City, killing more than a dozen civilians and being wanted by the guards.

This kind of thing would happen a few times a year in Black City.

“What a place of suffering.” Bing Qingqing frowned.

Any city with strict discipline would not allow such a situation to happen. However, Black City was an exception.

There weren’t enough Beastmasters in the city, and it was even more difficult to stay at the border. As a result, they had to constantly rope in Beastmasters like mercenaries. Although Black City could survive, the civilians were suffering.

“Su Bai, go into the city and find a hotel first, then go collect some information.”


After Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s team rested for a moment, they set off again. The two teams split up and spread out around Black City, searching for any information related to the Salvation Sect.

The A-class missions tested the strength of a team in all aspects, and scouting was one of them.

“Hey, it just so happens that we’re going back too. Want to come along?” Xu Sanshu smiled. “If a new Beastmaster wants to enter the Black City, the procedures are so complicated that even I find it troublesome. I’ll bring the two of you in.”

“Thank you, Sanshu.”

“Don’t mention it!”

Su Bai drove the off-road vehicle behind the guards and gradually approached the Black City.

From the scale of the buildings, Black City’s area was definitely not inferior to Los Monstaria, but who would have thought that Black City’s strength was so weak.

“This should be your first time in the Black City, right?” Xu Sanshu rode a horse alongside the off-road vehicle and reminded enthusiastically, “Don’t be scared away when you enter.”

“Sanshu, you mean…”

“It’s nothing.” Xu Sanshu sighed. “Every time a newcomer comes to Black City, they will be scared witless by those mercenaries. I can’t say much about the rest.”

“Mercenaries?” Su Bai shrugged with a smile.

As they drove to the entrance of the Black City, the guard stopped Su Bai’s off-road vehicle. When the guard realized that it was an unfamiliar license plate number, he was about to bring a pile of papers to register.

Fortunately, Xu Sanshu was there. Su Bai and Bing Qingqing received special treatment. They only needed to register their names and their main Beasts.

When they arrived at the Black City, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing looked around and frowned.

There were almost no commoners of Black City here.

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