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Chapter 260: 260 Invading Hao Wanyang's Memory!

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260 Invading Hao Wanyang’s Memory!

It was a short day, but Su Bai didn’t waste any time after relaxing. He had a quick dinner and went to the Black City’s prison. The Beastmasters on duty saluted when they saw Su Bai.

“Captain Su!”

“Captain Su!”

Su Bai entered the prison through the iron gate and soon heard ghostly wails and howls.

“I’m innocent. Let me out!”

“I want to appeal my case!”

The piercing sound made Su Bai frown and he quickened his pace. Soon, he entered a room that was covered in layers of metal.

The people imprisoned here were all extremely dangerous. Hao Wanyang was among them.

There was nothing in the small room except for a stone block and Hao Wanyang, who was tied up.

“Let him speak.”

Su Bai gave the order, and soon, a Beastmaster released the seal. It was a special Beast’s skill that could seal the victim’s five senses and Hao Wangyang was being treated harshly.

Hao Wanyang regained his sight and looked at Su Bai through the transparent glass.

Hao Wanyang regretted facing Su Bai, he thought Su Bai could be easily crushed. He regretted not escaping in time and ended up as a prisoner.

Su Bai smiled. He looked at the former governor who was once as powerful as the sun in the Black City, and he felt an indescribable emotion.

Hao Wanyang had spent a lot of effort hiding in Black City. He had always concealed his identity as an elder of the Salvation Sect in front of everyone.

Su Bai did not expect that such a person like Hao Wanyang who could swallow his anger would have such a bad temper and would be imprisoned for trying to kill Su Bai.

But Su Bai didn’t find it strange, the Salvation Sectists were more or less mentally ill after all. Not to mention, Hao Wanyang was a higher-up.

“Hao Wanyang, if you answer my question honestly, you might not be in too much pain.”

“Haha.” Hao Wanyang sneered and didn’t answer directly.

“I see. Looks like there’s nothing to talk about.” Su Bai shook his head.

Then, Su Bai stood up and entered the room. He placed a hand on Hao Wanyang’s forehead.

“You really have a spiritual-type Beast.” Hao Wanyang gritted his teeth. He roared in a low voice, “If I have another chance, I’ll definitely kill you!”

“You do talk a lot of crap.”

Su Bai didn’t hesitate. He invaded Hao Wanyang’s mind with his spiritual energy.

In an instant, painful howls resounded throughout the room.

Even the Beastmasters standing guard outside couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat when they saw that.

The mind was forcefully penetrated by spiritual energy. It would definitely make the victim feel worse than death.

Hao Wanyang was a Platinum-level Beastmaster after all. Su Bai had spent a lot of effort but was only halfway through.

Looking at Hao Wanyang’s ferocious face, Su Bai would not show any mercy.

Usually, when he met a Beastmaster from the Salvation Sect, Su Bai would definitely kill them immediately.

This time, Su Bai had finally caught a big fish. No matter what, he had to make good use of it.

After resting, Su Bai continued to channel his spiritual energy into Hao Wanyang’s mind.

After more than ten minutes, Hao Wanyang finally couldn’t take it anymore.

It was as if he was rushing on a horseback, Su Bai received a huge amount of information in an instant.

If it wasn’t for Dream Wing, Su Bai definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure.

If it were a regular Beastmaster, they would experience a backlash in less than a minute, causing mental distress. He could recover at the very least for a year and a half. At worst, he’d perish on the spot!

Su Bai closed his eyes. He prioritized skimming Hao Wanyang’s memories of the Salvation Sect.

But the more he understood, the more serious Su Bai’s expression became. He did not expect it at all.

After so many years, the Salvation Sect’s infiltration had actually reached a shocking level! The Salvation Sect’s stronghold that Su Bai went to was just the tip of the iceberg!

According to Hao Wanyang’s memory, the Salvation Sect had already established more than 30 strongholds in various places at the borders of the Great Wilderness!

Some of the strongholds were in places where people were rarely seen, while others were near small towns where people usually lived normal life.

More importantly, there was also a small stronghold in the Black City. That was new information to Su Bai.

Su Bai immediately ordered his men to destroy the place. Then, he returned to his room and continued to invade Hao Wanyang with his spiritual power.


At that moment, a mysterious figure appeared in Su Bai’s mind. He was making an unfriendly deal with Hao Wanyang.

“As long as you have money, it is not a problem to do anything. If you don’t have the money, then there’s nothing to talk about,” the mysterious man said calmly.

“How about $30 million?”

“What I want are Beast-cores. Money is useless to me.”

“Then 300 Gold-grade Beast-cores.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Hao Wanyang took out the Beast-cores from his Beast Space and piled them up on the table like a small mountain. They were crystal clear.

Then, the mysterious man summoned a mannequin.

Su Bai’s eyes flashed. As he expected, there was someone else besides Han Ping who could control the spiritual mannequin.

It was a simple and direct transaction.

After that, the mysterious man strode away.

Hao Wanyang was left alone in the same spot. He activated the mannequin.

As soon as the mannequin woke up, it stood on the spot and raised its head to roar.

Su Bai recognized that it was the culprit who caused the Beast tide in the Black City!

Soon, Hao Wanyang returned to the Salvation Sect’s stronghold with the mannequin and saw Bo Yang, who was cultivating his body.

“Did you bring it back?”

Bo Yang lifted the barbell with one hand and said, “The Sect Master has sent an order for you to immediately begin an emergency operation. Don’t delay the plan.”

“Why should I listen to you? What a joke. If the Sect Master wants me to lead this plan, why didn’t he order me himself?” Hao Wanyang said coldly.

When faced with the question, Bo Yang’s originally calm expression had a hint of a smile.

“You can ask the Sect Master for the details. I’m only responsible for telling you,” said Bo Yang.

Hao Wanyang fell silent.

It seemed that Hao Wanyang feared the Sect Master very much.

Su Bai had seen that in the stronghold before.

Just as Su Bai was about to continue watching, there was a sudden disturbance in his consciousness, tearing apart the original scene.

It was Hao Wanyang’s instinctive resistance after he fainted.

If Su Bai wanted to keep watching, he would have to spend more spiritual energy. However, he had overconsumed his spiritual power at a terrifying level.

Su Bai was going to rest for a while before continuing. He couldn’t waste any time.

After that, he invaded Hao Wanyang’s mind again and the next memory gradually became clear.

The governor of Black City was busy dealing with matters related to Black City. Suddenly, a Beastmaster from the Salvation Sect rushed over and reported that a group of Beastmasters had arrived from the Great Wilderness City.

They were Su Bai, Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and the others.

Hao Wanyang attached great importance to this matter.

After all, since Great Wilderness City was acting at the time, Hao Wanyang needed to make sure the Salvation Sect didn’t give themselves away.

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