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Chapter 27

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Uncovered a Catacomb


Lu Chen’s words echoed in everyone’s ears, and they were all in disbelief.

“It’s true! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Lu Chen’s acting skills were quite good.

Even Liu Yiyi, the calmest of them all, was a little dazed.

“That’s impossible. Su Bai killed the mutant Wilderfang, a High-1o Iron level Beast. How could he die in a Level 1 Scarlet Mist?”

“Yeah, how is that possible?”

“He might be telling the truth. Su Bai might be just lucky to kill the mutated Wilderfang.”

“Do you guys think it’s a high-level Beast that has sneaked in from the Scarlet Mist? Otherwise, how could Su Bai die? ”

“It’s possible.”

“Everyone, calm down. We have to resist the Scarlet Mist first!”

The news of Su Bai’s death made everyone anxious, but Liu Yiyi immediately maintained the scene at that critical moment.

As the team leader, Liu Yiyi was the backbone of the team.

She absolutely couldn’t afford to be thrown into confusion at this time.

The Level 1 Scarlet Mist came and went in a hurry. From start to finish, it took less than ten minutes.

The scene was littered with wreckage, and the corpses of Beasts gave off a foul stench of blood.

After Liu Yiyi had some rest, she immediately led a group of people to search for Su Bai’s body.

“This is the Scarlet Mist. If Su Bai dies, how can we possibly find his body?” A student frowned and sighed.

If Su Bai was to be found, they would probably have to cut open the stomachs of the Beasts at the scene.

This was the cruel reality.

Soon, everyone almost circled around the perimeter but couldn’t find Su Bai’s body.

“It’s all my fault …”

Liu Yiyi leaned against the wall weakly.

Her heart was filled with endless regret.

As the team leader, it was difficult for her to bear the responsibility for the team’s casualties.

“I don’t blame you.”

Liu Yiyi didn’t care about the comforting words that reached her ears.

She was still immersed in self-blame and sadness.

However, the students around her widened their eyes and looked up at the rock wall in disbelief.

“S-Su Bai?”

On the rock wall, a figure appeared in front of everyone.

It was Su Bai himself!

“Am I seeing things?!”

“It can’t be a ghost, right? We didn’t kill you, Su Bai. Don’t come looking for trouble with us!”

“Idiot, have you ever seen a ghost with a shadow?”

“F*ck, Su Bai isn’t dead!”

Everyone checked, again and again, to make sure that they were not hallucinating.

Liu Yiyi’s eyes were red with excitement.

She was very talented and could lead the team to the right path in times of crisis.

However, she was still a student, and it was already impressive for her to be able to do that.

“How is that possible?!”

When Lu Chen saw Su Bai, who had returned, his face instantly turned ferocious. His eyes were filled with surprise and anger.

To a group of students like them, living alone in the Scarlet Mist was not an easy task.

It was extremely difficult!

Even if Su Bai had defeated a mutated Wilderfang before, Lu Chen thought he was lucky!

“It’s your turn.”

Su Bai comforted Liu Yiyi, looked through the crowd, and landed his eyes on Lu Chen. He sneered with narrowed eyes, “You misled me with false information to lure me away from the team. Lu Chen, you’re such a jerk.”

As soon as Su Bai said that, everyone present instantly quieted down.

They all looked at Lu Chen in confusion.

“So what Su Bai was saying is that… Lu Chen is trying to harm him?”

“Lu Chen, what’s going on?”

“We’ve been in the same class for a year. I didn’t expect you to be such a person.”

“That’s possible. Lu Chen is famous for being petty.”

As Lu Chen’s classmates, they didn’t have the slightest doubt about his actions.

It could be seen that Lu Chen was not popular even on normal days.

“Lu Chen, do you have anything to explain?” Liu Yiyi asked with an angry glare.

She added, “I didn’t expect you to attack your academy mates!”

Everyone’s eyes were on Lu Chen, and his legs were trembling unconsciously.

When Lu Chen finally couldn’t take it anymore, he knelt on the ground and began to wail.

“Tsk, tsk.” Su Bai shook his head.

He dared to hurt others with such a gut. No wonder he can’t be good or bad. Just a pure villain mentality.’ Su Bai thought.

“Su Bai, don’t worry. I will report this to the teacher.” Liu Yiyi was utterly disappointed in Lu Chen. She could only say coldly, “Now that this has happened, I’m sure they won’t let this matter go easily!”

The rule of the Wilderness was that no one was allowed to snatch the prey of students from the same academy or other academies.

Once violated, there would be a hefty punishment.

However, Lu Chen’s mistake was far more severe than this.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he had lost the qualifications to become a Beastmaster.

“Everyone, come quickly!”

At that moment, a shout suddenly sounded.

Everyone’s eyes focused on the student who shouted.

A student ran over and said, panting, “Come quickly, I’ve discovered a catacomb.”

Immediately, everyone rushed over and found a hole with a diameter of more than one meter.

“This hole wasn’t here earlier. It’s probably the Beasts’ work that was affected by the Scarlet Mist.” The student’s tone was filled with excitement.

He had sent his Beast to check the place in advance and found traces of buildings!

It meant that this catacomb was worth exploring.

The Wilderness used to be a city, but after a long time, it was gradually covered by sand and wind.

Every year, there would be a team that would gain experience and encounter opportunities in these places.

No wonder the student was so excited.

“The catacomb sounds a little dangerous, don’t you think?”

“What are you afraid of? Before I came here, I heard that the last batch of students who went on experience training obtained a bottle of B-grade Essence just because they found a catacomb!

“Damn, a B-grade Essence. That’s a valuable item!”

“It seems like this is a good time after all the suffering.”

“That’s right. I thought we would be in big trouble today. We encountered a rare Scarlet Mist. In the end, a great opportunity is in front of us.”

“I didn’t want to spoil the fun, but I must remind you that we are not in a good state.”

Some students were so excited that their entire bodies were trembling, while some were somewhat rational.

They had been running around and fighting for an entire day, and in the end, they encountered the Scarlet Mist, and many had injured.

Rushing into an unknown catacomb was clearly irrational.

“What do you think?” Liu Yiyi looked at Su Bai.

They had completely forgotten that there was a freshman who was one year younger than them.

“There’s no hurry to go in.”

Su Bai thought for a moment and said, “We just went through the Scarlet Mist. Let the team rest for a while. During this time, let the Beasts with scouting ability go down and check the situation. Then we can decide later.”

This could be considered a textbook approach.

Without any information, they would have to do their best to obtain information.

Liu Yiyi had no objections. She immediately arranged for people to start investigating the catacombs and collect intelligence.

Then, they returned to the campfire.

Everyone was no longer sleepy, and they were all discussing the catacombs in full swing.

Lu Chen was the only one left squatting in the corner with his ashen face.

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