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Chapter 271: 271 The Great Border Sweep

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271 The Great Border Sweep

After a night, news came from Black City. Liu Xing had revealed the method to break the mannequins, and the Beast tide had mostly dispersed.

As for the rest of the news, it was about the operation of the Salvation Sect.

An Qingpu was in charge of the Great Wilderness City and was quite concerned about this matter. He issued a series of decisions overnight.

Amongst them, there was a wanted notice for the Salvation Sect. If anyone captured a Salvation Sectist alive, one would be able to obtain 20 Silver-grade Beast-cores.

If anyone participated in destroying a Salvation Sect stronghold, they would be rewarded with a Gold-grade Beast-core and a Beast egg with Gold-level potential. There were also countless team points awarded.

Su Bai washed up and leaned against the window. He found it strange when he looked at the Beastmasters on the streets, who were bustling with activity.

After Su Bai had his breakfast, he went to look for Xu Qingshan. Only then did Su Bai know about the bounty.

“This is a good opportunity. Before the sun rises, the teams that received the news have already set off.” Xu Qingshan laughed loudly.

Even Xu Qingshan was no exception. He had already organized his team members. They were preparing to leave the Great Wilderness City and make a big sweep at the border!

Su Bai was not interested in the reward. However, when he heard that there were team points, he would definitely pay more attention.

Then, Su Bai contacted Bing Qingqing and prepared to wipe out the stronghold of the Salvation Sect.

However, Bing Qingqing had been given the task by the executive officer, Li Wan’er, to deal with the aftermath of the Black City Beast tide at that moment. Bing Qingqing could not get away for the time being.

Then, Su Bai left Great Wilderness City alone. The border of the Great Wilderness was so vast that finding the other strongholds of the Salvation Sect was like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, there were many capable people in Great Wilderness City. In addition to the Beastmasters mobilized this time, there were more than 100,000 of them. There were already two to three strongholds being found.

When the news spread, thousands of Beastmasters rushed over. The Salvation Sectists in the stronghold were scared out of their wits.

Su Bai followed the mainstream team and cleared the first stronghold. Then, he directly captured a Salvation Sectist and used his spiritual power to invade the captive’s mind and search for the memories of the other strongholds.

It had to be said, a Spiritualist Beastmaster’s abilities were really convenient.

Relying on the memory of the Salvation Sectist, Su Bai soon locked onto the exact location of the two strongholds. Then he began to act.

A group of Salvation Sectists argued until their heads bled at noon in the stronghold hidden deep in the mountains.

The other strongholds kept losing contact because the Great Wilderness City had already begun to take action. That had caused quite a commotion internally to the Salvation Sectists. They were in a dilemma, to escape or defend.

“You guys want to die, but I don’t! It’s up to you. Those who wish to leave, follow me. Those who don’t, stay and die!” a Salvation Sectist slammed the table and shouted.

With that, he turned around and prepared to leave. The rest of the Salvation Sectists had heavy expressions and were already prepared to make a decision.

At that moment, a white figure suddenly flashed past. The Salvation Sectist who was about to leave fell to the ground with blood spurting out of his chest.

“It’s Wind Blade!”

The other Salvation Sectists reacted quickly and immediately summoned their Beasts and attacked the door crazily.

Even if they did not see the attacker, they did not want to take the risk. Unfortunately, Su Bai didn’t plan to enter.

After killing the first Salvation Sectist, Whitey used its jumping ability to lie on the ceiling and quietly came to the back of another Salvation Sectist.

The Salvation Sectist was a Gold-level Beastmaster. He reacted quickly and noticed the abnormality.

However, before he could turn around, Whitey easily pierced through the back of his neck!

Seeing their fallen companions, the other Salvation Sectists had a bad feeling. They immediately split up and fled.

But at the back door, Bearen had been waiting for a long time. It directly grabbed one of the Salvation Sectists and tore him into two.

Facing the sudden attack, the Salvation Sectists did not have any fighting spirit because they did not know how many people were coming.

Su Bai killed them like cutting vegetables. Although capturing them alive could fetch Su Bai a handsome reward. But it was too troublesome for him. So he just killed them.

At the same time, Golden Dragon had already moved out and was killing everyone in the stronghold.


Golden Dragon has killed a Silver-level Durtiger and gained 700 experience points!


Bearen has killed a Silver-level Seductive Fox and gained 850 experience points!

The notifications kept ringing. In less than half an hour.

One of the strongholds turned into a dead zone.


Golden Dragon has broken through to the Lower-1 Silver level!


Golden Dragon has gained an epiphany. Its talent, Dragon Aura, has evolved to the Epic grade!


Golden Dragon has awakened its legendary talent, Thundering Roar!

Thundering Roar: Greatly increases Golden Dragon’s agility and its innate talent, Dragon Aura!

Su Bai looked at Golden Dragon not far away. It was moving fast in the air like a golden meteor. In an instant, it was a hundred meters away because of its fast speed.

Su Bai clicked his tongue in wonder.

Moreover, Golden Dragon’s body was also growing continuously. Its body, which was originally like a small green snake, had now grown to nine meters long and two meters wide!

It was not difficult to carry people. Since Su Bai was about to go to the next stronghold, he rode on Golden Dragon.

In the sky, Su Bai looked down at the vast land and felt an indescribable pleasure.

Golden Dragon could arrive at a mountain that was very far away in less than a moment. At that speed, it would probably take less than a few minutes to travel from Black City to Great Wilderness City.

Soon, Su Bai arrived at the next Salvation Sect’s stronghold. However, the Salvation Sectists here seemed to cherish their lives very much. They had already dispersed, leaving only a few Beastmasters behind.

Su Bai didn’t mind a few Beastmasters. He sent Whitey to kill the Beastmasters’ Beasts accurately and control the Beastmasters. Then, Su Bai used his spiritual power to find the location of the other strongholds.

After he was done, Su Bai immediately rushed to the third stronghold.

With Golden Dragon as a means of transportation, it would take less than a day to circle the entire Great Wilderness City.

Most of the Salvation Sect’s strongholds didn’t have too many Beastmasters stationed there.

Therefore, Su Bai was very efficient. He was able to make the next trip in less than half an hour.

When dusk came, Su Bai returned to Great Wilderness City and reported the locations of the strongholds.

An Qingpu looked at the coordinates of the eleven Salvation Sect strongholds in front of him and fell into deep thought.


“Did you find all these by yourself?”

“Of course, I’ve cleared all the Salvation Sectists in those locations. All you need to do is to send someone to take over, Mr. Governor.”

An Qingpu’s expression became strange. He knew Su Bai was a Spiritualist Beastmaster and was not surprised by that.

However, when An Qingpu heard that not only Su Bai found those locations but also cleared all the Salvation Sectists in them, he gasped.

Based on the coordinates of the eleven strongholds on the map, it would take at least ten hours to travel back and forth, even if one traveled on a Beast!

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