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Chapter 279: 279 A-Class Mission, Supporting the Great Peace’s border

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279 A-Class Mission, Supporting the Great Peace’s border

In the Great Wilderness City, Bing Qingqing returned to the villa, looking exhausted. It was obvious that she was working under Executive Officer Li Wan’er.

The exhaustion was so extreme that even Bing Qingqing was on the verge of collapse.

Seeing her like that, Su Bai gave her a seven-day holiday without hesitation. She could rest for a while since there were not that many missions recently.

But Su Bai would never be idle. He accepted two missions every day and entered the border of the Great Wilderness to begin high-intensity training for Golden Dragon.

Half a month passed and Golden Dragon’s level reached Upper-9 Silver! Its leveling speed was like a rocket.

When Bing Qingqing was resting, she would also carry out missions with Su Bai and increase the level of the Golden-eyed Lynx and the Silver-eyed Lynx.

She definitely couldn’t catch up with Su Bai’s Golden Dragon, but her progress was still satisfactory.

Bing Qingqing’s two Beasts had already reached Bronze-level.

In the villa, An Mengyun had just finished her warm-up exercise for the day. She was in high spirits.

Under Su Bai’s guidance, An Mengyun had basically mastered the S-level skill. Her special constitution had been changed and was no different from an ordinary Beastmaster.

Her Beast, Blue Phoenix, had only experienced a few actual battles and it had already reached the High-10 Iron level.

“Mr. Su, bring me along for tomorrow’s mission!”

An Mengyun’s bright eyes stared at Su Bai with joy.

During this period, Su Bai had always been carrying out B-class missions. It was too dangerous for An Mengyun, so he didn’t bring her along. Thus, An Mengyun was going crazy.

“It depends. If it’s a C-class mission, I might be able to bring you along.”

If there was a B-class mission, Su Bai would accept it. If not, he would accept a C-class mission. It all depended on luck.

When An Mengyun heard that, she had already started praying.

But suddenly, Su Bai’s phone rang. He immediately picked it up and heard Li Wan’er’s voice.

“There’s an A-class Mission to support the Great Peace’s border. Are you available to take on that mission?”

“I’m free!”

“Then assemble your team and come to the governor’s mansion.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

After hanging up the phone, Su Bai immediately took Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun to the governor’s mansion.

Su Bai had waited for so long and he finally had a job. He could not help but feel excited.

B-class missions were too common and had no difficulty at all to Su Bai.

Soon, Su Bai saw Li Wan’er and she presented the information and a map of the Great Peace’s border to him.

The Great Peace’s border was right next to the border of the Great Wilderness. They were neighbors but the Great Peace’s border was weaker in terms of strength.

The Great Peace’s border governor was only a Platinum-level Beastmaster. In comparison, it was like a subsidiary city of the Great Wilderness City.

“The mission this time is to support the Great Peace’s border. Mr. An takes this matter very seriously. As neighbors, we pay great attention to the situation at the Great Peace’s border,” said Li Wan’er seriously.

Li Wan’er added, “According to the intelligence, the Great Peace’s border has not had a Beast tide for three years. This time, it was suddenly attacked, so your mission is to help the Great Peace’s border calm down the Beast tide.”

“What about the Great Peace’s border’s Beastmasters?” Su Bai asked.

As a border city, it would actually ask other border cities for support because of the Beast tide disturbance. It should not be the case.

“Are you thinking that the border cities are like Great Wilderness City, with hundreds of thousands of Beastmasters living together all year round?” Li Wan’er asked.

Li Wan’er chuckled, “The situation at the Great Peace’s border is completely opposite to Great Wilderness City. There aren’t many Beasts there, so most of them are civilians. The Beastmasters only account for less than 20%.”

“Less than 20%. That’s indeed a little low. What’s the scale of the Beast tide?” Su Bai asked.

Li Wan’er continued, “It’s hard to say. The main Beasts in this Beast tide are spiders. There are all kinds of them. The cause of the disturbance has not been determined yet. But you don’t have to bear too much of a burden. This time, you’ll be assigned 15 B-level Beastmasters teams.”

“You want me to lead those teams?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He recalled the team he led back then.

Among them, the Gold-level Beastmasters had rich experience and had solved many problems for him. Therefore, he didn’t feel conflicted when he led the team again.

There was strength in numbers. It was the same for Beastmasters.

“Why? Do you think the task is difficult?”

“Not really.”

Su Bai and Li Wan’er looked at each other and smiled.

There were 57 A-level teams in the Great Wilderness City, and Su Bai’s team was definitely not the only one free. Yet he was given the task.

Yet, Su Bai’s team was given the task. More importantly, it was because of Li Wan’er’s trust.

At the same time, Li Wan’er could use the opportunity to examine Su Bai. All of that was without saying.

After the procedures were done, Su Bai got the relevant certificates and rushed to the meeting point.


Lu Le ran over with a smile on his face.

Ever since the battle of Black City. Lu Le had been recuperating for more than ten days, and he had already recovered.

“I heard that there will be an A-level team leading us. I didn’t expect it to be you and your team to become A-level at such a young age. You’re simply a role model for my generation!” Lu Le laughed.

“You flatter me. I have to rely on you this time, Lu Le,” said Su Bai.

“Don’t mention it!”

The two of them caught up with each other for a short while, and Su Bai directly made Lu Le the vice-captain of the team.

With Lu Le’s management, the entire team began to set off in an orderly manner.

The journey was more than 200 kilometers. It would take two days to arrive.

The vehicles used by the team were almost all Beasts that could carry people. Be it speed or convenience, it was more convenient than using a car.

After all, the road was not flat. They had to pass through dense forests, vast swamps, and other harsh terrains.

They traveled for a day. Besides the Beast attack they encountered along the way, it was considered smooth sailing.

Just as they were resting, a Beastmaster from a team went missing.

Su Bai immediately sent out the rest of the scouting Beastmasters to search around. Finally, they found a broken limb in the stomach of a huge Earth Toad.

Lu Le said, “Something’s not right. I don’t remember there being an Earth Toad’s territory in this area. But”

“But what?”

Su Bai looked at the surrounding stone mountains.


The Earth Toads were Beasts with an earth element, and there was no corresponding element environment here.

“As far as I know, most of the territory of the Earth Toad is in the Great Peace’s border. There is only a small group of them in the Great Wilderness’s border.

“If my guess is correct, the Earth Toad was forced to leave its home. Captain, the scale of this Beast tide might be more serious than we imagined.”

To be able to force the native Beasts away, the situation was already very troublesome.

Su Bai understood that. He also understood why the governor, An Qingpu, was so concerned about this matter.

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