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Chapter 288: 288 The Dwarf Envoy’s Arrival

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288 The Dwarf Envoy’s Arrival

The entire Great Peace City was in a state of panic. However, on the city walls, countless Beastmasters and soldiers were overjoyed.

Amidst the dazzling flames, a large number of spider-type Beasts died in the sea of fire.

On the city wall, Lu Xingping was laughing so hard that he forgot himself.

Those spider-type Beasts were supposed to be the number one enemy of Great Peace City, but now, they were actually so vulnerable!

However, when Lu Xingping saw the Silver Beast-cores used to fire the cannon, he could not laugh anymore. They had used a total of 1,350 Silver-grade Beast-cores!

But soon, the scouting Beastmasters sent back good news.

“Report! The Platinum-grade Black-Gold Spider is dead!”


Lu Xingping shouted loudly.

‘The power of this shot directly killed a Platinum-level Beast. So what if we used a mere 1,000 Silver-level Beast-cores?’ Lu Xingping thought.

Everyone looked into the distance. The uncountable spider-type Beasts had already lost their leader. They no longer approached Great Peace City with a strong motive like before.

“It’s almost time. Move out!” Su Bai ordered.

The Gold-level Beastmasters instantly rushed out of Great Peace City and started hunting the spider-type Beasts crazily.

The Beast-core Cannon had displayed its full potential today, making the younger generation of Beastmasters at that time know how terrifying the dwarves’ technology was!

If Great Peace City had been bombarded, it would have been completely defenseless. The energy cannonballs shot out by the Beast-core Cannon could instantly burst out with extremely violent energy, tearing apart any target.

At the same time, the price in exchange for the power was also high. More than 1,000 Silver-grade Beast-cores were fired.

Not to mention Lu Xingping, even if An Qingpu came, they wouldn’t casually set it off like fireworks.

Following that, the Beastmasters of Great Peace City were in an imposing manner.

After killing more than half of the spider-type Beasts attracted by the Beast tide, there were still teams active outside until dawn.

Meanwhile, the governor’s mansion was still brightly lit. However, it was not because of a busy event. It was a long-awaited celebration party.

“Captain Su, a toast for you!”

Lu Xingping laughed loudly and raised the wine glass in his hand. It had been a long time since he had been so happy.

Not only did Su Bai not waste a single soldier, but he easily resolved the Beast tide and even repaired the Beast-core Cannon!

This was simply a miracle that was like a divine grace from the heavens.

Seeing that he was in high spirits, Su Bai didn’t have the heart to tell Lu Xingping the bad news.

After firing two shots of the Beast-core Cannon, tiny cracks had already appeared on the diamond after the second attack of the Silver-grade Beast-cores.

Therefore, the cannon could only support one launch at most.

In general, with the replenishment of Bronze-grade Beast-cores, it could be used about five times, while Silver-grade Beast-cores only had a pitiful two chances.

As for repairing, Su Bai did not plan to work for nothing. For such a powerful weapon, it was not too much for him to ask for 1,000 Silver-grade Beast-cores.

However, now was not a good time to speak. After accompanying Lu Xingping to his heart’s content, Su Bai found an excuse to return to his room.

Ever since Su Bai learned the dwarves’ Beast-core Cannon technology, Su Bai had experienced a lot. He could even make a simplified version of the Beast-core Cannon himself!

If An Qingpu heard that, he would definitely think he was crazy or Su Bai was crazy.

However, it was not without weaknesses. The energy cannons were extremely portable and could only be used to defend the city.

Moreover, the current experimental subject was only the spider-type Beasts. Among the Beasts, their defense was on the lower end.

If it was a Beast with higher defense, the effect of the cannon’s power might be greatly reduced.

But even so, Su Bai knew the importance of the Beast-core Cannon. If he mass-produced the simplified version of the Beast-core Cannon, all humans would go crazy for it!

Moreover, Su Bai would obtain countless wealth! At the same time, it could also benefit the entire human race!

But before that, Su Bai still had a lot to consider. Materials like diamonds were not cheap, otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Lu Xingping for help and signed a gambling agreement.

After thinking for a long time on the bed, Su Bai entered the Spiral Realm’s Third Heaven.

The gigantic ancient giant could be seen clearly no matter where it was in Third Heaven.

One of the reasons why Su Bai came to the Third Heaven was because he had found a special Beast, Iron Rhinos here!

What was special about this Beast was their backs were covered in sharp irons.

In terms of hardness, it was much stronger than diamond, but its price was also more than ten times higher. After all, it was not a resource produced by a mineral vein.

With a thought, Su Bai found the Iron Rhinos in the vast Third Heaven. Hundreds of Iron Rhinos were resting in the swamp.

The Iron Rhinos’ huge body was nearly five meters tall, and their length was nearly five meters wide. It was a standard square-shaped Beast. The pure irons on their backs made Su Bai very tempted.

The only pity was a hundred Iron Rhinos only produced a pitiful amount of irons with all added together.

“I still have to raise more of them.” Su Bai smiled bitterly.

He was thinking about when to return to the Great Wilderness City and look for information on raising Beasts.

Although there was a high chance that it would be a waste of effort, he had to work hard no matter what.

Su Bai retracted his consciousness, yawned, and went to sleep.

The next morning, there was an urgent knock on his door. Su Bai opened his eyes and found it was the minister.

“Captain Su, come with me!”

“What is it? Sounds urgent. Is the Beast tide coming again?” Su Bai frowned.

“No, it’s another matter! The envoy from the Dwarf Kingdom is here. It seems to be about the Beast-core Cannon!” The minister said nervously.

After breaking off relations for decades, anyone would be dumbfounded if the dwarves suddenly came to visit.

Lu Xingping was even more so. When he received the news, he immediately welcomed the envoy of the Dwarf Kingdom.

However, the envoy obviously came with ill intentions. He directly asked to see Su Bai who had repaired the Beast-core Cannon. That was why the minister was so anxious to find Su Bai.

“Looking at the appearance of the dwarf envoy, it’s obvious that he’s here to find trouble. Don’t worry, Captain Su. If there’s any danger, we’ll escort you back to Great Wilderness City!” The minister said.

Su Bai was intrigued when he saw the minister acting like he was facing a great enemy.

After a simple wash and dress, Su Bai immediately went to the meeting room of the governor’s mansion.

Two dwarf Beastmasters stood in front of the door, surrounded by terrified gazes. They did not care about that at all. They were only 1.3 meters tall, like seven-year-old children. Their facial features were no different from ordinary humans.

However, the energy fluctuations emitted from the two dwarf Beastmasters were not lower than Gold-level!

The minister brought Su Bai to the gate and said, “This is Su Bai who repaired the Beast-core Cannon.”

“Please come in!”

“Please come in!”

The two dwarves did not hesitate and made a greeting gesture.

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