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Chapter 29

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Farming Experience Points With Lightning Armor

“Argh, my eyes!”

“What’s that?!”

The sudden blinding light blinded everyone.

For a moment, only the sound of the Demoths flapping their wings could be heard.

After getting used to it, Bearen’s entire body was covered with a layer of armor made of electric element.

The dazzling light attracted countless Demoths to Bearen.

The sheer number of them instantly covered Bearen’s entire body.

However, after a short time, the Demoths died and fell to the ground.

“What kind of skill is this? Bearen can simultaneously resist the attacks of so many Demoths and reflect their damage!” Liu Yiyi exclaimed in disbelief.

The other students were all staring with wide eyes.

They watched as the Demoths flew into the fire and then died.


Bearen has killed a Lower Iron level Demoth and gained six experience points!


Bearen has killed a Mid Iron level Demoth and gained eight experience points!


Bearen has killed a Mid Iron level Demoth and gained eight experience points!

In Su Bai’s mind, the system’s notification kept ringing.

This was the power of an A-level skill!

While providing a large amount of defense, it also had a damage reflection effect.

It was a perfect counterattack to the weaker Demoths.

The other students didn’t have to struggle anymore.

Bearen was now the main target of the Demoths, and they did not care about the others.

The Demoths could not do anything to Bearen with its Lightning Armor activated.

For a moment,

The scene is exaggerated as if Bearen was hanging around to extract experience points.


Bearen has been successfully leveled up to Upper-8 Iron!

The system’s voice sounded again.

“It’s a pity that the number of Demoths has started to decrease. Otherwise, Bearen could farm experience points even more.”

Su Bai looked at the few Demoths around him with a sigh.

At this moment, the Demoths’ corpses on the ground had already piled more than a meter high.

If other people knew what Su Bai was thinking, they would be shocked by the outrageousness of his thought.

The danger everyone else was trying to avoid had become an experience point farming for Su Bai.

But one had to admit that the leveling speed was simply astonishing.

For example, a sophomore like Liu Yiyi would need several months of training for her Beast to advance one level.

The sophomores’ Beasts’ average level was Mid-6 Iron.

The highest level of the freshmen’s Beasts was only Lower-2 Iron.

It was enough to show that raising a Beast would take a long time.

Even among the graduating juniors, a large portion had stopped advancing their Beasts’ at Mid Iron level.

The requirement to graduate from the academy was for a Beast to be at the High Iron level.

Therefore, out of 1,000 students yearly, less than 100 could graduate successfully.

From that, it could be seen that Su Bai’s speed of improvement was inhuman.


As the last Demoth fell, Su Bai looked at Bearen’s experience points which had increased to one-third.

Lamenting that Bearen would be able to reach the High Iron level soon.

While the other students were relieved, they also had a more profound impression of Su Bai.

Su Bai was no longer a big shot now but a magnate.

“Let’s retreat. This catacomb is very unusual. It’s completely different from what we expected. Let’s return to the station and report this to the teacher.” Liu Yiyi didn’t want to take any more risks and said.

“Yeah, we were still at risk.”

“Indeed, we need to play it safe.”

No one had any objections, including Su Bai.

This time, they had only encountered low-level Demoths. There was no guarantee what kind of Beasts they would face in the future.

However, when they tried to find the exit, they found more than a dozen holes in this place!

Everyone had long forgotten which hole they had come in from.

It instantly caused many people’s hearts to sink.

“Damn it, we are not gonna get out of here!”

“I seem to remember coming out of this hole. From the angle, it appears so.”

“It’s a matter of life and death, don’t say things you are unsure of.”

“Don’t worry, everyone. We can send our Beasts to explore the way.”

Everyone was in an intense discussion.

Liu Yiyi was also asking for Su Bai’s opinion.

But Su Bai had no better way to deal with this.

Simply put, they were lost and had no way out of this situation.

After some deliberation, they decided on one of the caves.

The reason for their choice was simple. They gambled that this cave was the right path based on most people’s opinions.

This was the only way out.

The team braced themselves and entered the cave, but as they went deeper, the path became narrower.

Bearen could not display its strength in this space.

Su Bai was also experiencing increasing tenseness.

“Damn, why are there Demantulas here? All of them are so fierce. I almost lost.” The student who had just commanded his Beast to kill the Demantulas complained.

“Yes, I remember that most Demantulas are timid and cautious by nature, but these here are abnormal.”

“Don’t tell me we had broken into the Demantulas’ nest?”

“You jinx. Be careful with your words.”

Everyone continued on their journey, killing every Demantula they came across. Because everyone’s strength was adequate, they faced no danger.

However, the group arrived at a giant nest.

Everyone was so shocked that they stood rooted to the ground.

It really was the Demantula’s nest!

Dense Demantulas’ webs covered every corner, and dozens of Demantulas of different sizes were in the nest.

“Something’s off. The nest size shouldn’t be just that small number of Demantulas. According to the scale and the number of Demantula webs, there were at least a thousand of them!” Liu Yiyi had a bad feeling and said.

“You’re right. It’s still the nest of the Demantulas.”

“Why don’t we go back the way we came?”

“F*ck, you guys, look!”

Suddenly, one of the students pointed at a scratch on the wall and exclaimed, “Judging from the size of the scratch, it should be at least the size of a small motorcar!”

However, none of the Demantulas on the scene were this large, indicating that Liu Yiyi was right.

Most of the Demantulas had left their nests for some unknown reason.

Only a small number of them were left to guard the nest.

“There are still quite a few Demantula eggs!”

Upon closer inspection, one could see many Demantula eggs in the nest.

At this time of the season, it was the time when the spider-type Beasts laid their eggs.

No one knew what could have caused the Demantulas’ main force to flee their nest at a critical time when they were laying eggs.

Liu Yiyi and Su Bai were very concerned about this.

However, the other students who saw the Demantula eggs were very excited.

If they were lucky enough to find a Beast egg in the Wilderness, they might be able to tame one and make it their Beast.

The level of this Demantula’s nest was not low.

As a result, the chances of coming across a Beast egg with a high potential value were extremely high!

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